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Debting Down

I really love that I have been so open about this debt business. What I really love are all the phone calls, comments, and questions about both how we are doing and, better, how we are doing it. In the last six days, I have spoken to five people that have said they need a better plan.

I love it. A BETTER PLAN. I like being a sounding board. I don't give advice unless asked, mostly because it is rude to assume that is what someone seeks. I don't need to know numbers- but it is amazing to hear a family say, "Thank you for putting it out there. It makes me feel better to know that we are not alone."

As a blanket response to "a better plan," it made me wonder if a debt snowball could be in your future...  {unsolicited advice coming}
Have you heard of a debt snowball?
We are fortunate (that word being used loosely) to only have one debt to pay-- student loans (two if the mortgage is on the list). The debt snowball does not apply to us, but it is a tried and true…

Eat, Pray, Shoot

Husband and I went to a fundraiser for Parochial yesterday. Sometimes, pictures tell stories better than words. This is one of those times...