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I have mentioned several times my true adoration for sterling flatware. I've started a pattern for LMC and am already researching what I want to do for Poppy 2.0 (that would be new baby, until I can come up with a nifty nickname for her).

Let me back up...

Once upon a time, I was in college and met a boy. His mother was a genealogy expert. After becoming friends, she offered to help me find some of my history. Within days, she knew more about my family than my family knew about my family... considering that most everyone was dead, except for my father- she accomplished no small task what with all the marriages, divorces, children, and both land and time that was traveled amongst my people.

My grandfather died less than 2 years after his brother. His brother, Horace, died without a will- en testate? Is that the term? So, everything that was of the Merrys did not go back to the Merrys, rather... his wife got it all. Sallie Berry Merry. How's that for a name?

She discovered that …

Totally Bragging

Not too long ago, I read on a friend's blog that she once received advice about raising a family. (Advice about child rearing or families- unless sough out- should typically be ignored and avoided... in my humble opinion) The long and the short of the advice was that you, as a single family unit, should take a family vacation once a year. It does not have to be extravagant or fancy- but it should be an opportunity to gather as a family and make memories... as a family.

I clearly remember taking family vacations with just my brother and my parents. I also remember taking vacations with my mom's three sisters... their husbands... and children... my grandparents... and great aunts long since widowed... the bourbon flowed like water. Those were fun, too- but a different kind of fun than when it was just mom, dad, and us.

Husband and Wife have spent a long time talking about how LMC's world is about to be flipped upside down. Not only is she gaining a sister in just a few shor…

Some things I love

I love history.
...and cooking.
...and cookbooks.
I love old things.
...and old pots and pans.
...and I adore old silver patterns.

I hate antique wedding clothes.
...they give me the willies. (When I was getting married- a second cousin twice removed brought over the "Merry family dresses" -while beautiful- I had to try them on and my skin was positively crawling up and down at the site of the one from the early 1800s. That being said, I did get to try on the wedding skirt of [name escapes me] who married the governor of South Carolina when he was in office. While cool, I still got a little heebie jeebie and felt a lot like Ralphie in the pink bunny suit. Now, the custom silk number from Saks in New York that was about 100-130 years old with long sleeves and just a touch too small-- that one, I could have handled... had I been able to get it around something other than my left thigh.)
I hate old baby carriages. thought wedding clothes gave me the willies? You should s…

Ladies Day

Our day started out a little rocky. After waiting for 45 minutes at the pediatricians office, Nurse Ratchet called us back. She had a tray with one shot. I had prepared LMC for four shots and a blood draw. One shot looked a little surprising to me.

"Sit her on the table. She needs a TB test."

"No she doesn't, she needs four shots and a lipid draw. We had a TB test last year."

"No. She needs a TB test. She don't have one in her chart."

(ignoring the grammar, I kindly continue) "Um, I think there might have been a break down in communication he--"

"No. She is three and we don't give vaccinations at three."

"All three year olds?"

"No. Not all three year olds," she says with much more sarcasm than I thought necessary-- coming from someone who is a pretty big fan of sarcasm, she continues"We don't give any vaccines at the three year old well visit."

"We aren't here for a three year old …

She has a name

Monograms are important to me. When naming children, a concern I have is that the monogram will be balanced and the letters are pretty. Yes, I am crazy. When someone tells me the name of the new or impending child, in my mind I picture the monogram and either make the compliment of, "Oh! That'll be a beautiful/strong/handsome monogram!" ... or I keep my trap shut.

It is because of this little nuance about me that Husband was able to narrow down my list of girl names by three. Three "T" names were struck for this reason and this reason alone. The "T" could not balance with the "C."

I kid you not.

(Two of those "T" names were also stricken from the list as Husband really, really hated them. I like to think it was the monogram. He likes to think we wears the pants in the relationship. Potato... pa-ta-toe)

But, from the start- I wanted this little lady to have a little panache. A little sass. A little innocence of a devil in her.

My gr…

Some things are too cute for words

I should post fewer than thirty one pictures.

Really, I should.

But, when one takes over 400 pictures

 in a 45 minute window...

And then slices those four hundred some odd down

to a mere seventy something. 

I think keeping this post under 40 pictures is doing pretty dang good...

If you ask this very proud mother. 
But, the good news is... 

When she is this cute...

And loves ballet this much...

And is obviously the cutest kid in the class...

you out there in cyber space, 

probably don't mind 

taking thirty seconds