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Two Months...

And no changes...

Careful what you wish for

The other day, Husband came home from work and we had a lot to talk about. Houses, finances, plans,  moving... the whole nine yards. We just needed, maybe, five minutes to toss around some things before we could set it aside and be parents again. He walks in the door, kisses for all the girls, and a few minutes of monkeying with LMC before coming to talk to me. 

Then MB started wailing and needed her diaper changed. And LMC wanted Dah-dee to open her fruit snacks. And the phone rang. MB needed to nurse. LMC's wheels fell off.
He had not been home 20 minutes and the only conversation we had involved a "hello" and a question about the other's day. 
We needed some peace and quiet. Just 15 minutes to sit down and talk to each other without a baby wailing or a toddler desperately needing attention. 15 minutes to look each other in the eye and speak on an adult level about decisions that needed to be made. 
I wished for a moment of quiet.
Days later, LMC got a cold. Runny nose …

We apparently have a spare...


Neighbors of the Year

We love our neighbors. Miss Kim and "Misser" Schaeffer moved into our old apartment and are just the two cutest little love bugs around. LMC adores Miss Kim and Miss Kim is pretty awesome with LMC. She is who I call when I think I might send my daughter to the moon.

She's a lifesaver.

So, the other day... I got a bee in my bonnet that we needed to do something nice for our wonderful neighbors. I contemplated making them a valentine day dinner... but thought that might be a little over the top. Instead, LMC and I made Miss Kim and Misser Schaeffer... and Moby the dog and incubating baby chocolate covered strawberries.

It was, surprisingly, easy. I mean, I know that seems like an obvious statement. But, it really was.

Melt chocolate




15 strawberries were dipped into yummy chocolate. Sprinkled with a little salt, they were just yummy.

14 were delivered. Hey, we had to make sure that our newest culinary adventure was not poisonous. Only to my thighs. Only poiso…

54 pages.

So, now that it is all said and done... I can tell you where I have been.

Reading a 54 page inspection report.

Remember this house?

Simply put- it not only made our hearts sing... it made them dance. The neighbors, the street, the potential.

oh the potential.
We put in an offer.

They countered.

We countered.

They countered.

We countered and stuck our feet in the ground.

They accepted.

We called an interior decorator. She saw the potential and the beauty in it all.
We called an inspector and $400 later, he started walking through the house with my inlaws.

He delivered the 54 page inspection report. We read it like teenagers read Seventeen, scouring the pages and the pictures, our hearts sinking (yet hopeful) with every turn of the bleak report. Words like asbestos, rot, exposed, and damage littered the pages. Phrases like galvanize piping, not attached to the wall, cracked fireplace, rusty water,  sealed entrances, corroded and decrepit electrical, and EPA standards made us see dollar s…

The last few

The last few days, rather weeks, have been busy. 

The baby slept.

And last night it snowed. More than an inch fell. As soon as Husband got home from work, LMC and I were bundled and ready to head out into the wintry wonderfulness. LMC ran from corner to corner screaming, "I LOVE YOU SNOW!" It reminded me that while I expect so much out of her and get so frustrated with her when she won't (flat out refuses) to put on her pants, or brush her teeth, or insists on a pink plate instead of a green one-- she's just three. She's been on this earth a quick 45 months. 
After running around and round, getting colder and colder- we finally made our way back up to the apartment where she had the last cup of hot chocolate. We warmed our feet under a blanket before Husband and Wife had beef stew for supper. 
It was a fairy tale kind of evening. 

Our last night in Augusta, Mama hosted a sip and see for MB. It was a lot of fun to see my parent's pals all in one place and all…