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Because everyone needs an aunt like SIL

I'll come up with a better name than SIL for SIL- but, for the moment, SIL works just fine.

Everyone needs an Aunt SIL.

Aunt SIL's have beautiful babies and created two cousins for LMC:

And everyone needs a cousin like Nephew-- LMC looks up to him and wants to do everything like he does. It's both cute and ... hell, it's just really cute. I hope this big brother protectiveness lasts well past kid-dom and into high school and college-dom.

"Nephew! Watch me! Watch me!" Usually trying to copy exactly what Nephew did, even if it is not the most lady-like thing. An excellent example of this would be when Nephew makes flatulence noises with his hand and armpit. Boys are still boys.

Niece is no exception. "Mom, it's okay I wear Niece's clothes?" "Mom, Niece does it." "But Mom! I don't want to ______. I want to play with Niece." and so the list goes on.

Whatever Niece can do, LMC can do better and bigger and bolder and smarte…

These moments

It's been a good few days. The 'rents are in Mexico for a week while Husband and Wife have taken over their house as we try and get ours settled and ready to hold us and our two cherubs.

After taking LMC to Vacation Bible School, going to Pilates (didn't accomplish anything but make me wish the clock ticked faster. Didn't even break a sweat.) and lunch with Husband, Brother, and SIL- LMC and I headed home with MB to take care of a few chores before heading out again. A phone call to my Lawyer Friend and I am not watching my kids for ... maybe... five minutes. Why should I keep my eyes on them, we're in the same room. LMC is drawing a picture (with a Sharpie) and MB has finally stopped crying. Finally, a breather.

What I didn't know was that she stopped crying because she had exploded through her diaper and was, well, let's just say we had to change the diaper, the sheets, and her clothes, only after giving her a bath. LMC was really quiet in the corner with…

6 months

Seriously, Mom? SERIOUSLY? All I want to do is suck my thumb, chew on this little piece of paper and let life be dandy. Why must you take my picture?

Feed ME!

You'd think she's never been fed...

The Saga of the Rug

This rug, seriously. It's beautiful. And it has seen a lot of action in the last 24 hours. Hence forth, I shall refer to it as the $10,000 rug. Why? For the following reasons:

(1) It's beautiful
(2) It's massive-- like too big to have fit in our old apartment kind of massive. A grand piano used to sit on it and there was still plenty of room to play.
(3) I have no idea how much rugs cost
(4) I do know, however, that I cannot afford one
(4a) Especially one of this quality, size, and luxury

So, me and the $10,000 rug went cruisin' in the 'rents golf cart yesterday, spilling moldy old water as we were showered with fresh rain water, all the way down Main Street.

Me :  Rockstar

A few flips of the rope after backing into the garage and her beauty is once again unfurled, no longer amongst antiques... rather dad's old tools, old skis, an ancient refrigerator and window covers that he uses to "hide" said old tools and old skis.

The Rug :   In shock.

Dad has a…

With a baby on my chest

LMC is sitting on my parent's couch, playing on the iPad for longer than she should probably be allowed. MB is finally sleeping on my chest as I sit in my mom's chair.

We have been here for one week and a lot has happened.

The painters have finished.
The floors are finished.
The movers have moved us.
And Jerry is ...almost... done. He's so close.

But there was ... one... little... thing... that caused his pace to slow. Minuscule, really....

What's two feet of water in your unfinished basement going to cause? Right? RIGHT? Apparently, it's been raining in Hometown for quite some time.


That's the very definition of Very. Not. Cool.

Good news? My aunt gave us, repeat-- gave us her beautiful oriental rug from her old house.


It's pink and turquoise wound around an off-white background. It's large and would be perfect in our extremely large den.

And we stored it in the basement to keep it out of the way of the workers so they would not ruin it…

On to the Business of Living

Last walk around the Capitol. Last stop by Eastern Market for breakfast. Last walk through Union Station. Last days.
But, with a last means that there will be a first. 
This morning, I woke with the sun streaming through the curtains and a baby cooing over the monitor ready for her breakfast. After feeding her and getting dressed, MB and I headed up to our old haunt for breakfast. I told the ladies behind the counter we were moving and they wished me the best of luck, while only charging me $4.95 for my breakfast BLT. Preacher Man's wife showed up with MB's boyfriend and Mama Bits showed up with her babies in tow. 
Two seats down, there sat four older women. Not old, rather just older. They were laughing, talking, and at some point called a fifth friend on speakerphone. All five women cackling the laugh of long-lasting jokes and memories. The woman sitting closest to us asked if we met up for breakfast regularly. Such an odd question.

