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The Kitchen!


I have to be honest, but the kitchen is too messy to photograph right now. I went to the grocery store yesterday (the first time in over a month) and spent $200- without a drop of wine. One of the managers saw me and asked if I needed a second buggy.

I told her, "Thanks, but no. That would just be embarrassing."

The grocery bags are in a bag on the floor, waiting to be tossed.

LMC and I made food for Bennie and put those little containers in the freezer... the Cuisinart is in the sink.

The girls and I went to church on Saturday night and the bulletin sits beside me- next to a rag that LMC used to blow her nose and a container of wipes. I cleaned out my car and there sits a few old bottles within olfactory distance. My stove is clean and those poinsettias that were going to look so beautiful on my front porch are an arm's length away.

Just an FYI- poinsettias are not an outdoor plant. And the berries are poisonous. They really are the perfect thing to have around …

Where do you get it from?

I was told that those lights were very expensive. Those lights made their way to a bag, that my husband meant to throw away, but forgot. Instead, that bag made it's way to the farm via his mother and then back again. We found them (after forgetting about them) in the garage and I thought to myself, "Self- let's sell those suckers."

Self went to the antique lighting store to discover it closed early for Veteran's Day, so Self headed next door to an antique store to see if she could tell me anything about them. While I waited, I perused the lovely china, the lights, and the pieces of furniture I could not afford, discreetly making my way back to the clearance bin. Lovely things in my price range, I poked around and found four packs of chocolate brown hemstitched linen napkins- each containing four. The oversized ones-- those ones that are like blankets when you are sitting at a fancy meal. I remember being a kid and eating dinner at the country club and wrapping my…

Six you say?

I suck at getting splinters out. Even with tweezers.

I went to the oldest high school in the southeast. King George chartered it. It opened its doors in 1783. President George Washington attended the commencement of the class of 1791. I can recite those two facts from memory.

Walking is my favorite mode of transportation.

I am not organized, however, I have excellent organization skills.

I know how to foxtrot. Not to mention the waltz, tango, and the polka.

Every night, when I tell the girls good night, I promise them that I will try and be a better mother tomorrow.

I am a closet lover of blues music.

I joked so much with Husband about naming Bennie 'Sowega Colquitt (pronounced: Sew-We-Ga Call-Quit),' that the name actually started to sound like a good choice to me.

When I was pregnant with LMC, I consulted my doctor about using acupuncture in lieu of an epidural. I was that scared of the big needle. Reality caught up with me. It was not until I sat and typed this do I realize…

You can google anything

Several years ago, my neighbor and longtime friend, Charlsie, showed me how you can text a question to "G-O-O-G-L-E" and get an answer.

"Cessna airplane" goes out and prices come back. In case you were curious, back in 2007, Cessna airplanes were going for about $18k, if memory serves correctly. I'd get bored at night, and with my unlimited texting capabilities- I'd text to Google and get responses.

What did I do with my time before children?

As technology advanced, so did Google's capabilities.

We got a new housekeeper. Her name is Katie and she is really sweet. She is young, hardworking, and trying to put herself through school while supporting her two year old daughter. I really like her. One of the things we agreed on was that I would supply all the cleaning supplies.

Now, let's be honest- the last time I actually went shopping for cleaning supplies instead of the occasional Windex was probably around 2002 when I was moving out of my college apa…

A moment

We packed our bags last week, left home to head home. My mom said over and over that we should  leave the kids with them- it'll be easier to get around the city without one or even two children who have to have their hands held, their diapers changed, their bottles fixed, their potty breaks reminded.

I told her she was crazy. I didn't know what I would do in the city without them.

We loaded two rolling bags, one Minnie Mouse bag, a diaper bag, and a bag of toys onto the airplane and pointed northward. It was amazing to see the lights of the city through my little window as we touched down by the Potomac. The air felt a little lighter. Husband and I held hands a little longer with LMC. Even Bennie bounced a little more happily in her carrier.

We caught a cab which deposited us at The Fairmont in Georgetown. Pretty swanky and definitely the most kid-friendly hotel we have ever stayed. Husband looked at me as we pulled out of the airport and said, "Damn, it feels good to be …