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After School Play date

I had a sous chef the other day when we made pumpkin cookies...

Actually, I had two sous chefs. Wait, let me back up-- Thursday is my carpool day. LMC and I drive to Chinatown/Downtown to pick up our best bud, An-Ew, before driving down Constitution to Maryland to school.

Two backpacks. Two lunch boxes. Two car seats. Two smiles. Two bobbling blonde heads running, holding hands, and ready to start their day.

This past Thursday, we invited An-Ew to come home with us and play. And play. And play. And play some more. Until we decided to make yummy cookies. Since An-Ew has recently been released from the peanut jail, we decided to take this anti-allergy for a spin and make cookies that involved almond extract.

So, like I said-- I had two sous chefs in the kitchen to help me measure, pour, and prepare these cookies.

Rolling out, cutting up, and decorating cookies takes a lot of patience for a three year old. I mean, a lot. First, we have to figure out the ingredients, then measure (not to…

Getting closer

When LMC was coming along, I had a book.

Now I have an app.

My app says that I needed to have purchased diapers, wipes, layette items, etc by now. While an overachiever in the planning department, an underachiever in that actual preparedness department. We lacked such items.

Off to Target to get diapers and the like. And those tiny diapers! They are miniscule. But, we are getting closer and I thought it fitting to share a few pictures of the nursery and more- like those bottles I should have purchased weeks ago, according to my app.


Sweet Heavens, Almighty! I'm in the home stretch!

Today, oh sweet goodness, today! Today starts my third trimester.

Little MB sleeps, kicks, and generally just makes her presence known. And this pregnancy has been so very different. So, SO much better. Some days I think I might be able to do this again... and then there are those days that I have to laugh because this is tough.  Last week was my last flight to Augusta as the doctor has grounded me from long distance adventures.

Like the other day, I was in Augusta and had to call my mom to help me out of the shower. That was humbling. And funny. Not so funny that I am going into details as it truly was humbling. Those are the days I want to table pregnancy.

Or, traveling with LMC on a plane. With a belly. And she has to water her garden.

Have you been on an airplane lately? They're kinda small. And then, the bathroom is just a haha kinda funny.
It's probably 18 inches by 18 inches, not counting that silly small stainless steel b…

GD be damned!

Okay, so maybe I should have a better title that does not involve profanity. But, seriously! NO gd-GD!

Who is your daddy?

I was at lunch with a friend, what we were calling my farewell lunch as I had already determined that I would have diabetes by the end of the day.

The phone rang.

It was the doctor.

I pick it up with a, "I have diabetes, don't I?"
"Excuse me? Is this Mrs. Cagle?"
I sigh... "Yes, this is Mrs. Cagle. I have diabetes, don't I? You can tell me. I can handle it."
"Actually, no. You don't."
"SHUT! UP! Seriously?"
"Seriously. No diabetes."
"Are you sure?"
"Yep. You're in the clear."

I high-five Alice. She is looking at me while the lobsters crawl out of my ears with a question on her face. I am doing a little shimmy shake dance in my chair. The waitress passes a glance my way.

Talking to the nurse and for Alice's benefit, I say, "So- you're certain. I do NOT have g…

The Break Room

As I sit and type, I am reminded of my first days working post college. I am sitting in a small break room, surrounded by a noisy refrigerator, a water cooler, and white-white walls. A bulletin board hangs crooked above a fake plant in a faded brass bucket and signs tell me how to exit the building in case of an emergency- how to exit the 900 square foot space with four doors out, all clearly marked with bright red signs and arrows.

I am sitting and waiting. If I weren't married and pregnant. If I weren't already a mother. Rather, if I were wearing a Boy Scout uniform in the middle of Georgia, I would swear I am 10 years younger and planning a jamboree while eating lunch and giving secret handshakes to Eagle Scouts as they walked by.

When I was pregnant with LMC- I did my best efforts to hide the scenes behind the curtain, until it got to be too much. After releasing the insecurities, the fears, and the unknowns... I felt better. Now, I am aiming for the laugh, rather the cry.

Y'all! It's FALL!

I've been thinking about fall since the first really hot day. It was 99 degrees in the garage with no air circulation. LMC was showing me how she could hop in and around the car. It was hot. Damn hot, as my aunt would say.

And then, my mind drifted to cooler times known as fall. Fall is just beautiful up here. The leaves lackadaisically change from green to the colors of the season. The breeze is cool and the air is perfect hovering in the seventies. Cool enough for jeans or a long sleeved shirt, but certainly not both.

Now- here we are. The windows are open and the breeze catches in our curtains. LMC and I just got back from the roof where we snipped rosemary and branches for an arrangement. Yesterday, I pulled out a large vase and filled it with autumn ornamental balls. My little turkey runner and dish clothes are about to be pulled out and ironed before being placed on the table and oven- where they will, most certainly, get in the way.

The bathing suits are still within reach,…

Big Dreams for a Rainy Day

About a month or so ago, Mama called me and said, "I just left Costco and they have a full skeleton that I want you to buy for LMC."
You might be wondering why Mama wanted me to buy a complete skeleton for LMC. I already knew. Because she is the smartest grandmother in town. She wanted me to buy the skeleton because she wanted me to teach LMC the rest of the bones. Cool, right? 
The ones she already knows are a great parlor trick and we have a lot of fun with them- but to actually gain some knowledge, rather than to just impress second cousins and strangers on the metro would be pretty cool, too.
LMC and I dropped what we were doing and headed off to Virginia to visit our Costco.
No skeleton.
They did, however, have rain boots and a matching umbrella. And really, what does a three year really want to do on a rainy day? So, we picked up the rain boots with the money Mama had placed in my account. We called and thanked her for the Pokie-Dot-ted boots and umbrella.

Usually, wh…

We got a package in the mail

My friend, Alice, says that all wonderful things come in the mail. She's right. Mama overnighted a box of goodies for my daughters. There were jammies that glow in the dark and turtle necks for the one who has two feet on the ground. There were also tiny little pink socks that will soon hold ten tiny toes.

It makes it real. Those kicks I feel, the mood swings, sleepies-- all those things make it real, too. But, seeing those initials sewn into a little pink dress and tiny white bloomers- it makes it a different kind of real.

But, real nonetheless.

Getting Ready


First day of school, parts one and two

I just adore where LMC goes to school. The teachers are lovely. The parents are great. Everything is as fair as it can be. It is a Christian based private school where the parents volunteer in several ways. It helps keep costs down and have parents be involved.

There are duty days- I have 14 this year, volunteer jobs, and a Saturday work day. My volunteer job is to organize the teacher appreciation luncheon. I prefer the word host over organize. School doesn't come cheap either- gone are the days of Reid Mother's Day Out where we paid $80 a month. Don't ask. Just don't ask how much it costs- it's still the cheapest around and we all think it is a perfect fit for this family.

There's no peanuts, no guns (even imaginary), a blessing before lunch, and since it is so small the teachers know all the kids in all the classes. Some classes walk to the library once a week to check out books. All the kids get to go to the park for thirty or so minutes. There is an art cl…