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I'm hiding.

Currently, I am hiding in my (messy) bedroom. My bed is clean and well made, thus, I am hiding in an oasis of comfort. There are boxes upon boxes and baskets upon baskets. The apartment smells like paint and LMC is in her crib, where she has been for longer than I should tell you... singing. Not napping. Singing. I needed her to nap. Badly.

I need to be packing. Desperately.

Instead, I am sitting on my bed, pretending that this weekend is not two days away and this place is much, much further along than it really is.

In typical Wife fashion, the pantry is completely cleaned out, boxed up and waiting to be moved. One rug is rolled up. The big pieces are almost emp... I take that back, two of the three big pieces .... no, wait. That's not right either.

One large piece is completely empty.
One large piece is almost empty.
One large piece is not at all empty. But the rug underneath it is gone.

Books are piled in laundry baskets. Framed pictures are in bags. Bags are in bags.
A book sh…

HIghlights of the new apartment!


390 more square feet

We are moving-- and we are really excited. We aren't excited about the ha-ha funny increase in rent, but are definitely excited about the new apartment. Two doors up starting next week with an extra 390 square feet for us to stretch our legs.

Two bedrooms!
Two bathrooms!
A den!
A dining area!
A living area!
A walk-in pantry!
Two closets in the master bedroom!
Lots of windows!
A washer and dryer room!
Six closets!
A Butler's Pantry!

Pictures to come... The Cagles relocate next week!


Our right now ONE

How do you know? As a parent when your  little one finds their "One" ... how do you know? Do you know it before they know it? Do they know before you? Are there many false starts? Are there actually many "ones"? Do those false starts make us better parents and them better members of society- as both an adult and child? Are those children able to make those decisions (even as adults)? How do you let go and let them decide?

Am I ready for this?

Lucky for me, I don't have to be. YET.

One day, maybe the future SIL will be like Mr. Mobile and take her to the bench in the garden by her family's church.
Maybe he'll be like LMC's daddy and ask at the beach.
Maybe he'll be like LMC's uncle and ask on her birthday with the family all around. Maybe this future son-in-law of mine will branch out on his own and take her to a park... or the river... or an open field with wild flowers. Maybe they'll run off like Uncle Shaw and Aunt Bev.

And, maybe he&#…

Spring Break for thirty-somethings

Lesson #1...
When antiquing with the Prom Queen, cute flats are not what should be on these feet. 

Lesson #2... When antiquing with the Prom Queen, we will be traipsing through mud, pillaging through barns, and otherwise getting dirty. Dress appropriately.

Lesson #3... When antiquing with the Prom Queen, teach your 2.5 year old ahead of time that it is okay to water the garden outside of a garden as long as you are actually in a garden. (because the portable gardens will be beyond icky and smell like old lady fertilizer)

The Prom Queen & SCSH are my two most favorite ladies in the whole wide world. They are cut from a special cloth and are just wonderful. No other adjectives needed.

Last month, Prom Queen called me with this hair-brained idea that we should go antiquing. Always up for an adventure, I signed on. She researched. She called. She planned. I was along for the ride. Friday we woke up bright and early, got our work done, packed and after spending the morning in New …

That's what I call a meltdown...

See that leaf on the right??

It's kinda hard to see... but, here's the problem... the wind caught it.

It took to riding the breeze. LMC was not a fan.

When I say "Not a fan," I mean she was seriously hacked that there was a leaf in her way that had taken taken to being airborne. Feet stomping, screams bellowed, she takes off running, tears streaming down those sad little cheeks.

Yeah for outings?

Has it really been a week?

Well, It's been a busy 6 days- not that it is an excuse.
I went to my first sewing lesson. I have made two dresses since.

I cooked my first Sunday dinner.

I made mustard greens for Husband. He loved them. I didn't try them. Too green for me. I called Mom and she promised to come up in June to teach me how to blanch butter beans so we can be stockpiled this winter.

I learned not to follow Martha Stewart's ideas on what gravy is. She's an idiot.
We went to the Baltimore Aquarium.

It snowed. A lot. But, nothing stuck. Sadly.

LMC got sick... and stayed that way. She was pretty cracked out on fever, Tylenol, and Motrin.

I made chili. I hate chili. Rephrase: I hateD chili. Further rephrase: I still hate chili, unless it is made to my exact specifications. Remember, I'm a picky eater.

I started writing a book, thanks to the inspiration of my very funny friend, Princess Flibbertigibbet. I seriously doubt anything will come of it, actually, I have to finish the damn thing f…

The Laundress of the House

Though a Home Ec degree hangs in Augusta, GA with my name on it, Domestic Goddess I am not. I am just starting to get the hang of this coupon business and have had more successes than failures in the sewing of buttons. They aren’t pretty, but they aren’t going anywhere, either. Our bed is so well-made bed that my mother would question the authenticity as to who actually made it. Her daughter never made her bed. The throw pillows seem to fall into place over the coverlet. The table will always be set to die for with forks and spoons in the assigned spots, exactly measured of equal distance from the plate- with a tape measurer. (thank you, Mama) Walls can be painted, pictures hung, and linens ironed- all with this left hand dominance. I’m actually getting a handle of vacuuming.  There are sewing lessons in my future. Sewing! Who knew?  But- there is a lacking expertise- laundry. Don’t get me wrong, I get it- laundry in, water on, squirt the soap, close the lid. Evacuate wet laundry to dryer…

Hot Child in the City

What do you do when your little one has a fever? One of those pathetic days where they are curled up in Mama's bed, drinking orange juice and watching Mickey Mouse... what do you do?

When the day is going to be 55 and gorgeous? And there is a future of healthier days in sight?

You jack those little ones up on Tylenol & Motrin, grab your best buds who are equally feverish and go to the zoo. That's what you do... at least in the city.

And slowly, very... very slowly you start to see the fever-y whines diminish at the discovery of walls to climb... 

And little brother tries to do everything big brother does, but his height hinders him from climbing walls and leaping off in a single bound....

So, Little Brother takes a page from Big Brother's book... and plays hard to get with LMC... which is cool, because LMC learned about this hard-to-get business, too.

We keep them fully hydrated with lots of orange juice and pretend that those red cheeks are from running around and NOT…