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catching up

I have a baby sleeping in her bassinet.
I have a baby resting with her (sleeping) father on the couch as they watch Toy Story.

So, perhaps I should take this opportunity to update the blog.


Cagle- party of four.  Woah. Those words are slightly surprising.

But, man oh man- are they great words to say.

A family of four.

Turns out that due date of 12/21 was accurate- just the time was a little off.

Friday found us at the doctor's office with the knowledge that we were heading to the hospital. Friday being December 14- not December 21. My blood pressure was up, my platelets were down, and I was beyond ready. Turns out, I had "white coat syndrome" -- which meant that my blood pressure was up with the anticipation of it being up.


More blood work and a second appointment on Monday- December 17. If my BP was still high and platelets still down, then I would be heading to the hospital. Monday morning was hectic. LMC and I had a battle of wills. I broke down and knocke…

Not my best angle, but keeping it real.

No kidding, I'll be the first to say that this is pretty bad. But-- let's keep it real, child birth ain't pretty.

And I had just dog cussed the anesthesiologist. Who wasn't intimidated by this little thing in pink and white polka dots.

And my dashing husband, with our newest.... He handles childbirth much better than me:

I'm going to write more soon

I feel bad that this blog is not well thought out, but I do feel like I need to let ye few but faithful out there know the following vital information:

(1) MB is here. She came at the crack of dawn to a very scared mother and a very calm father. I actually cussed at the anesthesiologist in the minutes following getting into the operating room- where I was laughing... and then crying, only before cussing.

(2) Brother has a name to go with the problem with his kidneys. FSGS is the burden he now carries. More on that later, but know that he has forward motion and forward motion is about as wonderful as you can ask for these days.

(3) We got home yesterday and I ....overdid it.... just a little bit (lot).... Today, well, today I have been sitting on the couch, intermittently napping and letting my mother and my husband carry the weight of Christmas. LMC opened presents and presents... and more presents. Over two hours later, we were still opening presents. This was the first Christmas tha…

I thought...

Today would be the day.

It's not.

Not a Baby Post/So Much for taking a break

Brother and I grew up going to a Catholic school. When Brother was in eighth grade, I was in... fifth? sixth? Maybe fifth. Pointless to the story, though. Brother was in eighth grade and the church was being renovated. Because of the renovation, the school had to get creative with First Friday Mass. One month we had it in the cafeteria. Another, we went down and had mass with the inner city Catholic school.

But this was May! This was the last First Friday Mass of the school year. This was a beautiful day and Fr. Costigan, straight from Ireland, and Sister Kathleen decided that Mass could be held, not just outside, but on the front lawn. On the front lawn. Where every Augustan would drive by and see the beautiful little Catholic children praising the Lord. Oh, it would be divine.

Or would it?

It was May. In Augusta. It was hot. The one speaker hooked up to Fr. Costigan's microphone did not project far enough into the very large crowd of our school. It was right before lunch and we …

A Pregnant Pause

Sigh. It's a sad day in the Cagle household.

I killed my computer.

I mean, like I killed it- dead. In the words of some famous movie-- "D-E-A-D-E"

We will have private burial in the backyard, and somewhere- in the distance- "Taps" will play. She and I had a good run at three years of fun, but we will move forward.

So, Life Of Cagle will have to take a short, pregnant pause while I ship off the hard drive to get it out and bring it back home. Like ashes for an urn.

In other news, we are scheduled to have a baby next Friday. Sweet! 12-21-12. The fun with numbers was not planned. Thatttttttt being said... my blood pressure has been on a pretty steady rise the past thirty something weeks, starting at obnoxiously low to now... high. Spilling proteins, triple digits, warnings of headaches high. My recommendation is not to put that 12/21/12 in stone just yet.

Doc saw me on Tuesday (my water had not broken, contrary to popular belief- you can do that embarrassing …

Birthday and Trains

That husband of mine. That baby of mine.

LMC picked out an ah-mazing birthday present found in a blanket that is warm, cuddly, and perfect for snuggling with toddlers on the couch. I woke up on my ...thirty-second... birthday to LMC bringing in presents and saying "HAPPY BIRFDAY, MA-MEE!"

Oh, Husband. That husband of mine. He pulled out all the stops and bought me a new lens for my fancy schmancy camera. Now, let's be honest- I can take some pretty good pictures. I can also take some really bad pictures. I am more of a trial and error photographer than a studier of books. But, one thing I have learned- a good lens can make anyone a better photographer!

So, after a birthday on Saturday, a devastating loss for Georgia (four yards. four), a fabulous dinner at Liberty Tree Hill, and Husband letting me sleep in until after 9 on Sunday morning, LMC and I packed up on Monday and headed to the Botanical Gardens to see the trains. The high was in the mid 60s. It was a perfect day …

It's Christmas Time in the City

The good news is that we only had one accident... and really, I was expecting many more with the three year old that was beyond excited to be helping us decorate the tree. 

Yep, that three year old: 

And, let's be completely honest... the Cagles were pretty excited to have our first real tree in, well, ever. Don't get me wrong, we've had trees (in Augusta). But, they were teeny, tiny trees because we were "livin' on love" and had to go to the short stack at the back of the lot. I placed the tree on a very large box and covered the box in burlap. It worked. 

And, let's be even more frank- this is the first Christmas since Cagle Christmas began that Husband will not have to work. He has either been on call or post call every single Christmas since we have been married- caring for those babies that could not go home. That's quite a few Christmases. Husband moved hell and high water to not have to work this Christmas. And, by the way, did you know that w…

A Well Set Table

I've said it before and I will say it again:

I love a well set table.
It's just one of those things in life that I enjoy making, seeing, and sitting at. I use a ruler and coordinate plates with clothes with crystal and the things that make a table pretty. My husband thinks I am crazy, however, he fully accepts my craziness and let's me spend time with my ruler to measure the place settings and polish the silver again. 
I couldn't do it this year and was very, very fearful that Husband would get called in and have to work, so my gracious parents packed up and came for a Thanksgiving visit. 
So, allow me to show my handiwork as my mom continues to cook our turkey and fixin's: