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Fuzzy has just started to get his knees beneath him. We lay him on the ground, he rolls over and gets up on all fours before pushing himself forward and backward-- as if to gain momentum. First the only ground he was making was backwards. Birdie did the same thing-- I would put her on the ground in the den and walk out. When I came back a few minutes later, she would be under the footstool... stuck.

Fuzzy spends a lot of time on the floor these days. He rolls over to his stomach, eyes what he wants and army crawls to it. As I type-- laying on his floor while his sisters are at school-- he has skipped over all the land mines that are toys and made a direct line for my cell phone. What is it with kids and technology? Kinda love it; kinda hate it.

His favorite toy of recent? Oh, that would be my mini spatula that is perfect for very small things in the kitchen- or the mouth of a seven month old. When he isn't waving the mini spatula around casting spells and swatting imaginary flies,…

Horseback Riding

Birdie, because that's what I am calling her now, Birdie has been bugging us for about a year to take horseback riding lessons. I called a place... no return call. I went out to a place... no follow up. I kept telling "Birdie" that we were working on it. Mostly though, mostly I was hoping she'd forget.

But, she's stubborn and only remembers things that are important-- like where the cookies are and forgets things that are useless-- like where she hid her school shoes.

Finally, I went to google and googled it. Palmetto Stables was one of the four new places I called and Palmetto Stables was the only place to call me back. Little did I know what a great thing this would be.

I did not do much riding growing up. I took some lessons for a season and that was that. I do not have a lot of contacts in the riding world, so I am relying on nothing more than the internet and Yelp! for reviews of places.

According to the World Wide Web, Palmetto Stables came highly recommen…

Pete- Meet Repeat.

Bennie, stop.
Bennie, quit.
Bennie, don't.
Don't, Bennie.
Bennie, please stop.
Bennie, get out of there.
Bennie, get out of that.
Bennie, that's not yours.
Quit that, Bennie.
NO! Bennie! NO!
Please, Bennie--  Please don't do that.
Bennie, don't.
Bennie, sit down.
Bennie, don't pick up your brother.
Let go, Bennie.
Be sweet, Bennie.
Don't hit, Bennie.
Stop, Bennie.
Share, Bennie.
No biting, Bennie.
Don't lick your brother, Bennie.
Bennie, get out of his face.
Bennie, quit.
Bennie, don't throw that.
Bennie, don't throw it at your brother.
Gentle, Bennie.
No, Bennie.
Bennie, no.
Close the fridge, Bennie.
Close the drawer, Bennie.
Close the cabinet, Bennie.
Get out of the silver chest, Bennie.
Don't bang the plate, Bennie.
Be friendly, Bennie.
Close the door,  Bennie.
Don't mess with the locks, Bennie.
Bennie, don't.
STOP, Bennie!
Please be sweet, Bennie.
Eat your lunch, Bennie.
Don't throw your food, Bennie.
Drink your drink, Bennie…

First Day of First Grade

The last week of summer was, ahem... intense. The kids were hot and tired. Hot and tired and all kinds of un-kind adjectives. They are my kids, I can say these things. But, it was a busy summer and by the end-- they were tired.

They need structure. (read: Mama needs a break)

After a few trips to the Woody's beach house, one to the farm, visiting cousins in Atlanta and having cousins visit us here, some swim lessons, a mountain trip and days on end in the water of any pool... we were mentally tapped and ready to get back to the routine of life.

On Monday, Leenie started back to school as a BIG first grader. I woke up to feed Fuzzy as the alarm buzzed, still full of the cobwebs from summer.

I looked up from his room to see Husband help Leenie brush her teeth...

Bennie spent the night at my parent's house so we could take our first born to school without having to wrangle the second one. As we sat down at the table for breakfast, Husband looked off and said, "Leenie, I think…