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Homeward Bound

Husband, Wife, and Child are sitting in the Augusta airport, having booked our flight in the late hours of last night- a stark contrast to the wee hours of Monday morning. While the price did not change, the situation did.

As I sit and type with a storm looming in the oversized windows, Brother is packing his bags. They are removing heart monitors, detaching wires, and giving SIL strict instructions that involve low salt, no alcohol, no swimming, and lots-- LOTS-- of rest. The doctor said a second time politely, but firmly, no visitors. Just because he is being discharged does not mean there is not healing that still needs to take place.

It was a surreal moment earlier this afternoon when Brother pitched the idea to the doc if he could be sprung today. She responded with a, "I don't see why not..." and just like that, we were on the way off the fourth floor and out of the hospital.

Husband and Wife were dumbfounded watching the  magician with his old charm wave his wand.…

A Quiet Day

On one hand, I want to extend an apology-- something along the lines for not updating sooner. But, on the other hand, we have to assume that no news is good news. And, in this case- how 'bout we hope that is the case? 
Yesterday, Mama informed me that I was getting my hair cut and colored today at 11am. I went in kicking and screaming, as all I wanted to do was be near my brother. A surprising level of comfort can be found in those straight back chairs by the elevators. The constant flow of doctors, nurses, people, and deliverymen find a repetition that is both comforting and calming. If I could spend the night here, I probably would. 
But, Mama made orders and I knew better than to question them. Husband dropped me off before heading out on an adventure, just Daddy and Daughter. A message from the same woman who booked this appointment let me know that Brother had a bad headache.
My feet start twitching under the smock. 
Under the dryer, Brother asks to see LMC at some point toda…

Short. Sweet. To The Point.

More tomorrow, but I have to say something quick...

The cath was clear. The block in the circumflex artery they were concerned about was only blocked by 20%. According to Husband, "That's nothing." Apparently, when it comes to the heart- 20% is equal to 0%. Math was never my strong suit.

That being said- there is still a problem. They start tomorrow trying to fix his kidneys.

More good news- he is gaining some feeling back in his left side.

It's the little things, SIL texted us just a moment ago. As mom, dad, Husband, LMC, and I sat around the kitchen table, each in our own world and each thankful for the same and for different reasons, we saw the message-- "Brother's back itches!"

Count your blessings. Hug your people. Say good things to both the good and the grumpy. Scratch your back.



PS- I am having a hard time not thinking of the flux capacitor when they kept saying circumflex artery. Compound that with the fact that when Brother was in t…

The Waiting

We have relocated waiting rooms and Brother has just been taken back for his cardiac catheterization (that would be the "heart cath" I've been mentioning) that should take an hour and a half. So, we three sit. And we wait.

Yesterday, his nuclear test left him drained and the feeling of sliding backwards. Almost ashen and words slurring, he crawled into bed with a swollen arm. SIL and I remade his bed with fresh sheets in record time while the nurse inspected the swelling. At that same moment, one of Brother's friends and his former doctor came through to check in on him. Deeming the swelling nothing more than a moment's sensation and temporary situation, we thanked him for the reassurance as he left.

Last night, his doctor came through and asked question after question about how Brother felt and what he thought. Something along the lines of "If nothing is found in this test, then the test is perfect. We like for it to be negative." But that intuitive br…

A super fast one

I am going to go into the nuts and bolts of it when I have a few more minutes and can collect both my thoughts and the medical jargon (a la Husband) needed to give a thorough update over the last 24 hours- all positive.

BUT, how can I not share good news when news is good?

Last night, several things happened.

First, Dad took his turn at the wheel- spending the evening at the hospital with Brother. And Dad has this certain "Dad" quality that you just can't ignore. He can shake magic out of almost any tree. Past our bedtime, my phone buzzes softly beside me lighting up my darkened room. It is a picture of Brother, sitting up in the bed... smiling. Smiling that smile that is known and loved throughout the lands. Smiling that smile with both sides of his lips curved in that devilishly upright twist - the one that can't be resisted.

That smile that makes your heart melt- the one that has not been 100% since Sunday night. That smile.

