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Too Much

I have too much going on, I cannot tell a lie.

House is being rented this weekend, Husband is working, Brother needs a little help at the office, grants need to be written, children need a mother, and a mother "gets" to chair the auction at Parochial. No where in there do you see that I get to be a wife, blogger, or fun-lover.

I keep thinking that life is a comedy, and it is.

I'm just freaking busy.

All of the things I am doing, I love doing them. I adore going to Brother's office and helping him file things and double check his work. It's awesome to watch him work. It's awe-inspiring to see him start a new company within his current one and build it from the ground up.

He's my hero all over again.

Now, if I could get him to pay me....

Since I was a child, I always wanted to be a writer. Wow. That's the first time I have ever "written" that down. It is something I have always enjoyed doing and I feel like there is talent there. Writing grant…

It's Friday!

It was a short week- we went to Beaufort this past weekend and I have not a single picture as I misplaced my SD card. Whoops.

But, it's Friday! Husband was on call last night, which meant I was the driver of Birdie this morning. Friday, I invoke my father and his parenting skills. When I was a kid attending Parochial, Dad drove the morning carpool. We would pile into the War Wagon- my mother's wood paneled station wagon and the original SUV. Those red vinyl or velour seats held a smell of melted crayons, McDonald's french fries, and throw up.

Dad was always doing fun things in the morning, telling us we were going to the beach instead of school, practical jokes... or that time he wrote in shoe polish on the side of the car that "Today is NOT Alison's birthday" for everyone to see when he pulled up to drop us off.

The nuns loved him.

He blared The Bangles and MC Hammer as loud as those old speakers could handle and roll the windows down. We'd sing along- …