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Catching her in the act

Since being pregnant, I've had to give up a bunch... sushi and wine are at the top of my list. I've also lost my late night abilities, the non-crankies, and other things that just go in the box of pregnancy.
Giving up has also caused me to give up giving up gluten. The idea of a GF bread sandwich just sounds... nauseating. And, I miss cheez-its. I really missed those crackers that were made for the gods. 
And sub sandwiches from Publix. Man, I have missed those.
Banana bread is one of those things that I love. Not just love, but Le Love. As does Husband. As does LMC.
My face hates me- what with the sunscreen, sun, gluten, and pregnancy. It's red and I'm more susceptible to have a heat wave (where my face turns purple) But, my taste buds are saying, "SWEET JESUS! Where have you been?!" I can live with the not so beautiful face. I can't live without sandwiches.
Today, I was getting some work done on my computer and was able to "secretly" catch LM…

Morning Time

My bed time is shortly after LMC's these days- which is good, because her rendezvous with the day is anywhere from 6:27-6:42.

My alarm clock is a solid thud of her short pink stool in the hallway followed by a soft pitter than a little patter as she steps up. A click, click, click ensues from the three light switches for the den. A second thud, a second pitter and patter, and then three more clicks as the lights in the kitchen illuminate her morning.

A soft hop off the stool and she runs back to her room to grab a friend for Husband.

LMC steps out of her bedroom again. I imagine she looks up and down the hall before the pittering and pattering are in high gear running into our room and finds Husband on his side of the bed.

"HI Daddy! I brought you [insert name of whichever friend she chose here]"
"Hi LMC," He says with grogginess, "Do you want to climb up?"
"Yes, please."

And so starts our morning.


Can you see it? I sure can. 

What it means

Often I can be found in Arlington Cemetery. I think it is a wonderful place that keeps me very humble. The names etched give me pause and I wonder what their life was like.

How did Casper die? What kind of mother was Annie? Albert outlived both his wives and the three of them are together for eternity in this sacred ground- would the two women have liked each other? The infant twins of the McAlister family died within four months of each other at the very young age of six. What happened? So many men were buried with the starboard date within the 1940s -- World War II and the 1960s -- Vietnam.

Who visits these departed men and women?

I had the honor and pleasure of taking my aunt and uncle to Arlington this past weekend to give them the highlights tour- starting the with the Confederate memorial, over to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, into the coliseum, a stroll through Robert E Lee's home, down to JFK and the eternal flame, before finally wrapping up in the quiet rolling green h…

Cagle 2.0

It has been confirmed that we are not having twins. 
I asked. Twice.
LMC, on the other hand, has said more than once that there is a baby Brudder AND a baby Seester in there. Thus my inquiry to the ultrasound tech. Twice.
She did two sweeps and confirmed that there is only one with an estimated arrival of December 28. This will be a Georgetown baby.
Currently, there are finger paintings of LMC's taped to our fridge with the tiniest square set aside for Cagle 2.0 and their little grainy black and white images tracking their growth. 
Things are busy around here. Like the goldfish- we got a bigger fishbowl and had to fill it.

This Morning

My eyes fluttered open sometime before 7am-- not long before, though. I heard a little pitter patter of bare feet in the hallway. I roll over in my empty bed, nestled under a large feather blanket and surrounded by large pillows. Instantly, sleep overtakes me again.

What I thought was ten seconds later was actually about 40 minutes. Curiously, I look around. Is LMC awake or did I just dream those noises?

"LMC?" I call out.

"Hi, Mommy!"

"Come here, please," I say.

Rapid pitter patter from around the corner and the little three year old runs into my room-- covered in white powdered sugar.

"Well, hi there."

"Hi, Mommy! Guess what?"

"You had donuts for breakfast?"

"YEAH! One-Two-Three-FOUR! Four donuts!"

Still in my bed, it dawns on me that I cut off all the lights in the house before I went to bed. They are not that way anymore.

It appears that LMC woke up this morning, flipped the lights, made herself breakfast, and d…

And.... 9 days later


Here I am.

Sorry about that, but a lot has happened.

Miss Lucile passed away last week. Husband's grandmother. One of those sweet ladies who defined what it meant to be a belle. I wrote a blog about her. And erased it.

I wrote another one.
And erased it.

I wrote one in my head as I tried to fall asleep in the bed of Husband's youth... and then fell blissfully asleep; my cultivated words dissolving around me.

Sometimes, the blogs come to me. A sentence pops into my head and the words take shape. Other times, well, let's just say that writer's block is real and it's a real pain. I did not feel right sharing my memories, my moments with Miss Lucile as if she were mine or as if I were one of her seven grandchildren. She was only a part of my life for just a blip- five quick years.

I loved her during those five years. And I love her for raising my FIL and being influential on Husband's life. And I appreciated her.

The world is a better place because of her. I wo…