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Over the Weekend

So... this happened:

Rather by surprise on Saturday. After a day of contractions with my mom sitting by my side and the kids wrangling with Husband, I looked at Husband and said, "I'd rather look like an idiot and have to come home a second time than be wrong and end up at the hospital in the wee hours of the morning."

At 38 weeks, I was examined, admitted, and experienced some of those things they tell future moms about. Moms that have had c-sections or scheduled inductions do not get the pleasure of experiencing. Things that unless you experience them for yourself- you really have no idea what they are talking about.

These crazy kids came to visit us on Sunday...

While Husband's parents were on their way up, my parents sat with us and the girls crawled all over their grandparents and daddy trying to get to their new baby brother. New baby brother needs a nickname. Something cool. We'll get to that.

While they crawled and got into every drawer or crevice, I was …

When there are two weeks left

I went to the doctor yesterday. This baby is riding high and will go every bit of those last two weeks that stand before me.

I used four letter words.

Husband is on call this weekend. He went in yesterday and will be home Sunday night. He goes back on Monday and comes home on Tuesday. Afternoon.


Last night, Leenie wanted to sleep with me. I did not even attempt to argue with this plan. We get in jammies around 6:15 and watch a movie in mom's bed. Baths were not even a consideration. For any of us.

Bennie thought it would be fun to beat up on Leenie- she found her crib shortly before 7. Somewhere in the 5am range, I woke up to find my bedmate watching whatever we fell asleep to on TV-- Sherman's march on Georgia. Perfectly acceptable. The tv flashed images of dead children next to dead soldiers. Leenie watched, without blinking, until I said something about Mary Poppins. A few clicks of the remote and I am back asleep while she watches something a touch more wholesome …

Packing the bag

This is my third time packing my hospital bag. I like to think I am an old hand at this-- not like Mrs. Duggar old hand, but an old hand none-the-less. She's just crazy.

I know things.
I am wise.
I am experienced.

I am punchdrunk.

Today I went to Target, the Mother Mecca. I needed to buy travel size shampoo, which- of course- led to a picture frame, laundry detergent, strawberries, Chicken and Stars soup, underroos, and bottles.

It has been a long time since I have purchased underroos at Target. Being a grown up, I buy nice undies. Being over 30, I don't shop at Victoria's Secret. Too binding. Too uncomfortable. Too far gone for this pregnant belly. Too much of a lost cause and too hard to leave without feeling like a beached whale with those same blue fins flapping in the sunshine. Too much for the reason I am packing my bag for the hospital. BAM! Consumerism working.

My aunts all wear Hanes. How do I know this? I have no idea. They used to wear bikini cut, but in their growing …

From the Mouths of Babes

Leenie has been testing the waters of late. If we tell her not to push the button, she has to push it just... one... more... time. I try to ignore it and think that it will pass. It doesn't. Until the button gets pushed. Then it does. And the arguing. Oh, the arguing:

"Honey, please eat. It took you six minutes to eat that last bite."
"Actually.... it took me ten minutes."
Literally, I think my head started to spin.

"Leenie, it looks like it's going to rain all day today. We'll have to find something fun to do indoors."
"Actually... it's not raining right now." She says as the cats and dogs fall from the sky.

Saturday, we were going to Chick-Fil-A. This is a Saturday tradition where mom exacerbates all of her tender patience to get the kids dressed so that they can run around the playground for two hours between bites of chicken minis and sips of Fanta. It's a relative calm, meaning they are constantly coming and going in bare …

Milk Expiration

The closer I get to my due date, the further it seems to get away from me. This morning, after dropping Bennie off at school, I came home to make some hot chocolate and work on some pictures I took last week. The expiration date on my milk is 2/11/15. To be perfectly honest, the milk won't last the day, but it dawned on me that by the time the milk actually expires, I will be home from the hospital with a third in my arms. A little baby boy. That made me smile. Because if it is before milk expires, it has to be soon.


There has been so much going in the past few weeks that I have not had the energy to tie my shoes- when I can see them- let alone, sit down and get funny with the World Wide Web. But, here I am. Shoes tied and trying to make sense of this homestretch that I am in.
Christmas was amazing. I always think every Christmas is the best, but this year- this year ranks up there with our last year in DC. Bennie walked into the living room, saw what Santa left and said, "WOAH, Daddy! Woah, woah- WOAH DADDY!" As she bee-lined for what was obviously hers. We did not spend an exorbitant amount of money, we did not buy everything on Leenie's list, and yet, they were content with the bounty they received. It was a good lesson for this mom who went to sleep worrying if she had done enough. All four of us enjoyed the time opening presents, seeing what kind of gifts we gave and received and- in general- were a happy little family of four.
New Years Eve, ok- I am going to tell this story. I…