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Foyer... Foye-Aiye?

Right now I am sitting on the couch with a puny LMC on my arm under the blanket. Bennie is laying in her crib down the hall, not napping. She's tired, but like a POW, she is taking her sippy cup and sliding it down the bars before laughing at her music and running the cup again. It has been a while since I posted anything about the house, mostly because as we get further down the hall, the house gets less and less "done." And there have been changes to the front of the house that I feel I need to share.

Step into our foyer from our large double doors and hopefully, you will feel welcome. On the left is the dining room (currently covered in remnants from the back patio waiting to be rehung and several different china patterns) and on the right is our living room/Music room.

Starting at the opposite end of the house-- LMC is sitting on the couch, not feeling great. She's watching TV and very curious why I opened the doors on this very cold day. Behind her are the great…

The Tax Man Cometh

I just wrote my yearly check to Tax Man. Every year, he cometh and he taketh. After meeting with the CPA, my dad said, "Welcome to the Big Leagues. It sucks, doesn't it?"

Indeed. Indeed it does.

I try to get creative in my taxes, but I get squashed every time.

We can deduct our internet and cell phones- because they are mostly used for business, but other things- well, I can pretend all day long, but pool supplies are not a deduction.

"What's this [$large number] expense, Wife?" The Money Man asked when we sat down to meet.

"That? Oh, right. That." I should have just put a big X through it, but I thought maybe... maybe it will fly.

"That's where we bought the golf cart."

He looks at me.
I stare back.

The red pen is dangling in the waiting to strike.


No deduction this year for an electric vehicle. Score one for Big Oil. Zero for the Little Guy.

A few minutes late, another question.

"Can I deduct my stove?"

His head n…

Lent Meals

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday. As Catholics, we abstain from meat on this day and every Friday for the next 40 days known as Lent. I don't know what it is about this time of year, but all of a sudden every meal I know that does not involve meat or chicken whooshes out of my brain.

How do I make pasta without chicken? 
Chicken-less chicken pot pie? Steak au poivre? .... minus the steak? Mushroom au poivre? (mental note... try that!)
Why must I focus on an elaborate feast? Why can't it just be a grilled cheese? 
I don't know. But it must. 
As I sat in front of google researching "Lent Recipes" (and not in any number of cookbooks I possess in the "seafood" tab), I made the discovery that there are not a lot of Lent Recipes out there.
"Canned Tuna Casserole?" GAH! "Dampfnudeln?" If I can't pronounce it and have to copy/paste it to spell it- I ain't making it. "Pizza Soup?" Honestly? HONESTLY? "Salmon Quesadillas?&quo…

Ashes to Ashes

The past three years I have spent Ash Wednesday with Mama Bits. We would meet at Mass with our broods. After ashes, wrangling the toddlers, and hushing the babies we would walk back to her city dwelling where we would feast on a pasta salad and consume Diet Cokes while the children played everything from kitchen to race cars. One year it was bitterly cold and I hailed a cab home. The other two years, it was on the cusp of spring and we happily walked to the metro.
This Ash Wednesday was a little sad for me. Really sad, actually. I didn't have my buddy to meet at Mass. I didn't have a plan for a pasta salad and Diet Coke lunch. I didn't have that beautiful old church filled with friends, senators, and secret service around to celebrate this time of year with. 
I missed my friend.
It's this season of the year and this season of our lives that make me realize how valuable she was in mine and I, in hers. 
To be completely honest, we didn't make it to church. We planne…


I up-cycled before it was cool. Patting myself on the back, it's difficult to not take a little pride in my creativity. Using shelves as bedside tables or turning curtains into bedskirts, I try to make it work. Even with leftovers, we might have a roasted chicken and butter beans with rice for supper on Monday. The leftovers are turned into a chicken pot pie. Or a side of broccoli will be tossed in the next night's pasta dinner. Large flower arrangements get divided and shrink as the flowers start to wither away. Currently, I have spider lilies in bloom on my kitchen table. Last week they were lilies and tulips. A new vase, some new water- we brought some life back to those beauties.

Spice jars get recycled and baby food jars hold screws. A storage trunk became a coffee table and a dining room table was cut into two occasional tables. Husband is taking old doors and turning them into a cabinet for outside.

Starting to get the picture? We know how to cycle things for re-use.