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So, I admit it...

As if you were surprised... I'm a nerd. A total, absolute, can't get over it... NERD. How? Other than the knitting, bad sewing, cooking, silver hobby, AND internet savviness? I've kinda gotten a little hooked on genealogy. Yeah, I know, if you didn't know I was 30 with gray hair, you'd think I was 70 with excellent skin.

So, I have two things that are fascinating me at the moment, okay, maybe not fascinating me... but two things that, well, here:

(1) My Great Grand Aunt (you like that, don't you), Lena Snedecor, lost her mother (March), her sister (July), and her husband (November) in 1918-- talk about a dismal 365 days. Merry Christmas?
... side note: I thesaursed DISMAL to see if there was a word that fit better... "flea bitten" was one of my choices. I'm stickin' with dismal. If I find any other deaths in 1918, I'll be sure to let you know.

(2) My Great Grandfather married his first wife, Inez, and then promptly left for a three month &q…

Thank the Sweet Lord for CROPPING



I never thought much about parenting until about a year ago. My friend, Aleasha, has three babies and they are all **fantastic**. No exaggeration, those babies can go to the finest restaurant and have their best manners. Aleasha can tell them to do something and, without fail, it gets done. The girls are not even double digits-- the oldest is about to start kindergarten. (holy mackerel, I spelled it right-- first try, without spell check) But, they are, by far, the kind of children I want to raise.

In Augusta, Aleasha had no one. I mean, she had her husband, who was in Husband's residency class, but that being said- she had a mother, two sisters, three grandmothers, and a home four states away. When the chips were down, it was Aleasha who had to do the raising. I was constantly amazed by her and her ability to not hide under the covers every day.

She gave me confidence that I could have a well behaved child without having to brow beat them or myself. Before relocating to DC, I wat…

Queen LMC

Shadows... part II... which is what this should be called. Today, we pulled out the construction paper & the lone popsicle stick I have.

Three circles make a "HOT DAWG!" (Mickey) We play shadow puppets with her most favorite and with every gleeful "Oh TOOOO-DOOOOOO-LESSSS!" She fear, for the moment, started to subside.

Never wasteful, the remnants that were used to create the mouse became moons... looking better as eyebrows, two triangles and a fourth circle for a nose... the outline of one circle cut in half became the mouth.... More interested in the shapes than the face it could make, we forego and cut squares, circles, triangles, an "E" ... next an "A" .... the number "1" (a fancy one, not just a rectangle). The smile became a "C" and the squares found their way to her head... then my head. Cutting them in half, we produced twice the amount of squares (whatever, they were rectangles-- but we aren't there yet), bef…


On Friday night we hosted 60 doctors and nurses as the PICU welcomed the incoming fellows, putting Husband on the second to lowest man on the totem pole. What was supposed to be a party on the roof for all these people (who do not have kids and are, for the most part, single... man, you can see where this is going!) turned into a frantic house scouring party as the anticipated temperature at 7 pm was going to be a ridiculous 102 degrees. LMC needed a good nap. She had a crappy one. I needed to do about 4 loads of laundry. I got 2 out of the way. LMC needed to hang out in her room while I cleaned the main parts of the apartment. She wanted to follow me everywhere (except when I had the vacuum going). You get the picture. But, this is not the point. The point is that she is constantly making discoveries.  As people came and went throughout the evening, it got more and more crowded. Strangers in her space and not wanting anyone but me. Not that I am complaining, but there was only one place …


On the way home from the pool, post fender bender and pre-two bags, a purse, and baby in hands and arms- LMC looked up, drunk from the sun and water of Virginia and said, "Hap-pee."
What, baby?

"Mama, hap-pee"

I'm happy, too baby. It was a good day, wasn't it?

"Yes. Hap-pee."

Even the fender bender on the way home, trying a new way (which failed miserably) did not faze us or make the day any more than what it was- excellent.

I have great friends:

We're bunko pals. We're mom friends. We're sanity keepers, shoe finders, and bathroom respites.
This is Miss Clara's debut on here at MTNC-- allow me to present:

She's pretty awesome and LMC's first friend. We met at Capital City Brew & shared french fries, crayons, and sippy cups. Later, they shared syrup and toys while the moms caught a few moments of peace and the girls entertained themselves.

