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A name

I asked Husband what he thought about naming his son Edward Columbus. Edward after your father and Columbus after your uncle who died fighting for our country. Two great men who did amazing things with their life. One returned home to start a family; the other- without whom your parents would not have dated. While the life of Columbus was cut short, he left a legacy that we see today in this house. 
Husband said no.
I always knew the name he wanted, but wanted to investigate all options before committing. 
I asked Husband about Henry Thomas- part of your namesake. Henry has a lot of fight in him and the name goes back five generations your family. Henry Thomas was a faithful man of God, devoted father, and astute businessman- all qualities we hope for in our son. 
Husband said no.
Stretching to the other side, I asked about Lynwood Raiford- Lynwood after your father-in-law and Raiford after his father. Another fine example of two great men. Men who helped build Colquitt count…

Argue much?

Do all kids argue? Or just mine? LMC (Leenie) goes on streaks of bad habits and as soon as we break one, a new one pops up- much like whack-a-mole. She used to grind her teeth. When I asked her about this new teeth grinding habit, she said, "Lily says I have sharp teeth like a vampire, and I don't want to be a vampire. So, I am grinding them down and they won't be sharp anymore- and I won't be a vampire."

While I totally understood her logic, the habit was there. Softly correcting... softly reminding... softly saying, "LMC, please don't grind your teeth. It's bad for them." Soft got loud. Patient grew in. Grinding ceased.

LMC also decided that she did not need to brush her teeth. She would pretend to brush her teeth. She put up an argument about brushing her teeth. Every morning it was a battle to get her to brush her teeth. Sure, I could have done it for her- but what would that accomplish? (besides a calm morning, a pleasant day, and no scream…


We have a nativity set that I bought last year. Paid retail. And paid too much at that. It's one of those Little People Nativity sets and the first time I saw it, I wanted it for the girls. Price searching, I remembered that nothing for Christmas is on sale before Christmas.

But I wanted it. So I bought it. And paid retail.

Because I paid retail and because I knew how much more fun it would be to have all the parts of the nativity (because there are a lot of parts), I was a bit of a... uh... brat about where the nativity could be set up and where the pieces were allowed to wander to. The manger, Baby Jesus, those wise men, Mary, and Joseph were all on a silver tray (because that's how I roll) on top of the piano. LMC had a stool set up beside it where she could step up and play with the little people.

While a brat about where the nativity was, I didn't care how she played with it- as long as all the pieces stayed in the living room. Mary liked to slide down a piece of scra…

Life Lessons

Bennie (and I) have learned some good life lessons today on this day spent around the house-

Dirty dishes go in the dishwasher, not the cabinets.
Clean dishes go in the cabinets, not the dishwasher.

Bennie was trying to be such help as I loaded the dishwasher. She ran to her cabinet and pulled out a variety of plastic utensils and brought them to me in front of the dishwasher. Good thought, Bennie. On the flip side of that same coin, I had to go through four spoons before I found a clean one. She likes to put away dishes, clean or otherwise.

Mom should not use glass dishes to feed Bennie with.
Bennie should not throw dishes when she is finished eating.

That dish will break and Bennie will be put in time out. Babies in time out cry. Second borns get to be in time out until they stop crying. First borns get a minute per age in time out.

Potty chairs are for potty training- nothing else.
Potty training should commence outside in the grass and not in the den... on a rug.

Forks, even plast…


I skimmed an article one time about how Pinterest is ruining the average mother- because the average mother is exceptional (I, often, am neither average nor exceptional). While the article was boring and a little self-righteous about slice and bake cookies, I got the gist of it: this isn't a competition.

This same thought goes along the lines of the Elf on the Shelf. There are calendars to make it "easy" for parents. We won't have to think about where our Elf will sneak off to in the middle of the night, however- sometimes the assembly of the projects is a bit absurd. I am waiting for someone to invent "kits" to make 24 days of Elf antics.  But, if you want to win- you have to play. I look at the calendars and see if there is anything I can attack with ease and typically end up not using it.

Our Elf doesn't TP the tree. Because someone would have to clean it up. (cough, cough)
Our Elf doesn't get in the sugar. We live in the south and ants are a yea…

thirty one weeks

I have been trying to write a funny blog the past few days about these days and how un-fun they are. Because, trust me- this is the hangover that just won't end. My thought was to call it "Trials of the third child's third trimester." Catchy, right?

After writing and erasing over and over, I came to the conclusion that I should call the blog "Cheese for my whine." Because I was not reading things that were potentially funny, rather I was reading a whiny person whining about whines. And it was whiny.

For instance, I have had a head cold for the past two weeks and it has been nothing short of miserable. I have been a snot factory and it's been ... well, it's been gross. The head cold makes me sneeze, cough, and snore myself awake.

When the snoring wakes me up, I realize that I have to go to the bathroom- again. On average, I am up six to eight times a night back and forth to the bathroom or the hall closet for more Tums. I am worse than an old lady. I…