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Second Grade Project

Second Grade at Parochial has a fun school project due next week. The kids have to go to six historical sites around Hometown and gather six facts about the site. They have to create a postcard about the site, put a stamp on the postcard and write the facts on the back of the postcard.

I mean, really!?!?! This is SO up my alley.

Birdie's buddy, buddy's mom, and the two of us set out on an adventure today to pick my brain for worthless knowledge that I have about Hometown.

We started at Engine Co. No. 7, by way of Central Ave. Central Ave used to have an electric trolley running up and down the middle of the street. Parking in the back, we started walking around.

Now, I don't taut my illegal activities on the world wide web. But.... the door was open. Ok, it wasn't all the way open, but it was open.

Fact: I went on a field trip to Engine Co. No. 7 when I was in first grade. When we left the field trip, the fire fighters told us "to come back anytime-- the door is a…

Pumpkin Carving

Getting around to pumpkin carving is something that seems to always happen on or around October 30th. We had a lovely Friday night, our little family of five. We carved and painted three pumpkins, put a bunch of sparkles on another and otherwise enjoyed the overheated October night. 

We like our pumpkins clean....

We had to say things like, "Bennie, don't run with sciss-- Bennie, don't dance with scissors. Bennie, stop dancing with scissors. No. No running with scissors. Bennie, put the paint down. Bennie, your brother is not a canvas."

Let the record show, my husband dressed my son. If it were me, he'd be in a smocked do-dah.

This picture is crazy blurry and should be erased... but want to draw attention to the white shirt that Bennie is wearing. 
That's a dirty shirt.

"Mama, let's google 'scary pumpkin carvings for Halloween'"

It was fun and reminded us that kids aren't always whining and complaining and getting corrected.

A Letter to Father R

In the Catholic faith, a child typically receives their First Penance and First Communion in (or around) second grade. Birdie is in second grade and we have started that process. One of the [many] requirements is that the parents have to write a letter to the head priest of the parish stating how they practice their faith as a family and how they will prepare their child for their first communion. Me being, well, me....


Wife My address  Hometown
Fr. JR St. Church Hometown
October 24, 2016
Dear Father,
How do we practice our faith? It’s funny to think that we, as a family, have been practicing our faith for 10 years and this is the first time sitting down and putting it into words how we both practice our faith and will help our first born prepare to receive her First Communion. 
Perhaps I should start with how we got here. 
Will and I were married in the Presbyterian church back in 2007 as no Catholic church in Hometown would marry us because, while I was Catholic, I was not a Co…