I was able to return the favor of pancake breakfasts at Eastern Market on Fridays b…

Skinning the cat

Currently, LMC has no protection from me and my attitude of "she will eat more than yogurt." Husband was on call last night (shocker) and I am determined to get her outside of yogurt and crackers.

Yesterday, it was sweet potatoes cut into strips for lunch (one Cagle has the belief that she likes things cut into strips... the other Cagle thinks that he is crazy). 
No, LMC. You cannot have a cookie.
Peas? (batting her eyes...) (that would be PLEASE and not the nutritious green things)
Fit pitched- we're off to naptime a wee little early. Cries from the crib. Fingers in my ears. A feeble 1.5 hours later, she awakens. 
Hi..... are you ready to try lunch again? 
a nod.
Okay... let's load up.
Sweet taters on her tray, she says, "No, peas. Chick-chick?" I oblige at her politeness. At least she did not throw the taters. It's give and take, right?
Yo-yo, chick-chick, actual peas, and ice cream later, her "drunch" is complete. …

I don't know how she does it.

She has two of 'em. Boys, too. Which I have discovered are a little more of a handful than my little girl. Don't get me wrong- LMC is no angel, but she lacks that extra gear An-Ew has.

On the flip side, An-Ew has an extra six months on him, so I can "reason" with him (to some extent), while LMC looks at me like "Mom- that's cool you're talking, but, really? This is MINE... and another thing, those carrots you are going to pass off for chips later on, you can just go ahead and toss 'em in the trash."

So, the other day, she asked me if I could watch "John Jetcher" for An-Ew's maiden voyage to the dentist. Excited, we showed up early and bid the elder brother farewell. It would be about an hour. I mean, really, we roll the ball, cut on some music, play with the pretend kitchen, eat yo-yo... how much can happen in an hour?

Well, JJ was in great spirits, LMC was having a blast playing with him and running up and down the hall- finding a…

Sophie's Choice

I feel a little bad entitling this "Sophie's Choice" as the only thing I know about this movie is someone has to make a big choice & it is set in the Holocaust. While probably based on a true story, like Schlinder's List,  and Independence Day (with Will Smith)- I just do not enjoy sad movies. Give me Caddyshack or Animal House any day of the week.

LMC popped up from her nap a few minutes ago after a busy morning at the pool (which we had to evacuate due to a child, um, well- let's just say the pool closed for the rest of the day. No Caddyshack scenes here, some poor kid yakked. Ew.), we abandoned the hottest day of the year to fingerpainting in the bathtub with An-Ew, lunch, then Oobleck on the counter. Mess after awesome mess. Kisses to An-Ew, John Jetcher, we are off for nap.

Upon awaking, I would have no idea that we would be set in a black and white concentration camp when it came to what the choice Sophie would make for her snack.

Catholic v. Jewish?


An email to Da-Dee

Dear Daddy,

I have had such a great morning. Starting off, I slept in until almost 9! While I did not eat much breakfast (1/2 a banana and more O-Ohs than I should tell you), mom let me stay in my jammies and watch three... THREE Doras! I read a book, and told Pat, "NO! Pat, NO!" as he was about to sit on the cactus (that Dr. Seuss is very smart) before I asked mom to help her cook, even though she was unloading the dishwasher. 

We were going to make a smoothie and started chopping the strawberries, however I kept sneaking bites of yummy red-berriness, so we decided to forego that. Mom had already pulled out some chicken for lunch and I ate that... and asked for more... TWICE! Three plates of chicken and enough strawberries to make me full... I spotted the fruit twists. After having one of those and wanting more, mom moved my attention to a cookie that I am currently eating. All this while sitting on the counter AND a tiara on my head. Daddy, I am a big girl!

