As I sit and type, I have blue tape on my left arm and a bandaid from my flu shot on my right arm. Today is my dreaded three hour gdGD test. I am anticipating great things that will conclude with more pin pricks, more tests, and a new diet. Meh, not my first rodeo. 

Four blood draws + one flu shot = human pin cushion

Baby boy is steadily kicking as the sugar water I rapidly consumed an hour ago has finally crossed over and met his little body. He's a fan. Me? I am hoping to keep it down another two hours. I met with my doctor a few minutes ago and everything looks good. All my numbers are in the healthy range and he is growing as he should. I have put on five pounds. Doc asked me if I have been eating enough and I was quick to tell her about my love of steak biscuits and Totino's pizzas. Oh yeah- I am eating. It's one of my favorite pastimes. 

Husband took his BIG test yesterday-- the one that determines if he will continue to be a pediatric critical care doctor. My parents have been amazing and kept the kids from Sunday until today (Wednesday). This vacation has been a little bit amazing- I've been Christmas shopping, resting, cleaning out the guest room (future nursery), and all those things that I keep putting off. We were going to get them this morning, but with my three hour test and an open house tonight-- it looks like we might pick them up when they're teenagers. 

New baby's bedding came in last week and boy stuff is so different from the soft pinks I have become accustomed to. It's a sherbet orange and turquoise with circus animals and seersucker. Currently, the walls are gray- which makes me think they need to be painted (over my dead body, Husband is saying right now). As I round into the third trimester in two weeks, we will pull the infant bed out of the attic and break down the guest bed.  We still need a dresser- if that is one thing we lack in our house- it is drawer space. We have two dressers/chests. I live out of wire baskets and Bennie lives out of her closet. 

We have tentatively scheduled his due date for the first of February. The countdown is on- less than 90 days. SWEET!


jenn said…
Seriously, you're just going to leave us hanging? How did the test turn out? Did you "pass" your glucose test? Tell me...
Love you!