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House Hunters.

No, we're not going on HGTV. We are, however, moving. Follow us on our journey?

We headed to Augusta last week for, as my father would put it, "a rocket run." Husband, Wife, and child-REN hopped on a plane to head South- away from the snow and towards family. Aunt Susie picked us up the next morning to start the tour of 15 houses that we emailed her. By the end of the weekend, the list would grow closer to 20. From the original 15, we agreed on four.

This one was my favorite:

Husband said it was not on the valuable side of the street. He was right, but MAN- it is a cool house. It had a sleeping porch. I've always wanted one of those. What's not to love about a staircase like this and those Victorian details (that would be a beast to dust)...

And can't you just see this being a precious little one room guest cottage?  Imagine burying the wires, expanding the porch, updating the plumbing (it had plumbing, albeit old) and putting in a tiny copper sink and fridge…


Last Christmas, we bought LMC a Disney CD for the car. It has all kinds of kid songs on it, some of which the likes of this generation have never heard.

Like.... Ten Little Indians.
          Or Jimmy Crack Corn.
                   But, better still - Dixie is #26.

The cd has made its way into the player and out again. Yesterday, I found it stashed in the glove box and turned it on for LMC to hear Pop Goes the Weasel, her current favorite. #25 ended and #26 began.

"Mama, are they singing about my Pixie?" - my mom is Pixie.
"No honey, they're singing about Dixie. Daaah Daaah. Like Daddy."

a long pause.

"Mama, what's Dixie?"

I slam on brakes, jerk the car over to the side of the road, and whip around to stare at her in astonishment... in my mind. In reality, I kept driving. This is DC and it would be hard to explain.

What child of our generation and any generation before us does not know what Dixie is? Or rather, where? Have I failed…

Getting out

I have had a seriously serious bout of cabin fever the last few days. I've been getting out, but no where far and no where fast. And certainly not by myself. Let alone with t-w-o kids. I have made a jaunt to the grocery store, where LMC pushed the basket and we picked up M&Ms and a loaf of bread (the necessities), but otherwise- we've been to school and home again. Husband is back at work and it's been me and the diapers, the laundry, and the very busy 3.5 year old.

She'll be the first to tell you she is not three, "rather, I'm free and a HAFF!"

So, today is rainy but warm. Overcast but totally manageable. I made a decision last night, laying in bed. We were getting out of the house and heading to a museum. Even if it would kill me. Strapping on my tennies, running skirt and baggy shirt, we pile in the car and head out.

After causing a pretty serious traffic jam to get a very-much-sought-after parking spot, LMC and I held hands with MB strapped on for…

Good Days

It's been a good few days. Husband has been back at work this weekend and I, while still sleeping late, am recovering and starting to get my sea legs. I was obnoxiously proud of myself on Friday, having gotten dressed in real clothes knowing that I was not leaving the apartment. I did laundry (lots and lots of laundry), I cleaned the kitchen, I kept everyone fed --and for the most part-- happy.

So obnoxiously proud of myself.

Of course, yesterday, I paid big and spent less time being entertaining to those under 3 feet tall and more time resting (AKA- napping with Dora as our babysitter).

I even took a few minutes to take a few pictures of our newest.

When this is your Sweet Potato-- what's not to fall in love with?

She's pretty fantastic and we're pretty in love. The whole family is heading back to Augusta at the end of this month for proper introductions to the rest of the family. Husband's parents will come for a quick visit and Brother's family has cleared t…

Homeward Bound

Time stops for no man. This point of fact has been proven time and time again.

Those last days of summer-- no matter the age, swearing that each jump into the cold abyss will be the last one, rising out of the water and pushing its salty sweetness out of the way.

The first football victory of your first high school game. That moment, even if nothing is known about the sport, when the "W" has been solidified and the world seems to move just a half inch slower, it still does not stop for the cheering fans.

Seeing a man dance with his two daughters in the kitchen as dinner is prepared and the music plays on. This moment, while wanting to capture it for eternity- cannot be stopped. Time marches on.

The weeks leading up to college graduation- the weather is beyond perfect and the freshman are just starting to arrive on campus. Looking at them, you know that they are in for one hell of a ride over the  next few years and, looking back, you realize that the journey concluded all to…