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There it is

Some things are beautiful.
Things you cannot see, but can see.

Some things are amazing.
Like family. Like love.

Like a brother having a child, and getting to hold that child.
And love that child.

And that child snuggling in and nuzzling and not knowing you, but knowing you.
And knowing safety.
And knowing love.
And knowing trust.

There it is. There is no placard that says, "This is my nephew and I have love for him."
Placards are not necessary where it is there.

And there it is:

A Day In The Life III



another THUMP as she rounds the corner and jumps into my room, landing in a "starfish" -- arms akimbo above her and feet in a V on the ground.

"HI Mah-MEE!"

It's 6:17 and that is how my morning begins. It's how it begins most mornings recently.

"Go find Daddy."

As my mother says, "Her feet hit the floor and the devil says, 'Oh Sh*t!'"

The mornings are his domain. I get up with Fuzzy in the night and he sleeps on the couch. It's how it works around here.

I hide under the covers and drift in and out for another hour as Bennie bugs Husband.

Finally admitting that I am fooling no one, I wake up and this is the first thing I see:

After nursing Fuzzy, getting a quick shower, and finding clothes I head up front to see that Leenie is doing a pretty good job on breakfast and Bennie has broken one of her favorite rules... …