"Yes, as a matter of fact we d…

One Day More

I have yet to pack my bag. Looking around the house, there are few inklings that it will be vacant in a matter of mere days. Husband knows me all too well and knows that an empty house is only welcoming before we move in. Afterwards, it is full of the empty and make me overwhelmingly sad. When we moved from our old apartment to this apartment, as the things became more and more sparse there, I went in less and less to clean and move things out. Husband picked up my slack and did those last things that I simply could not.

I am happy. But I am also sad. It has not quite hit home yet. I know it will tomorrow at the airport. If you see a girl crying with a baby at Reagan, stop and say hi. Ask me what the greatest thing I experienced was in the past three years.

I'd have to think for a few minutes, but truly- learning to drive around town without a GPS is one of my greatest accomplishments. Laugh if you must, but try it sometime. Not just a new town- this new town- where there are fou…

Happy and Sad

You know, I'm trying to write a blog about why I am both happy and sad about this move. LMC is already back in Georgia. MB is at my feet and I have not been ready.

Not ready to say good-bye to great friends.
Not ready to pack.
Not ready to make changes.

Just not ready.

So, I am trying to write a blog and I keep erasing what I write because it is clear that I am very scattered right now and can't weave these thoughts into something more than a headache. I'm trying, but not succeeding.

LMC went to the farm with my in-laws and my parents picked her up yesterday to take her...


It's been nice to be quiet around the apartment and watch the rain come down.

In two days, I take a one-way flight with MB ....


Last night it seemed things were starting to fall into place. While we were eating dinner with our best friends and enjoying one of the last hot summer nights by the grill, my phone was bing-bonging and I checked my messages when we got home later that night.

A s…

Fancying myself

I fancy myself a decent photographer... the fact of the matter is, my camera takes a lot of pictures really fast. Which is good, because it is my opinion that from the many, I can find the one I want.

For instance...

A Boyfriend?

Even at this early age-- she already has her best friend...

And now-- she's got her boyfriend. We drop them in the pack/n/play (play yard? play pen?) and they both stop crying and start holding hands, finding something to gnaw on and do all those great things that babies do whenever they get together .

He's pretty handsome, no?

We'll keep him because she really is quite the fan!

Major Herb Doby

Before I even type my first word, I already know that my SIL is thinking to herself, "What is it with her and going to a cemetery?" I know it seems morbid, but I have to think about what my FIL said yesterday as we drove through Arlington-- "It's a good thing our country is less than 250 years old. Imagine how many more graves would be here." 
These men, these women-- these sacrifices they made. It gets me. Every time.
As I cross through the gates with guests who allow me to take them to Arlington, the first question is always, "What is the criteria to be allowed to be buried here?" By now, I should have it memorized- but I always have to google it.
My in-laws came in town on Tuesday for Husband's graduation. I asked if there was anything in particular they wanted to do. MIL said that she had a POW bracelet and wanted to know if he made it to the wall. She packed her $7 copper bracelet.
It's funny the things you remember. MIL said that she re…


Her favorite colors are Pink, Purple, and RAINBOW. In that order.  Now that she is four, she can jump really high. Four years try something new every day (and most days are not every day). She loves Henry Hugglemonster and My Little Pony. We disagree about wearing socks with her shoes. She does not want them and I do. Sleeping in Mama's pink shirt is the end-all, be-all of great things. She already cannot wait to be five and wakes up most every morning with the question, "Mama, am I five yet?" Her best friend is Ahn-Drew. Her udder best friend is Daddy. Mommy is just okay. Putting pahn-ties on her head makes her laugh incredibly loud. Four years old learn to swim. Her favorite drink is chocolate milk. Her least favorite is water. Mine is just the opposite. 
She's clever. Yesterday, she saw the Pedialyte at the top of a cabinet and asked what it was. I said it was for when she is sick. She promptly said she had a tummy ache. Four years old color in the lines, mostly …