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Mom's Jewelry

Motherhood has to be shameless. It has to be embraced. It has to be that thing in life that you know will keep you humble, but cannot get you down. From giving up on clean clothes and living in yoga pants for the first few weeks (months) of New Baby's life to acknowledging a date with Husband and a baby might turn into a date with Husband and a very naked baby. Sitting in church as a beautiful family can quickly turn into sitting in church covered in spit up on that black dress, and yet- remaining to the end of Mass because... well... that's what you do. Or having a kid that has an accident at the most inopportune time.

Embrace the embarrassment. Embrace the insane.

Today, I have a piece of twine tied around my neck with 12 beads on it of a smattering of colors and shapes. The necklace ain't going anywhere. It's tied tight. LMC made it for me. She also made me a spare in case I lose this one. I wear it with the five strand set of Tiffany pearls Husband gave me. I wear …

The Elf on the Lamp

The weekend before Christmas, I was at a brunch and several of us got to talking about our elves and their adventures. A friend started telling a story that I simply cannot do justice, but will try...

The dad was in charge of the elf. One night, he put the elf on a lamp-- with the light on. He wanted to make sure the kids could see it. Yeah, already-- you know where this is going.

Oh, the kids saw it.

The bottom half of Elf was charred to a crisp and the top half was Elf with that smile plastered to his face, lacking the knowledge that there would be no chance of Elf babies anymore. The kids screamed at the site of the smoking pixie. Dad ran up front to see what the shrieks were all about. Upon laying his eyes on the red clad ember, he grabbed the elf before the smoke alarm really set things off. The kids screamed louder. Parents and kids alike know the rules-- touching the elf makes him lose his magic and he cannot make his report to Santa.

Dad didn't know those rules, or maybe a…

Bigger and Louder is not always Better

I have several friends that are pregnant right now and often, I get asked about advice. (Why people ask me, I have no idea...)

Got any advice for this new mom?
Buy wine before you head to the hospital.

Got any tips on how to assemble all these baby contraptions? 
If your husband drinks, he'll figure it out.

How do you get through the afternoon meltdowns?
I count down to 5pm.

Starting to get a theme?

People have opinions- even if they are not solicited, or wanted, they have them. And everyone is an expert.

A very sweet friend, "Mary," is currently about thirteen weeks pregnant and elected to do the quad screen. Mary asked my opinion on it and I told her, point blank, that everyone will have a very vehement opinion on this- as well as everything else about your pregnancy- but you have to do what is right for you. What we did was what worked for our little family. We elected to have all the testing done. Should something be less than perfect, we wanted to be able to prepare ou…

The Living Room

Family Room... Den...Music Room...Parlor..... Living Room... whatever you call it.... We have one.

That room that cannot be found in modern homes. That room where Christmas trees hide, prom pictures are taken, engagements are made, and those valuable things children are not allowed to touch are behind lock and key. My parents have a beautiful living room. It has an ancient rug, easily over 150 years old. If I'm exaggerating, it can't be my more than 40 years. The rug they have is gorgeous. Purples interwoven with mauves and dark pinks on a faded navy background make up the ostentatiously large rug. It's so big, when the house was being built and my grandmother was buying the home- she had them remeasure the living room in order to fit this rug that once belonged to her parents.

But this blog is not about my parent's living room-- it's about ours.

And I like to call ours the music room.

The Music room, with a tongue in cheek smile every time I say it, is painted the…


I made myself a promise when it came to blogging.

There are things we will not discuss. 
We won't discuss sex. We won't discuss finances. We won't discuss politics. We won't discuss the benefits of paying with cash. We won't discuss sex. We won't discuss ill stories about anyone.
We won't discuss the monthly curse.
We're discussing the monthly blessing.
I said I wouldn't do it, but I lied.
Bennie ceased nursing a few months ago. With that, my friend returned. No big deal. It has not been consistent, it has not been pleasant. It has been one of those things that comes with life. While down here on the funny farm, my friend reared her head and said, "HELLO! Staying with the in-laws for a few days, are we? This seems like the perfect time to come visit."
My suitcase is always stocked with the necessities- wine opener, extra pair of socks, lip gloss... you know, the essentials.
I venture into the bathroom that is off of his sister's bedroo…

Christmas- on the farm

Husband grew up in a small town. Like- they still string lights from the courthouse square every Christmas kind of small town. 

