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A post about china

Shocking, I know. Not the country, rather the dishes.

I have two sets of chargers for my formal china- six turquoise and six blue (or cornflower). The edges of the chargers have a dainty filigree pattern around the edges and are by Mottahedeh. The service plates really make the Tobacco Leaf really *pop* on a dining room table.

But, let's be honest- the Tobacco Leaf makes the Tobacco Leaf pop.

These puppies are $125 a piece- so I prefer to find them in estates.
Or gently loved.
New with tags.
Or let's just tell it like it is- I shop at Goodwill, on Craigslist, or- most often- eBay. (Champagne tastes... beer budget)

The pattern of the chargers is called [color] Lace. There are ten colors.

Okay, now that all that useless useful information has been established, I came to the conclusion this Christmas that I needed to started collecting the Red Lace chargers. They would look great with my Christmas china and with my fancy pants china.

I start googling.

Now, l…

New Bed!

Ok, total disclaimer- there are no pictures on this post. Sorry about that.

Husband and Wife made a plan about a year ago. When Husband got his first real paycheck, we were going to buy the following items:

- New towels
- New under-roos for the adults
- New pillows
- King size bed

The sheets we slept on, the towels we used, and the under-roos we wore were thread-baren and older than I care to confess to. Sheets and towels were mostly wedding gifts or purchased early in our marriage with store credits. These were sacrifices we made in our home to put a roof over our head, haircuts for all, and food on the table. These little things were things we did not need and we were the only ones that knew our undergarments had seen better days.

They were holy. But not religious.

At the top of the list, but the bottom of the needs, was the king size bed. Our queen bed treated us just fine and was quite comfortable. Why should it not be? The sheets were so soft because they were so dang old. From …


Disciplining a five year old is one of those things that just gets... frustrating.

Everyone has an opinion about how you are doing it wrong. Everyone else does a better job, has a better child, or is just a better liar.

Everyone else can stick it.

The other day, I took to Google to see if there were better ways or better suggestions than threatening the whines, popping the hands, and losing the toys that stopped working when she passed from four-and-a-half to almost-five.

"Know your child- and discipline accordingly."

"Mary was running late and she scooped up Scott who pitched a screaming fit about leaving his toys without any preparation. Mary was in the wrong. She should have given Scott enough transition time from playing with the toys to moving him out the door."


"Children should respect you. Not fear you. Having them obey out of fear does not accomplish the needed behavior."

Correct me if I am wrong, but .. um... yes it does accomplish the needed…

About yesterday.

I talked a big game about updating yesterday, but apparently- I lied.

Sorry about that.

I never realized that I would be so busy doing "nothing." Nothing being children, a house, a husband, and all those things I piously scoffed at when other homemakers would talk about how busy they were.

It's just a house. It's just a family. It's just life.

It was when I was sitting at ballet with LMC when I realized that the day was almost over and I had not touched my computer, nor could I find my phone. How 'bout we rehash the last thirty days quick so we can start fresh?

We drove to Athens for Husband's sister's baby shower. She needs a name for the blog. She needs a name because there is a baby on the way and we are seeing so much more of them now that we live less than two hours apart and her husband works in Hometown. But what to name her? I'll think on that.

She is a teacher and he is in law enforcement. They are going to make wonderful parents, and not…

Where did it go?

So, I looked up today and realized that a month has gone by in a blink. Perhaps I should have given up my blog for Lent instead of my plan for time. I would have succeeded better at the blog than the time.

But, that's not the point.

Where did it go?

How 'bout I answer that tomorrow? Really there is not much to say, but if I put this off one second longer, than there would be nothing to hold me accountable other than the foyer that sat as my latest blog posting for a month.

MIL turned 60.
There was a wedding. A wonderful wedding full of love. And I wore a blue dress, gave a toast, danced, and bribed the flower girl with lots and lots of lip gloss. It was the most fun.
We had a golf tournament.
There were eggs that needed dying.
Baby Bennie started walking.
The family came to visit. Aunts, cousins, and all those fun people that come with spring and golf tournaments. For ten days, The Manor was a revolving door.
In nine days, we will have been home owners of The Money Pit [AKA: T…