Second, this morning we received a blo…

the Good and the Bad of it all

Saints come in all forms. The lady at the counter who says water is free- not what would you find in DC, or the charge nurse who gives you a smile and says your brother is charming.

Charming? Imagine how he would be if he were not laid up having just had a stroke. Charming? You have no idea. 

The PA who has a smile on her face, or the specialist that takes more than forty five seconds to explain the big words- those are all saints in my book.

The family friend, who came by to deliver casseroles and ends up spending the night to help with the kids, answer the phone, and maintain the low level of chaos- that is a saint. The friend who has not been spoken to in months calls, calls, and calls asking to be helpful- and being sincere- another saint.

The clients, counterparts, and comrades who are praying to their Higher Power for a man they have not met- saints.

We get to see the good in so many people as the bad in this world can help bring it out and make the sun shine.

The good of it is t…

My mind is a-jumble

I have started two different blogs. I have tried to get it right- convey it all. Convey it none. Paint a positive picture. Paint the emotion. I have failed. The bottom line is, my brother is ill. I have spoken before of how he is my champion, my heart, and the glue that holds me together when times are tough. He is my baby's godfather and was her baby whisperer- holding her in his big arms and making the incessant crying cease when she was no new to this world. He is my common sense, my game planner, and all things wonderful. And he is sick. Two days ago, he suffered a moderate stroke that was precipitated by a minor heart attack. Did you know that my brother is only 2 years older than me? 2.5 to be exact. He turned 34 last week. Currently, we are sharing a room noisy with the silence. It is quiet with the ticking of the wall clock, the swelling of the blood pressure cuff, and the monitors readjusting every few seconds. As it can be, he is as well as can be expected. Within inches of him…

What really makes the fire bad...

I wasn't going to say anything, but really... let's just admit it:

I should not drive. Period.
The donation basket will be passed for the salary of my chauffeur. That'd be nice.  And the thing is-- I'm not a bad driver; because of all the tickets I have received over the years- I don't speed anymore.

Well, no more than 3 miles over. Except for the handful of times when the speeding camera dings me and I get a $200 ticket in the mail for going 7 miles over. BTW- the minimum speed the cameras can detect is.... 7 miles over. Sweet.

Or, like the time I ran into the side of a bus. Should I mention that I sideswiped a building once? It's a very common place where cars sideswipe the corner of this building on a pretty regular basis. This dingbat used to scoff at those bad drivers.... not anymore.

Maybe I should just drive a padded car with bad gas milage that's high off the ground and cannot go over 30 mph. It would have to be a very bright color, so other cars cou…

Wrap me in asbestos

Let's start by saying, it was only a small fire. I didn't even need the fire extinguisher stashed in the cabinet behind the cleaning supplies. I'm contemplating moving it out of there and next to the salt, olive oil dispenser, and bucket o' tools. Mah, it might not go with my ambiance. 

So, where was I? Right-- small fire. 
Because of the rain, the pool plans were cancelled. Which, I get-- but I kinda want to blame my goober friends for not having a sense of adventure-- it's a pool after-all... So today became... Costco day! LMC and I load up in the car drive to Virginia and unload. On the way, a phone call reveals that my brother has salmonella. Ew. Up and down the aisles, picking up prepackaged this and discounted that. Croissants, lobster ravioli, sliced cheese... it all gets loaded into the cart where LMC keeps stacking things around her. 
$189 later, we reload and head home to the 100 degree garage. All of my "cold" items are in two large boxes and L…

Happy Birthday, Uncle Brother!

Mom said we needed to make Uncle Brother a birthday cake. I could not agree more.
(Mom knew on this beautiful day, there were few things that would keep both of us entertained in the apartment without killing each other)

Mom knows how much I like cake batter... and icing. And helping in the kitchen.

I am a really big help. I can crack eggs, measure and pour water.... and keep the bowl clean.

But then again

What's mine is yours, but then again... what's yours is mine.

I have said it before and I will say it one hundred more times before we pack up-- I have some wonderful friends. When we get together there is a silent understanding amongst both the children and the moms--

What's mine is yours. Lunch, babies, wine, chips, diapers, and towels-- there really is no limit.

