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I hold you.

I hold you in my arms as you sleep, listening to your father play with your sisters. I hold you in my heart and in my eyes, watching you raise your eyebrows at your dreams as you chase rabbits.

You are my precious last and I want to hold these moments in the palm of my hand. Your little green gingham bubble I purchased for you before you were born makes me smile. Those fuzzy little red hairs on your head, with only four holding strong at over an inch- I kiss those little hairs and cannot help but grin.

You are snuggled into my chest right now, wrapped around my belly with your feet dangling under my elbow. I am sitting in the quiet of our living room on our blue and white sofa, looking out into the blue sky. I am sitting here, quietly taking in this moment. Husband is probably annoyed with me that I have abandoned him with the children while I hold you. You crinkle your nose when you sleep and squint your eyes. When you raise those eyebrows again, I can see where your hairline will be…

Kindergarten Graduation

I was surprised how fast this year zipped by. I looked up and was sitting in the church, waiting on my little girl with blonde curls to come sit next to me. I once heard someone say that 'life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer to the end, the faster it goes.' How very accurate. Don't you remember being a kindergartner and summer lasting forever? I mean like an eternity?

I sure do. Of course, back when I was in kindergarten, we went to school around Labor Day and got out the first of June. And walked to school uphill both ways in the snow lugging 20 pound packs with heavy hardback books.

But, she graduated. My little thing went from being a little kid to a less-littler-kid in a quick span of short time.

Her teacher? Amazing. I was constantly impressed at the things Mrs. W accomplished with her class. She taught sign language, verbs, adjectives, and fractions. Let's be honest-- I'm 34 and still don't understand fractions. Ever want to stump me? Ask me a…

The Words

Dear You Who Read My Blog,

I need to say something. I am probably going to botch it, but I need to express my upmost gratitude to friends, strangers, friends I did not know were friends, and strangers I did not know existed that I have a humble heart. It is something that Husband and Wife have spoken of several times and it is something that surprised me.

Two weeks ago, I posted a blog about my son and his eyesight. It was something I was struggling with-- not the situation, rather should I open this door to this aspect of my life? I had struggled with the situation and then I was struggling with if it was "right" to let this part of our lives out into the open. In the end, obviously, I posted it. It was the first time I was ever nervous about hitting that "Publish" button. My soul was in those words and my child was the topic. How would people respond? Or worse-- would they? He could see- that was the bottom line, but did I need people to know that we were in the …

Opening my heart for his eyes

In high school and college, we would often have non-philosophical debates posing dumb questions and deciding what we would want or what we would do. 
Would you rather… is how the question would start.
Would you rather have 10 fingers and 8 toes or 8 fingers and 10 toes? Would you rather be rich or never have to buy anything? Would you rather be sightless or without hearing?
What would you rather have? No eyes or no ears? 
This question was never one I could answer- because I cannot understand what life would be like without my ability to hear grass grow or see with my perfect vision eyes. I cannot fathom what the world would sound like if it were eternally silent or look like if it were constantly one shade of nothing. 
Being without sight or hearing is not a question I have thought about for a very long time. As a parent maybe being without hearing might not sound so bad- because the incessant whines would be mute. Or if I were without sight, the den would never be a wreck. The toys would a…