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Beer Descriptions

Last night, we hosted a party for Birdie's school. It was called "Saints and Suds" and the theme was craft beer. Home brewers, like Husband, gathered what they had brewed for general consumption. 

There was much consumption. 

Everyone was asked to give a brief description of what the different beers being provided tasted like-- think wine palette, but for beer. Replace "oaky" chardonnay with "malty" beer and you're getting the picture. 

As Husband was driving on Friday and I was in the passenger seat, he put me in charge. 

Y'all, he put me in charge of describing beer. 
On a Friday. 
In traffic. 
On an interstate. 
With the kids in the backseat screaming and some Barbie cartoon with the volume at an obnoxious level. 

I was punchy.

The list was as follows: 

Pumpkin Pie Ale: Fall called— they want their beer back. Clean and sweetly malty with just enough hop bitterness to balance. Grandma shared her secret special blend of pumpkin pie spices to finish off …

Starts Small

Babies don’t come out of the womb as adults. They don’t even start out as six pound babies. They come into existence as a mere cell and grow from there.
Houses do not appear out of thin air. A brick has to be laid; a plan developed.
Canvases are not the masterpiece. It starts with paint on a stroke before anything changes. Colors are placed, brushes washed, time has to pass.  
An education, a Georgia pine, even the light of dawn— all these things start very, very small. 
Everything in life begins with a pinprick. 
Like the renovation of our pool— it started with something very, very small.
It was going to be simple. Really simple. It started with the color purple. Not the book, rather the actual color purple. Along the edges of the pool, the tile started to gather a purple dust and the pool had a hue that was not the beautiful blue we were used to. That hue was, in fact, purple. 
How does a pool turn purple? And better, how do you keep two daughters out of something that is, literally, a sea…