This is the same town his mother grew up in- and his father. MIL walked on this same wall with her grandmother when she was a little girl. They would go see her grandfather who worked on the top floor of the courthouse in the corner office of the east side of the building. He'd wave at her from the window and give her money to buy a cherry coke from one of the two drug stores downtown.

We came down south for a bit of a surprise visit. They knew we were coming, but they did not know we would show up a day early. We are getting to rub more than just two days together down in this little town.

Yesterday, the majority of the cousins came over to help MIL and FIL decorate their tree. She'd find the ornaments of their parents and pass them off to hang them. FIL held Bennie and directed traffic.

After hanging ornaments, the kids decorated sugar cookies tha…


Niece turned five yesterday.


Five years ago, I was sleeping in a tangerine room, pregnant with a poppy and had a very broken foot. Husband dropped me off at the hospital and we sat.

And sat.

And sat some more.

Morning turned to afternoon, which then stretched into evening. It grew late and Mom said, more than once, that we were welcome to go home. I would not leave, nor would Husband. Why leave? There was a baby on the way!

And what a baby she was. The toddler could run as fast as her brother, eat more vegetables than her cousins, and sing the loudest- so her Woooo can hear her from the back. When LMC came into this world,  they instantly had a best friend in each other. Niece would crawl over to LMC on the floor and pat her head or lay down next to her, cuddling up close with her arm around her newest cousin. Of course, this first-time mother would get wide eyed and hope that this intimate moment between cousins would end expeditiously.

Niece keeps us on our toes. She is stubbo…


I love jambalaya. It's warm, just a little spicy, and so... so very good. Over the years, I have tried several different recipes, several different shortcuts, and several different ways of cooking it. There has been but one conclusion--

This is the very best recipe.

I do make some modifications, as you can tell by all the notes. Other things to mention are:

- six cloves of garlic. No less. Smash with the flat side of your knife and slice until they are very finely minced.
- more bell pepper. If I had to guess, it would be about 1/2 cup. I use the frozen, bagged variety- not because I am lazy. Rather, I am cheap. Cheap-cheap-cheap.
- Thomson's sausage is no longer in business, or at least they don't sell it anywhere that I shop. Both the Publix brand hot sausage and the Jimmy Dean 1/2 hot and 1/2 regular make for good flavor.
- 1 1/2 cups chicken is an obscure number to me. Is that three chicken breasts? Two thighs and a leg? I have no idea. A whole rotisserie chicken is w…

The Front Yard

Okay, I know the front yard is not actually in the house- but it is something that is bigger than me. There were more people involved in making the front yard become a reality.

You helped.

For that, I say, "Thank You."

Let's back up.

Remember when I talked about the back splash and the CPA put the smack down on the money tree? That morning- prior to the appointment, we met with a landscaper to see what we could do in the front yard to add depth,  making this rambling ranch house more polished and, mostly, just more finished.

We met with the CPA and as we were leaving his office, I got a text from the landscaper that told me the price. I sighed and responded that we were on a moratorium with spending on the house until further notice. He understood as he was also in the process of renovating a home.

But the front yard looked bad.
We were THE eyesore of the neighborhood.
So much work, so very much work had gone on in the inside, but it didn't matter- because people ju…

Kitchen-- before and after

I thought I took enough pictures before we started renovation... I have since learned that you can never take enough pictures when updating-- because, sometimes, you have to go back and look. You have to remind yourself how far you have come in order to keep going. Renovating a house is a beast. A financial beast, an emotional beast, a time consuming beast- but, in the end (with this house, at least) it has been worth it. We could never have afforded to buy this house move-in-ready. But, it's the way we want it, with our touches of love that make this house our home.
Now, if anyone wants to buy it... you can consider it sold! :)
Please see how far we have come in the kitchen.

these guys became...

these guys....





what was once this...

is now this.... 

Remember those icky knobs, circa 1964...


old school...