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Cornbread, vastly improved

I posted a cornbread recipe a long time ago... and accidentally said a tablespoon of salt instead of a teaspoon. Yuck. Last night, we had friends over. The house was a disaster- mostly due to the shortest person in the house. We stepped over tupperware lids, outgrown shoes- none of which matched, and a random assortment of dollhouse furniture and cheap jewelry.

Husband grew up with half the couple- they were classmates from preschool until senior year of high school before reuniting in medical school. He, his wonderful wife, and two kids came over last night to watch football, eat chili, and let the kids run around the pool. No one fell in, but his daughter thought about "accidentally" hitting the water more than once. She was smart enough to take her shoes off, thus getting caught in the process.

Right-- Cornbread.

I have mentioned my cookbook before and how I adore it. Realizing I need cornbread and wanting to branch out from the old go-to recipe, I went back to The Book a…

Scary to see

I could leave LMC in front of Mickey Mouse and grab a quick shower.
Not Bennie.

I could put food on LMC's tray and she would eat it. When she was done, she would signal and wait patiently while I cleaned her up.
Not Bennie.

I could let LMC play in the kitchen. She would always go for the tupperware cabinet. She would pull them out, and climb inside to play.
Not Bennie.

Bennie likes to climb on things. And then climb higher. She gets on a chair and bounces up and down before climbing onto the table to stand up while clapping her hands- as if to say, "The man can't keep me down. Or even low to the ground."

Bennie likes to find things. In all the cabinets. And throw them on the ground. Tupperware? Sure. Sippy cups? Why not. But-- behind Door Number 2, there is mom's pyrex. And it's breakable. Let's grab that aaaannnnnnddddd throw it over there! Crash. Break. Snap. Shatter. I come running.

Nice Bennie. Real nice.

I sweep. I clean. I block Door Number 2.



I killed my computer. Again. Dead. Like an overqualified paperweight kind of dead. A trip to the Apple store and $280 later, I am coming to you via a practically brand new computer. God Bless Mr. Jobs and his invention of the Apple. Buying an Apple is expensive and they don't have any clearance tables, but the purchase is not only a very powerful piece of machinery but also some kickin' customer service. My beast if five years old and it is just as cool as the Christmas Husband gave it to me.

Recently, I told an old friend that I am hitting a road block on things to write about. It seems like my days are hair tangles and homework with LMC and dodging thrown food and no-naps Bennie. I spend a lot of time volunteering at Parochial -- which I love -- and taking Bennie to a new Children's Museum in the neighborhood. Oh yeah... and incubating that new baby who met his halfway point of gestation this past Saturday. It's all downhill from here... okay, maybe it's still up…


We went to the doctor this morning. Bright and early-- Bennie wearing her squeaky shoes, running up and down the halls of the hospital and Husband in his scrubs, the proud father of his growing family. As I sit and type, snacking on my lunch, I am watching men are lay sod in our backyard and Bennie is contemplating throwing her lunch on the ground. Elmo keeps her entertained and occasionally, a bite from her tray makes it to her mouth.



These words have been in my vocabulary for a very long time. In this moment, nothing has changed- life is moving forward. We are making plans.

After getting a tour of our baby's anatomy, I called my BIL, David. He was as excited as we were to hear our news and said the most important thing I have heard, "Change is good."

And he is so very right-- change is good. It can be fun. Change is not always easy, but change is always an adventure. Change. I am getting good at change-- and loving how Change changes everything.

We will put a…


I don't mean for so much time to pass between blog posts; I wish I could say that the reason for it happening was because so much was happening around the house- but that is not the case. Rather all these little things we are doing with our daily routine are amounting to our days.

We have daily homework that should take about 15 minutes. LMC gets distracted when the wind blows, so it is more like an hour's worth of homework. She is back in ballet and tap- in a new class, making new friends. She also started piano lessons so she can play on that beautiful piano we have in our living room-- and not just pound on the keys, waking up her sister. While her rhythm is a little off, she is trying and, more importantly, loves showing off her new skill.

LMC is loving kindergarten. It seems her that her biggest accomplishment these past few weeks is that she is slowly learning to read. Bennie is in school twice a week and knows no strangers. Husband is studying-- a lot. He has a big test…