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Fish Fever

About a year ago, we "won" a fish, mostly out of pity from the man organizing the ping pong ball toss. Sprite the Fish Cagle came home with us in a plastic bag and, while I am not a pet person, he has swum his way into my heart.

Sometime in the winter, Bennie tried to feed Sprite. Read: she found a stool, climbed up on the counter, found the food on the top shelf of the third cabinet, opened it, and poured the whole thing in Sprite's $108.67 abode. When I thought that the little guy was going to die at the hands of my industrious 2 year old, I screamed bloody murder and, when I could not catch him, Lorie saved the day. We poured him into a Mason Jar and put Bennie in time out.

Some nights, she wakes up and thinks she is still there. It was a long time out.

He survived. Barely. After all, he is a carney fish, and you cannot kill those suckers.
Bennie? Well, she only tried to do it two more times before realizing that terrorizing her brother was a much more competitive spo…