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They Say a Hurricane's a'Brewin'

Friday morning found LMC and I running late to get ready for school when my phone started buzzing. Two text messages later, I see my mother is in a bit of a panic.

Apparently, there is a hurricane headed our way.

I call a friend who confirmed what I knew- Mickey Mouse stays on her television as much as it does on mine. She, too-- clueless about this hurricane business. Mom buzzes in on the other line and starts listing off the things that I need to get today.

Today.This morning. Now. 


After Bits picked up LMC for school, I grabbed my purse and did what my mom said.

I went to the store. Right Then.

Skipping the refrigerator aisle, skipping the freezer aisle, skipping things that need to be cooked, I slowly filled my buggy with Fat-Lady-Apocalypse-Survival "middle section of the grocery store" food. Long after we are gone, those Little Debbie cakes I bought will still be sitting somewhere waiting for archeologists to find them and hypothesize they are demigods wrapped in ma…

Things I have learned in the last 18 hours

(1) Apple Cider can and will turn to vinegar.

(2) Apple Cider Vinegar, when given in a very large dose to a 3 year old, will make them throw up.

(2a) A lot.

(3) Before the vinegar will actually trigger the regurgitation, the 3 year old will give you plenty of warnings. Examples include, but are not limited to:
 (a) Telling MOTY that her stomach hurts
 (b) Asking politely (read: begging) to go home
 (c) Not wanting to play with her best pal at dinner
 (d) Crawling out of her chair and resting on MOTY's lap
 (e) Crawling over MOTY and into her father's lap
 (f) According to said father-- writhing in pain, continuing to say her stomach hurt

(4) When a toddler throws up in a Mexican restaurant with a Chinese waitress- they really don't want to clean it up (not that I expected them to)

(5) So much so, that when you ask for a mop... they'll bring it to you.
(5a) You'll have flashbacks of the kitty litter that your elementary school threw on kid yackage.
(5b) You'll g…

Apple Pickin

We went apple pickin' on Monday. The rain held off and three sets of feet ran up and down the farm looking at goats, chickens, cows, and pumpkins. I gave them a lesson on the different types of ducks we saw (mallards and teals were on the docket that day. Thankyouverymuch, Duck Hunter Husband.) LMC told her friends that her Woody has chickens.

After venturing around the farm area, we had lunch and made our way to the major goal of the day--

Picking APPLES! Mama Bits introduced me to my first full apple. And I almost ate the whole thing. Almost. Until I was picking apples and asked her what "that" was. An apple I just picked (and not eaten, thank goodness) had a large bump... that was a worm.

I screamed and threw it. Yes, I totally did. One bite later, I got rid of the yummy apple I was consuming- both my first and last.

LMC had a great time picking apples and hiding amongst the trees with her friends. We learned that Pink Ladies were the best, so those were the only thi…

10 weeks

10 weeks....
Ten weeks left of twitchy legs, wobbling to sit down on the ground and extruding much effort to get back up again.  Ten weeks left of going to bed in the hopes of "catching" ten hours of sleep.  Ten weeks left of tall glasses of milk instead of wine. Ten weeks left of wearing clothes on the right side of my closet that are a little larger. Ten weeks left of being okay with weight gain, rather than weight loss. 

Ten weeks until we have a second daughter.
Ten weeks until we count ten fingers....
        ten toes....
                    .... and see two clear blue eyes staring back at us.
Ten weeks until I start juggling two, instead of just the one.
Ten weeks until I go back to the hospital to get under the knife- this time with more anticipated fear, but a hopefully far less fearful experience.
Ten weeks and change until we take our new baby home to her Big Sister, who is already so excited about the new baby.
Ten weeks until we start changing diapers, leaky mot…

A great day

Yesterday, Husband made a decision that we needed to pack snacks, a blanket, a pink ball and head to the National Mall. Only so many days are left before it will be too cold to run around outside, he reasoned. The stroller was loaded, the little girl's shoes were on, and off we rode to spend the morning surrounded by history and sunshine.