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Sitting in the quiet of my home, in my messy kitchen- my children are still sleeping. I love the quiet of the morning. Before the chaos sets in, the whines, the giggles- the peacefulness- it's something my mind needs to start the day as a better mother.

Lucky came into the world yesterday.

I watched the big brother in my husband "not be nervous" and FIL's love for a daughter "remain placid" in the wake of childbirth. Sister and David (her husband) were behind two sets of heavy doors and every time they swung open- which was about every 45 seconds- FIL and Husband would laugh at MIL for jumping up looking for her son-in-law. In truth, the only way they knew she was jumping up was because they, too, were casually careening their necks every time they heard those same doors swing open.

They were a bucket of nerves [she says so piously, as if she was not nervous for the road ahead].

It was beautiful. It was amazing. It was the love of family.

Less than an hour …

Lucky 13

Here we sit. And we wait.

The last time I was in a waiting room, the time was not as joyous- but the anticipation was just as real. We sit and we wait for Lucky #13.

Sister is having a baby.

This morning Husband and Wife laid in bed, sleeping silently when the simultaneous buzz of two phones and the announcement that Lucky was on the way. Showered, dressed, and on the road within twenty minutes, we head down the road to college town.

In truth, I have never been good at waiting. Waiting should be one of those virtues we need to learn as we develop our character.

Husband, FIL, and MIL are sitting in the waiting room, playing on phones and watching the news- all pretending that they have nerves of steel. All knowing that the baby of the family is having a baby. I wish I had my ear buds to listen to music. With music, I can weave words and tell a story, tying one thing into another.

But not today.

I, too, am excited about the change in our family.

A very happy three year old little boy ju…

Ninety Minutes Later

I should not take to the blog- but I think I am a little punch drunk as this day winds down...
In the ninety minutes following writing the blog about my precious Bennie, I started documenting what was happening:

The videos aren't uploading- but take into consideration spare keys, more cords, some boxes, bowls being used as cymbals, etc.

Restless, she is.

I mentioned aout twenty minutes ago that the native was getting restless.

In the last fifteen minutes, she has....

- gotten into the dining room and found the one Waterford goblet that is at her height behind a very tight cabinet door. She got into it with no problem.
- Fortunately, she didn't break it. I was too busy snatching it from her hands and shooing her out of the room.
- She ran straight to the den... straight to the gas fireplace... and straight to those fascinating little knobs that turn the gas on.
- While flipping off the gas, she grabbed a neatly folded blanket and pulled it into the kitchen, where we she proceeded to open up three cabinets and pull out the contents of said three cabinets.
- Pushing her out of the kitchen, I try to occupy her attention for thirty seconds with some broken glass and Clorox. As I am throwing said contents of said three cabinets back into their homes- I look up and Bennie has flipped herself onto the couch. No big deal, right?


We …

Summer, Day 2

School gets out so early here. Even before I knew there was another way, I complained that school should get out later than May 4 and kids should go back closer to Labor Day than the Fourth of July. This year the we got out on May 20. An improvement from early May, but early- just the same.

I have bought my daughters' love in this moment with Doc McStuffins and breakfast bars, so my feet are popped up on our kitchen table and I am uploading photos from the past few days.

Summer, Day 2- and it will be an easy day that will probably involve pajamas until noon and minor messes in the kitchen. LMC is t-i-r-e-d. Crazy tired. She went to Lake Camp over the weekend for Cousin's baby shower (Babies are popping up everywhere around here! Still no word on Sister's baby boy- coming any moment.). We went to Lake Camp and came home for a school carnival and last day of school. We spent the better part of yesterday at the pool with friends. While no marathon day that we were used to fro…

The water doth flow

The one bathroom was embraced.
The one bathroom that I could get behind and relish in the pinkness.

The one &@^$%# bathroom.

Night before last, Husband was on call and thought he would take some of my chores off my plate- such a sweet guy.

LMC in the bathtub, water running. I am giving Bennie a bath in the kitchen sink- her favorite place to bath. It keeps me chained to the kitchen, so I get to do things I normally dodge like the plague... like the dishwasher or wiping down the countertops.

