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4 o'clock

By 4pm, I am heading towards maximum capacity when it comes to MOTY applications. The kids get shooed outside and I follow a few minutes later with a speaker, a computer, and -- most importantly-- a beer.

qI break my cardinal guideline of drinking before 5 and have a beer. Let's not start judging, it's one beer, I'm here by myself with three kids, and well... some might say I am on vacation... though we all know that I am on a trip.

The yard was fenced in when Nephew was born, probably the greatest thing that happened to the beach house since the internet and the washer/dryer. Laugh all you want, but I know what it is like to live without cable, central a/c, and having to walk to a pay phone before cell phones. We had an ice box here for the longest time. No kidding.

I digress.

The girls run in circles, fight, forget what they were fighting about, play, have races, and in general- get the willies out. Fuzzy goes between chasing them before finding a ball and getting distra…

Putt-Putting at the beach

Fuzzy is sleeping right now. Bennie and Birdie are watching YouTube and I am procrastinating getting entrenched with another grant. We are at the beach house where we have been for almost a week. Husband basically hog-tied me last week. He told me to get the kids out of the house and go have fun!

We packed five sets of clothes and thanked my parents for investing in a washer and dryer a few years ago. When I was a kid, we had to walk up the street to get fresh water for Ora's Well. Okay, that is an exaggeration. The truth is that my DAD had to walk up the street to Ora's to get fresh water. When I was a kid, we had a large basin sink with hot salt water on one side and cold salt water on the other. We still don't have central heating and air, but we do have internet and cable television. ThankyouJesus!

Before we left for our summer extravaganza at the beach, I made a bunch of "tickets" (Birdie's word, not mine) and divided them into two categories: Inside and…

Cleaning Windows

Bennie needed to help Mom clean the windows the other day...

Bennie needed to help Mom clean the windows the other day...

This Day

I am sitting on the deck of our family's beach house. There is a beer, cold and wet sitting next to me in a pink gingham koozie and my feet are propped on the ledge. The sun will not set for another three hours, but the heat of the day has faded away. Tom Petty is on the radio and Fuzzy is next to me, playing in one of those little kid plastic cars-- the ones with the blue lids and the horn squeaks more than honks.

Layla just came on and the older two are in the front and throwing things up on the deck. Thankfully, they are failing more than they are succeeding.  When I was their age, I thought our front yard at the beach was as large as a baseball field. It's not, but it's flat, the grass is lush and there are little clovers in it. The only other place that has grass as nice as this yard is the Augusta National.

No lie.

We are having hamburgers for supper and I cannot help but think how fortunate I am. Three children before me, my husband-- three and half hours away, work…