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In most cities, there are waiting lists and strategies to get into the "best" kindergarten, which- of course- leads to the cherub getting into "THE" prep school before graduating from Harvard, Yale, or Ivy this 'n that and winning a Nobel Peace Prize. The parents can finally breath easy that they successfully lived vicariously through their children. 
Kindergarten is serious business.
When we lived in DC, more than one mother on the park bench talked to me about my one year old and that we were already behind the eight ball when it came to enrolling Leenie. I discovered that even preschools had a waiting list for the waiting list. There were people who were paid to help families write successful applications and train four year old children on the art of the interview.
Alpha parenting is intense.
Down South, here in Hometown, where skeeters and heat waves play with our nerves, and Alpha Parenting involves more monograms and bigger bows- we don't worry about…

Riding in the Parade

There are funny things I wanted to remember over the past few days and tell you about them. But, well, those funny things compounded into other funny things and I got distracted with the things that make up my day.

Eight days later, I am sitting in Fuzzy's room as he sleeps. Bennie and Leenie are at school and Husband is getting ready for work. It's a nice, quiet morning following a hectic and playful St. Patrick's Day.

Leenie and I had a traditional Irish breakfast at Waffle House before heading over to the bank to make a $.48 deposit.

forty eight cents.

She got her report card last week and everything was great- the only thing we needed to work on was coin recognition. Over waffles, I pull out the change in my wallet and we talk about the differences, names, and values of each one. After getting them in line, I asked her if she wanted to deposit them.


To the bank we go!

I ask for a deposit slip and pen and show Leenie how to fill it out. We count our coins again …

Time gets away

I missed my mid day pumping and I feel it as I sit in carline. After spending two hours with Brother at the Apple store, reminding him not to be grumpy, we headed to Mexican for lunch. His treat. My mom dropped off Bennie and after I took Brother back to the office- I realized that it was not enough time to go home and too much time to head to the carpool line.

It dawned on me that poor, poor Fuzzy had not had his diaper changed in quite a few hours. He needs new diapers, having been the first Cagle baby to outgrow newborn diapers before three months of age. Killing two birds with one stone, I head to Buy Buy Baby for both a purchase of new diapers and that very necessary diaper change.

Sweet baby and Precious Bennie are loaded up in the buggy and we head directly to the back for diapers. Bennie is under the cart, pulling items off the bottom shelf as we walk and tossing them under the cart in order to make room for the next. Stepping over Claritin, the snot sucker, and some purple st…

In just a flash

As I changed Fuzzy's diaper, I thwacked his head on the faucet. Stellar. Turning around, Bennie has put an umbrella in the toilet. Awesome.

Not just any umbrella, mind you. No, this was Leenie's Thomas the Train umbrella that used to be Nephew's. It's a prized possession that stays in her closet.

Fuzzy can't stop crying, I lead Bennie out of the way with my foot and sit down with Fuzzy to let him cry out the tears I caused. He puked.

He puked all over my lovely new cashmere sweater that Husband gave me.

How do you clean cashmere? I've never owned cashmere and am starting to understand why.

Bennie is dripping all down the hallway with her opened umbrella, jumping in the puddles. Leenie sees her coveted treasure and screams. She grabs it from Bennie. Bennie screams. I scream that they are arguing over an umbrella that is soaked with toilet water.

Thank the Lord that Leenie flushed.

Fuzzy gets dropped in a bucket along the way. Not a real bucket, but a bassinet. T…