Husband went to cut off the water in the 1964 pink tiled bathroom with original fixtures and the funniest thing happened.

It would not cut off.

He cut it back on. Sure, it does that. But when he pushed the nozzle back in...


Not nothing as in nothing, rather nothing as in water pouring out of the faucet.

Husband is handy- he is extremely handy, actually. I am one of those crazy lucky girls who has a handy husband. Unlike SIL- Brother is not handy and he cannot even blame the stroke for …

No change

The baby sits.
The baby incubates.
The baby is resting comfortable in Sister's womb, readying himself for the world.

After hours at the hospital and no further progression, they sent her home in the wee hours of Sunday morning to rest comfortably in her own bed. The in-laws were almost immediately on the road to help, as only a mother can do.

Sunday passed to Monday with the contractions weakening but still ever present. Constant text messages and phone calls between us and the soon-to-be daddy about symptoms, changes, and updates, with the bottom line being no change and no baby today.

Sister's doctor gave her the first appointment for Monday morning and said that everything is as it should be.

No changes.

He's low, but he's not here. Yet.

He's coming and it will be soon- but it was not yesterday.

And it was not this morning.

Tomorrow is a full moon, and MIL - who birthed five of these suckers and was around for a dozen grandchildren and a handful of nieces- said …

Bookshelves and the den

Remember this?

I believe I had the comment, "Some things are just too big to deal with right now."
Well, this isn't right now. That was then- and this is now.
Now is different than then. 
Come around the corner from the garage door and step into the kitchen. See Baby Bennie eating a lunch of pasta salad, butter beans, squash, and apple juice. 

And well, since I am MOTY-- I am not sitting next to hear, reading Little Einsteins and singing Mozart while tatting her wedding veil. Nope, I'm drinking Diet Coke, having just finished my turkey sandwich (always my lunch of choice. And breakfast. And dinner- only with chardonnay instead of a Diet Coke) and thought that the den is the cleanest it has been in months, so why not post an update on the house? 

Sorry, Bennie. I'll be a better mother tomorrow. Right now, LMC is at school and I have about 15 minutes before I have to run out the door to grab her. Enjoy Mickey Mouse.

You saw the "before" ... here is the &qu…

The nerves of nervousness

It's 9:20 on a Friday night. I have dropped my children off at my parents house in anticipation of leaving very early tomorrow morning. SIL -- not Brother's wife, but the other one- the one having the baby- has called with questions.

Lots of questions.

Questions about labor, and centimeters, and shows.

It could very much be nothing, but it could also be something.

A big something.

I am carefully and quietly watching my husband, my rock, and the partner of my soul and the angst he has for his little sister, knowing what she is about to battle, but knowing more- that there is love between these two siblings.

So much love.

He wants to be by her side- he  needs to be with her- but he also knows, that the only thing she needs is prayers and her husband- her rock- her partner of her soul.

As I sit and type, her rock calls to say that she is hooked up to monitors and things are moving along four weeks early, but progressing, nonetheless. He might have mentioned tequila shots as a jok…

Hometown Proud

I don't try very hard, but I do make an effort to make Hometown be Hometown and not what it really is- Augusta. But, when things like golf tournaments are mentioned or the Savannah River- it makes it a little silly to not say Augusta, but rather- I prefer the pronoun of Hometown.

I grew up in a funny place and a funny time of Hometown. People I went to school with are now professional actors making their mark in Hollywood, professional golfers touring the world on the PGA, kids that I played soccer with are now running international companies, or ones that I went to church with now own NASCAR teams, college bowl football games, and other things that were not even in my pipe dream list.

When I was a kid- I rubbed elbows with other kids who would make their mark on this world and in my generation. They were just like every other kid- skinning knees, making friends and enemies alike, and generally just being kids.

This is not to say that I have all of them on speed dial and regularly…


Is bigger better? I don't know, but what I do know is my daughters have a BIG dollhouse. My parents had it built for them while we were still living in DC.

It's pink.

It has hand-laid hardwood floors and is three stories tall.

And it is big...

How big you ask?

Well, Baby Bennie thinks it is just big enough.