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A Day in the Life II

Several months ago, a friend suggested that we do a "day in the life" series between three of us. She said it would be a great way to hone photography skills and capture those little things that make up our day. I am so glad she recommended doing that. When I start missing DC, I go back to that blog and read it. And read it again. And I look at the pictures. And I smile. 
She has since moved to North Carolina and our other friend has relocated from the city to Suburbia- just outside of DC. The other day, I texted them to see if they were interested in doing it again. I thought it might be fun to see what an average day would be like in their "new" lives. 
As I snapped away at the 455 pictures, I thought about them and what their "average" days might be like. But mine- was not quite that average. We found out that yesterday was going to be a "Snow day" ... minus snow. School was canceled for yesterday and today. This afternoon, we discovered tha…

Homemade Play-Dough

Not to be confused with store bought play-DOH.

School has been cancelled again this week for threat of snow and cold weather. I finally understand where those old folks come from when they say, "I remember walking to school... in the snow... uphill... both ways... with no socks..." Because I remember when one of the moms who drove carpool came to pick us up. I remember she was the one that drove because she grew up "up North."

Because it apparently snows more up there.

We in our blue and white uniforms were called out of our respective classes to see Mrs. K in her full length mink and leather gloves with the station wagon still running and the snow coming down in sheets. We hopped in and she scraped the ice off the windshield before depositing us back in the neighborhood. As I watched her scrape the ice- that's when I knew she knew what she was doing.

So far, 2014 has not impressed me. It's been cold, super cold, but not freeze water in mid-air, cold. Schoo…

In Drive

LMC and I are sitting on the couch right now. Bennie is sleeping soundly. LMC is playing on the iPad and I am sitting and staring at my blog wondering as my mind wanders around what to say.

What kind of good news can I share?

You, on the other side of the computer who sit and read what I write. You, thousands of you who check in on our family daily- seeing our updates, our hysterics, our grief, our love. You, all of you deserve to hear good news because You have been with me since the beginning.

Brother is doing... so well. So amazingly well. I looked back at some past words I wrote trying to find a path into this simple blog. I had mentioned several times that he has to be seizure free for six months before he can drive. A few days ago, his car pulled into my driveway. Expecting my mom behind the wheel as his car has been shuffled between our three houses over the past six months, I opened my garage door to let her in with Niece.

Brother walked through the door with Niece, keys in h…


I might be lacking in this mothering business- but I am kicking some serious tail at Aunting.

The other day, Niece said, "Wife- you make the very best Ranch dressing."

Talk about a compliment. I love some Ranch dressing. It's a bad running joke in my family- one that I get annoyed with, quite frankly. But, in the end- it's the truth. I like a side of ranch dressing with my french fries. And I like french fries when we go out to eat.

I asked Niece if she would like to come over one day soon and I can show her how to make my secret Ranch dressing recipe. Her eyes grew wide and said she could only be so lucky to learn the secret. In the meantime, could I just tell her how to do it?

Niece... let's see... we add a little milk.
And then some mayonnaise.
Some spices and sour cream.
That's it? -- she asked.
That's it. -- I replied.
"But, don't tell anyone, it's my secret recipe."

First thing that rascal did as soon as she got in th…