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The Laundry

No, this is not a woman who writes complaining about her mountains of laundry. I just want to let it be known where I am in this moment.

In 68 minutes, people will be showing up to my house- some I have never met before. I'm dressed, sans makeup. Let me be perfectly clear: Oh, I am dressed and ready. My cute shoes, nice jeans, and Michael Stars shirt are walking proof that I am ready. I even have on long gold dangly earrings before 5 o'clock.

Michael Stars shirts are really sparkly in the daylight. They should only be worn after the sun goes down.

The bright red shirt is a little bosomy. Not too much, but just enough to let it be known that sass is flying..

People will be at my house in 65 minutes and I am sitting in a plastic chair nailed to the linoleum floor of the laundry mat.

Our dryer died today. I was not impressed with this nor very excited. But, my first trip to the laundry mat today (because, this is-- in fact-- my second trip), I looked like a local. Rather, a towni…

If he knew me... he'd kill me.

All these years later, I still have those old love notes. I told Husband about them and we laughed at how innocent and down right silly they were. The few friends I have shown them to have all said the same thing: His penmanship is impeccable. I am going to protect the innocent, because-- somewhere out there is a box of folded paper with my penmanship scratched on those lines and that cannot be denied.

But, it is fun to look at these and both laugh and smile:



I am glad you had fun last night, I did too. I am in Horticulture right now and we are watching a very boring video on "ground cover." I think I will be coming to Hometown a lot in the next couple of weeks for all the Social Christmas parties. Are you going to Charleston in two weeks? When are you going to Atlanta? I want to go to Athens and stay with "Bob" sometime soon and we will go to my grandparents at Lake Sinclair the weekend after Christmas but besides that I should be around. I hope you will …

Mama's attic

My brother can accomplish anything he wants-- when he wants to. Last week, he asked my mother to please clean out their attic. I think his exact phrase was something to the effect of, "Before you and Dad die, please clean out your attic and do not leave it to Wife and me."


Only Brother can get away with saying something like that... even better, do you know what happened?

They cleaned out the attic.

Mom and Dad hired their trusty worker bees to make the 77 trips up the trap door and back down again, lugging trunks from the 1800s (you just think I am exaggerating), old toys, boxes of keepsakes, love notes between my parents, and boxes and boxes and boxes and more boxes of .... stuff.

There was quite a bit in the Christmas decor department.

There was old furniture- with green tweed upholstery, and old cabinets from when Dad cut them out of the kitchen.

Stuffed animals. Lots and lots of stuffed animals. Old can…

I once said...

I once said that there are some things that we will not talk about on the world wide web.

There's a list and, it seems, that one by one... I am crossing those topics off the list.

We are talking about finances.

That dreaded four letter word that is very taboo and not allowed in polite conversation. It does not matter how much or how little is in your bank account and I do not care who you are -- money is something that everyone thinks about, worries about, plans for, and celebrates.

A long time ago, a friend talked about how she met her husband in college. Early in their dating, he told her he wanted to be a doctor. In her total candidness, she said she remembered thinking, "Sweeeeeeeeeet!" These were young and foolish days that would lead her to learn that there was much more to the story than having a doctor in the family. With it comes unwanted health questions from people, strangers revealing too much information, lonely nights, and debt.

Often, so very often, I take…