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Miracles aren't easy and they don't come cheap. Even with modern medicine, miracles still happen. Miracles are necessary to teach us there is more to learn, more to believe, and more to have.

Miracle-- it's not a word that I use often or take lightly.

Traditionally, a c-section takes place at the bottom of the uterus, having a transverse incision made about the length of an open hand. This is the modern way- the safe way- the planned way- the normal way. The transverse incision is easier to heal and involves less blood loss. But, when the c-section is emergent, when the doctor has to "get in there" or things are not going well- they, instead- make a vertical incision, running from below the diaphragm down... down... down past the belly button.

Disclaimer: This is my knowledge, I have not consulted Husband on this information (or even Dr. Wikipedia); this c-section information is more to paint the picture of Thursday. 

Mama Bits on the operating table, splayed open…

More than hope

Yesterday was hard.
Last night was tough.
This morning was impossible.

I went to the chapel of Perpetual Adoration after dropping off both children. I  picked up the Rosary my cousin gave to my daughter- Senior Bennie's Rosary from Malta, blessed and ready to work a miracle. The smooth wooden beads in my tepid fingers, I kneeled, bowed, and prayed those forty three Hail Marys as the minutes ticked by.

Finishing the Rosary, I looked at the card beside me- realizing I had forgotten a prayer or two- started again, reading the prayers whose words had left me long ago.

The silence gathered around me and I found myself trying to be busy with a box of nothing. Lunch with my sister-in-law and an abundance of text messages bouncing around through the tribe scattered from DC to Georgia.

Updates? Fears? Pits? Pains? Worries? Blessings? Prayers? We confessed it 140 characters at a time and shared amongst an intimate seven cell phones.

It is hard to explain what was going to happen once those …

What tomorrow holds

Maybe tomorrow I can get my words together and write what I want to say. Maybe tomorrow, while my friend is in surgery delivering a baby to the world- and to the NICU- and having her life saved by brilliant doctors I can convey what I want to say.

Maybe tomorrow my thoughts will weave words together and my head will be clear.

Maybe tomorrow will end in both a happy and sad way- a baby in this world and Mama Bits healing in the intensive care unit. Her children encapsulated in love with grandparents and her newest being cared for with his father by his side in the little plastic incubator.

Maybe tomorrow will be a good day- albeit sad while incredibly happy. It is always a good day when a baby is born.

I hold no crystal ball. I know nothing of what tomorrow will be like. But it will be filled with love.

With prayer.
With hope.

With absolution.

I pray for Mama Bits to see the end of the surgery, see the beginning of her new life, and for love to be enough.

She is strong; her faith might…

School Days

I have been asked on several occasions how LMC did on her first day of Kindergarten-- but more importantly how I did. 
I was a rockstar. A few days before school started, I asked someone if they thought I was a bad mom for not being upset about her heading off to school? Nah- just excited for the excitement. School is so much fun. It's where you make friends, enemies and learn about life. School is so much more than just books. It is where you learn "playground rules" that you will need throughout life, because those rules don't change. Bitches will always be bitches. Bragging will get you no where. If you're the fastest runner, you won't get caught- but it's hard to play.
Everyone is different and different is good. Identical personalities do not lead to creativity, rather simplicity. 
So, LMC started Kindergarten at the beginning of the week and I had the mindset to revel in her maturity and be excited about her impending adventures. You can't stop…


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wake up to a snake? I mean an honest to Betsy snake. We are staying at a friend's mountain house. Shortly before we left, the owner called my dad and mentioned that there was a snake sighting by the last people that stayed here.

A. Snake.
Not just around the house, but in the house. His children are all teenagers or older- so he was not too terribly worried about this possible King Snake, but wanted to mention Wilbur and the fact that he likes to hang around inside the house.
Dad pulled Husband aside to let him know about this little situation that they {AKA- the snake charmers} needed to be aware of and the plan of attack. Oh, and don't tell the women and children. We might get the vapors. Two cars traveled up the mountain- one armed with, well, us and the other armed with two grandparents, three grandchildren, Brother, and an armful of organic, non-toxic, blah-blah snake charmer evaporator GARE-AHN-TEED to rid the area …