To think, why such…


Man on man, I am cranky today. Maybe it was the cashier who squished my bread, tomatoes, and made my artichoke jar explode. Maybe it is the baby who figured out how to open the yogurt in the grocery store and proceeded to dip her fingers in it and spread it all over her face, with only the tiniest bit actually getting into her mouth. Maybe it was the jack*$$ driving in the parking garage at 45 mph while I struggled with groceries and a screaming 2 year old (who had lost her balloon) and almost mowed us down. Maybe, just maybe, it was the fact that Husband and wife did not get a stick of sleep last night due to the screaming princess and not wanting to go to bed.


Either way, it's probably a good thing Husband is on call tonight & Sunday night. And a bad thing, since he has had no sleep. If I am this cranky, I can only imagine how he feels today.

Ugh. When can I call a mulligan?

Just Do It.

I am starting a revolution. Not crustless sandwiches, but rather the MONSTERS! Eileen and I spend almost every day at the pool for a spell of time. Sometimes even twice a day. Every time, we have two rules. Walk on the khaki, run on the gray. (Khaki being the cement right by the pool, gray being the planks on the roof outside the danger of slipping and falling range)The monster has to be worn on the khaki and in the pool. No exceptions.  At the pool, we see several moms and several babies and we always get the same question... What is that thing she is swimming in called? Her monster? Oh, you mean the greatest thing ever? It’s called a “Puddle Jumper” by Stearns.  The smallest size holds 30-50 pounds of baby and it is Coast Guard Approved. They can swim, have an excellent range of motion, and you don’t have to worry about the “boards” on the front AND back being a danger. There are no straps between the legs and if they fall in- either front ways or back ways, it keeps their head up. Their…

And the Band played on

I spent the fourth by the pool and have some commentary about girls and bathing suits. Cheetah prints. They are not attractive as underroos, bed sheets, and ... yes, bikinis. Skinny & Tan are two things they do not create.  I have a firm rule (and always have) that bikinis should not be made past a certain size. It is a generous rule, too, in that anything past Medium... no no no no. Step away from that two piece. Tankinis, over in the matronly department, shall we make introductions?  That being said, just because those cheeks can squeeze into that medium- if there is anything protruding over the top: step fast. If the buns look like they are fighting for air in that tiny bottom covering the not-so-tiny bottom, than it’s time to let them come up for a breath.  If a crack can be seen- don’t walk, run. On second thought, don’t run, rather, discreetly skeeter away to the next size up, or, be bold! Two sizes up. Sequins? Really? Unless there is a stage, a crown, and a hope for world peac…

Not From Around Here

Husband, Wife, and LMC have been here a year, together, today. It is crazy to think about how fast that zipped by. While normal is something I firmly believe is a setting and not a state, there are times when I realize that there are some differences between Georgia and DC. Major differences. Allow me to share my knowledge... * I am 30, married four years, and have a two year old. Husband is 30, married, and has the same two year old. That means we got married in our mid-twenties & had a baby before we turned 37. And the crazy thing... we want more than just the one. *The other day at the gym, I was talking to a classmate and helping her set up due to her late arrival. She half friendly/half caddy said, “You’re not from around here, are you?” “Nope, Georgia. What makes you say that?” “You’re too friendly.” “I will elect to take that as a compliment. Thank you.” zing. btw, bitch, get your own weights when running late.  * Quite the fan of monograms and embroidery. Monogrammed napkins, gla…

What I will stand up and scream for.

Not too long ago, Husband & I were having a discussion (not a fight, though that is what we call them when we are discussing past discussions) about what we would stand up and shout from the rooftops- what we believe in- what is that one thing that we are so passionate about that people know it.

My friend, Alice, she's a card-carrying, certified conservative Republican. She'd vote for Reagan tomorrow... if she could. She believes in breastfeeding and Enfamil when breastfeeding is not an option. She knows that what you put into your baby is not just feeding them until the next meal, but rather, building a brain & building a future asset to society. Spend about 45 seconds with Alice, and you know, you just know, these things about her.

Pepco is our electrical company up in the marble jungle.

And, there you sit... thinking, okay, what does Pepco & your friend Alice have to do with each other?

Well, let me tell you.

Never have I been someone that would stand on the roo…