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We Bought A Bed

There are few things in this world that I love more than old things. Okay, and let's be honest- wine. I love wine and old things. And silver. And china. And, well, I love a lot of things.

The point of this is that I really like antiques. And I like wine.

The Hometown Historic Society has an annual benefit that used to be called Antiques and Wine. Now, it's called Perfectly Aged. The first time I saw the invitation, I called Husband and said, "What about this doesn't have US written all over it?!" We went. We bought a desk. Zingo took us home. It was super fun.

This is our first time back in three years and we were obnoxiously excited about Antiques and Wine/Perfectly Aged. Bennie and LMC made plans to have a spend the night party at my parents house. Husband and Wife programmed in a cab number in the cell phone.

My mom dropped us off at The River Room.

We're classy like that.

Since we're being honest, let's just throw all the cards out on the table. W…

Our favorite babysitter

Yesterday, I totally nerded out and put Bennie in an orange tutu. It was an impulse buy, let's be perfectly clear about that. But, every little girl needs an orange tutu, right? She's in her tutu and I find her smocked Easter bonnet.

We were trying to take some pictures so I could subtly brag as to how precious my peanut is.

It wasn't going so well. There were no "blow the doors off" good-looking pictures. Alas, this is what we got...

Not bad, but not awesome.

Then, our favorite babysitter dropped by to give kisses and get slobbered on. Totally made Bennie's day. No more was she interested in holding still for Mom, rather she wanted to play with her best buddy.

She is awesome.

The Dining Room

Oh, the dining room. That place where you get to put all your pretty stuff. That place where family dinners are held for special occasions and happy memories are made. The table gets set, the lights get low, and it makes something already wonderful just a little better.

I really like a dining room. Almost as much as I like a living room-- but very close to how much I love my pantry.

The dining room is still a work in progress, but it's at a place where I feel comfortable sharing it for the millions tens of you out there who are curious as to what this turquoise room looks like.

This is what it looks like from the foyer:

There are heavy bi-fold doors that separate the space between the foyer and the dining room. That white door on the right of the picture leads into the kitchen (we won't be there for a while). The dining room table is new to us-- having been in my in-laws dining room for an eternity. The old table that stretched out to seat 64 came from "the old family hom…

The Mudroom and the Pantry... Part II

I just want to remind you, or if you are just joining this fiasco...

this is what the playroom looked like during construction...

A little different, no?

The Mudroom and The Pantry

I am on a serious roll with house pictures. The pantry is the first door on the left when you first walk in from the garage. A garage, BTW... that neither car fits can fit inside. Both my Tahoe and Husband's (NEW!) Tundra are too tall for the garage door. Sigh.
This is what you see when you open the door with bags of groceries and a baby in a carseat:

Not bad, right? I like it. At some point we will need to replace the door. We tried pulling off a "God Bless America" sticker. Turns out, peeling off a patriotic sticker is like trying to throw away something Religious-- it never pans out well. The sticker is coming off in microscopic pieces that get caught in the wind and, well, they just make a mess. So, G... ess.... Am...r..a will be what our backdoor guests are greeted with. 
In the mudroom are four prints, two pieces of artwork, a red beveled mirror and two galvanized buckets- one marked "Senior's" and the other marked "Junior's":

The bucke…

The Pantry

I am obsessed with my pantry. It's kinda sad the amount of time that I spend in the two rooms that encompass it-- not because there are mountains of laundry (there are), but I just really love and have a really OCD outlook on keeping my pantry organized. If I can keep the pantry clean and organized than the rest of the house will follow suit.
I like to think that, the reality is- it's the only place that LMC has no interest in messing up and Husband doesn't have to look for anything in there, as everything has a bin, a spot or a place to call home.
From the door, on the left when you walk in are shelves and shelves of both canned and dry goods. Baskets hang on the walls, there is an extra trashcan that gets a surprising amount of use and our old dining room light fixture adds a little panache in the lime green pantry.

When I ask for something from the pantry, I basically give driving directions. "The Ro-Tel is on the left, second shelf on the left side in the middle,…

Church.... with children and senior citizens

Yesterday, LMC, Bennie, and I went to Mass while Husband was on call. It was going to be great.

Going to be.

We got there in the moments before Mass started and were able to sit with my cousin, Griggs. He's the last of the back pew crew. My grandfather (his uncle) used to sit with him along with my grandfather's sister, Aunt Helen. Griggs' wife isn't able to make it to church anymore. So, he sits alone. And I wanted to sit with him.

With ... my.... children.

By themselves, they would have been fine. Bennie was audible cooing for a bottle and LMC was up and down out of her seat getting the hymnal and the missal before putting one back to get a pencil or an envelope or writing a letter to Princess Celestia, hushing Bennie before asking for lipstick that she registered I was wearing. She found the lid to Bennie's bottle and placed it on her curls before closing her eyes in prayer with her prayer cap, unbeknownst that the required mantilla went out of style with Vatic…

Getting Settled

Okay, so I have had about 544 questions recently about how the house is coming. Husband and I did the math today at lunch and about choked when we calculated just how much we have sunk into this house.

The house we shall hence-forth kindly refer to as The Money Pit.

Let's start at the beginning-- and before we get too far into this, there will be no pictures. No peeks into our life yet, but I promise, promise, promise... Megan comes next week.  When she finishes cleaning up our chaos,  When I get my act together, I will take some pictures and upload those. Promise.

I spent the better part of last weekend cleaning the grout, yes the grout, in the pink bathroom. I can now tell anyone who wants to know that baking soda and hydrogen peroxide do not clean as well as one would hope. Curses to you, Pinterest. After much research, I discovered Oxiclean, hot water, and a gallon of wine can really bring some life back to the grout. Husband asked why I was so in-tune to cleaning the grout, I…

Last Night

The past 10 days have been a reminder of Husband's fellowship schedule. It's been easy to get back in the single mom routine, but difficult having had just a taste of how the other half lives. Last night was almost legendary.

I picked up LMC, Niece, and Bennie from school yesterday and brought the three girls home. Bennie napped, Niece and LMC played. And played. And played... and played some more. They played "freeze dance," had shows on the hearth,  organized the "best cooking show ever," read books to each other, asked me to read books to them, and took turns-- yes, I said it-- took turns riding LMC's Princess bike. They played chase, blew bubbles, colored, and danced. When I say they played, I am serious- they played.

Niece was going to be picked up at 1:15, but told SIL to hold off and run more errands. She was going to pick Niece up at 3pm and I said go run more errands and do laundry. She was going to come at 4pm and I flat out said, "Don…

Good Stuff

Sitting in my turquoise living room, Robert Earl Keen is playing on my computer as I sit and type. "It feels so good feeling good again" takes me to so many places and so many people. Music has that ability and I love that.

How fortuitous that this song landed on the play list as I opened my computer, because that's where we are right now- Feeling Good Again.

The other day, I went back and reread those blogs about Brother. Those sad, difficult blogs about my hero. I told a friend that I had done so and it finally set in where we were a year ago. As an example, I wrote about how we were elated that Brother could move his arm -- no direction to his actions, but his brain could tell his arm to move- and it did.

At the time, that was the greatest news. Now, I look back and see how truly terrifying that is. When you are in the throws of a situation, sometimes the terror has to sit on the sidelines until it can be processed.

Husband said it would be at least a year before Brot…