Six children are easier to watch with six eyes verse one, two, or three children with two eyes. Going to the pool yesterday by myself, it was the little things that I missed about this understanding- like when I needed to get some water and LMC did not want to leave the pool to go with me. Or when I really, really had to use the restroom (which happens a lot when one is with child)- LMC was not interested in being helpful and coming along for the fun of it.

It's easier. It's just easier. I cannot explain why it is easier to slather up two girls with sunscreen at the same time instead of the one or why fr…

Be still my beating heart


Just stop what you are doing.

Right. Now.

Be prepared to start drooling and check this out:

Bon Appétit inspired this girl to get a little crafty in the kitchen today. And by kitchen- I mean patio. And by patio- I mean rooftop. And by rooftop- I mean grill. And by me- I mean Husband. I prepped- he cooked.

Get this- do you know how easy it is to make grilled flatbread? Seriously? DO YOU?!

Dazzle your friends. Impress your husband- hell, impress your wife. Husband and Wife are about to embark on a whole series of flatbread adventures. With the easiest recipe, ever. Period.

So, step back. Grab your flour. Get ready.

Flatbread - sent from the Gods to all hostesses that like to casually impress and say things like, "Oh? This? This was nothing." -
4 cups AP flour, divided 1 tsp. salt 1/2 tsp. yeast 1 1/2 cups warm water 2 tbsp olive oil/EVOO
Yep. That's it. 
Start by making a sponge (I sound fancy, right?) -- proof the yeast in the water for about five minutes in a la…

Last Night

Husband was on call last night. At 2:32 this morning, there were ear piercing screams. My eyes flick open.

"I stuck."

That'll get you moving, real fast.

Out in the hallway, there she was- clutching her giraffe "innie" (blanket), a heavy feather down, and two friends. The down had pulled the door closed and she could not move forward without having to let it go, which was not going to happen.

Down on my knees, she falls into my lap, openly sobbing.

"Sweet Potato, what's the matter?"
"I just want to get in your bed with your blanket [the white down]."

Normally, this is a hard and fast rule in the Cagle household. The answer is NO. Buttttt, Husband was on call. It was thundering. It was cold in the apartment (we keep it at 63 in the evening). I was a sucker.  I had 30 lame excuses why she should get in bed with me- though all I needed was one.

"Well, that's no reason to scream. I already have a white innie on my bed. Grab your frien…

Blog 3.1

Sorry about this... but I completely forgot the best part about the Fourth of July...

So, there we were-- a family of three watching the fireworks and LMC clapping her hands, unable to contain herself, saying, "BIG BOOM! Mama! BIG BIIIIIIGGGGG BOOM! Daddy, LOOK!"

Once they concluded, we turned around to watch fireworks in all directions popping off from twelve stories below. LMC slowly started to wind back down into Husband's shoulder. After the fireworks started to fade, we rounded up our gear and made our way back to the seventh floor. Husband said, "I don't want it to end. Let's open the windows!"

Our sofa sits under a large window facing the Basilica. The past two years, Husband and Wife have sat on the balcony watching the fireworks go off around the Basilica after the show upstairs. Having no balcony in our new apartment -- and no complaints about this -- Husband, Wife, and LMC sat with our knees on the sofa and our noses pressed to the glass. Lik…

Four Blogs

I should have posted these as they happened, but... things are busy around here. Sorry.


July 3rd found LMC and MOM in the kitchen preparing our Fourth of July menu which including homemade strawberry ice cream and baked potato salad. Baked potato salad because it has bacon, scallions, and sour cream. Yum.

 Homemade strawberry ice cream is one of my most favorite things. While not a raging fan of strawberries, nor of regular strawberry ice cream-- combine the homemade bliss with sugar, cream, and vanilla and toss in fresh strawberries... Holy Mackerel, not to be missed.

We cooked. I took pictures.

I sliced strawberries. She ate strawberries. I measured sugar. She poured sugar. I sliced more strawberries. She ate more strawberries. I measured milk and cream. She poured milk and cream. I sliced even more strawberries. She ate even more strawberries.

As the ice cream percolated in the ice cream maker, I cooked bacon. She ate bacon as she licked the ice cream spoon. A perfect com…