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She loves it...

fresh fruit... strawberries, blueberries, peaches, bananas... chopped small.
Mix in any flavor of yogurt... and... are you ready... rice krispies. Stir, listen to the sizzle & let 'em eat.

Memorial Day Weekend

I've said it before & I'll say it again... I've done some dumb things. No denying this fact, we all have- some more dumb than others. Most were probably done between the ages of 13 and, oh, I don't know, 26? Yeah, we'll go with that.

Husband, Wife, & Child went to the beach this past weekend for a glorious sun kissed three days getting sunburned, sand in our hair, and salt on our lips. What we had no idea about was what this beach was like. Well, three fun days later- I can tell you what the beach is like.

There are a bunch of dumb people. Dumber than the dumbest thing Husband and I have ever done.

I mean, really dumb.

Let me give you a for instance... [I have paused trying to think about a dumb thing that I have done... that is not so dumb I am not too embarrassed to share it] ... [I am continuing to pause]

Okay, well, let's just say I've done some dumb stuff. But, nothing and I mean it, NOTHING that I have done was half as dumb as these college ki…

Unplanned Moments

I am a planner. I love to plan. I think about what I want to accomplish, envision a way to get there, think of a better way, write it down, rethink, and maybe revise a third time. When I can’t sleep at night, I plan. Today, our sweet daughter turned two. We spent the morning driving to Maryland so we could spend memorial day weekend together, as a family. While one Cagle thinks that this is the girl’s birthday present, the other, sappier &; of the more masculine persuasion begs to differ and, secretly, I’m okay with that.  Eileen & I arrived to an unknown beach, staying at an unknown condo, and being with each other in this unknown place. I had spent many a nap hours in the afternoons of February and March researching, planning, charting, making notes and phone calls, and  preparing for this three day weekend that we would spend together as a family. Two years ago, we were sleep deprived, fresh from surgery, and had this tiny human in our care. She would not eat, was losing weigh…

Creativity wins every time

Pixie and Woo came to visit for a few days. The first day they were gone, Eileen woke up wondering where her playmates were. Distraction!
It was time to make our first batch of play-dough.

Apparently, 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of salt, and 1 cup of water does not taste half bad.

She made the dough, and the mess, all by herself.

Pouring the flour first, teaspoon by spilled teaspoon

Next, the salt. Unfortunate for her, the salt looks an awful lot like the sugar she tried as we baked cookies the other day.

Finally came the arduous task of the water. The messy, messy water.
Once, I was being silly with Husband and threw a little flour at him. It landed in his eyes, with his contacts. FYI: flour + water = paste.  FYIx2: flour+water+contacts+eyes= emergency room. Kidding; however his eyes were pasted shut for longer than I care to admit to & were red for days. I don't throw flour anymore.

Husband walked in the door to see the mess his daughter was making as, "I DO IT! I DO IT!&qu…

A good two days

Eileen has learned to jump and it is, quite possibly, the cutest thing ever. Cuter than talking to Ford Merry last night as we were making cookies and he asked me to bring him two- one for him and one for Tellis. That is love and you cannot teach that kind of love. Digress... Eileen jumps. Everywhere.  With Monday upon us, rain in the air, and no car- we sat and stared at each other for about 3 minutes as the clock ticked from 3:38am to 3:41am. A nightmare brought LMC to the safest place- her parents bed. No sleep and a husband gone later, we have walked, we have talked, and we have played. We played puzzles, we played chase, we did everything together. She made a carrot souffle for lunch and we told BeBe, Teddie, and Woof “night night” as she headed off for lunch. After almost falling asleep in her chair, she joined her Fabulous Three for a three hour siesta. “Ma-Mee! Ma-Mee! An-Ew!” came from behind the double doors around four. She leapt up, rocket arms in the air. “Bye BeBe!” and sh…

Hurry home, Elizabeth & An-Ew

The weather has been just shy of the border of being able to have fun outside and NOT being able to have fun outside. After  laundry, chores, breakfast, and Mickey Mouse it was a very early 8:15. What are we going to do for the rest of the day into the evening as Husband is on call?

We are going to organize under the kitchen sink and the tool cabinet... On one hand I wish I had taken before shots of the disaster, but am secretly glad that I did not, as they would have been obligated to be on this blog and you 200 who check in on us daily would know what a true disaster looks like.

Tool cabinet let to the sink, which led to the spice cabinet... which led to the junk drawer... There is not much left to organize... hurry home, An-Ew! We'll even give you the bigger ballon & shower you with kisses by the "lodder."

(and yes, you see TONS of baby food jars- they are going to good use. and cords were tagged with ribbon. Hooks in the cabinet walls- hammer and nails are so las…


Eileen, do you want to color?
What would you like me to color?
What else? 
How about I color Ma-Me, Da-De, and Eileen?
What else?
What else?
Okay, but don't tell An-Ew, your balloon is going to be bigger than his balloon.

Sweet Husband: Da-De in green, Ma-Me in blue and green, Eileen- shorter than An-Ew, and An-Ew- with a smaller balloon.
He's the best.

Speaking of busy...

Eileen has on a red polo dress and red monogrammed bloomers. There should not be anymore to this statement, but there is. Might the time be noted at 7:56.

She ran into my (our) closet, where my UGA visor was on the ground. Now, it's on her head. Running into the kitchen, wanting to be frat-tastic, newbies and socks in place, the visor is gone. She is off again. Purple fleece hat with dueling pom poms on. A rubber band as a bracelet and jumping up and down for my heavy silver necklace that she thinks is hers (and why not? Every 2 year old should have a Tiffany necklace. Hello, gypsy! We are Catholic, after all). The gift of the necklace is replied with a gift of a rubber band bracelet for mom. Fair trade? Sure.

Off again. A bucket for a purse as she lounges on water (baby drool) spotted silk pillows by the window on the floor. Necklace shucked, la-la-las coming from the sweet girl, I head into the kitchen to check on our concoction that she cooked... ALL BY HERSELF (one egg, mozzar…

For Sale...

One almost two year old. Answers to the name, Eileen. Father is unresponsive behind the hospital walls.

Has taken to whining, throwing rice krispies, eating nothing but goldfish, and getting stuck in chairs. Fortunately, while getting stuck in chairs is easy... detangling out of the stroller straps and easing out so discreetly that the driver runs over her, yep- she's good at that one, too.
Lucky for the owner of said two year old, she is just tall enough to push buttons on elevators, open doors that have been closed, and knows how to arch her back in such a way so as not be strapped into her chair or carseat. Her ability to stash snacks, juice cups (for the Apocalypse & we need penicillin), mom's headbands and sunglasses, as well as remote controls and credit cards will be an asset to anyone who is worried of burglaries. 
This two year old is smart, too. Scissors, no matter where they are placed in the kitchen, can be found by her two little hands fumbling around in any n…

I love Baby Girl kisses...


Our latest Family Photo


Here's Hoping.

Eileen has FINALLY outgrown her twelve month clothes. It's about time, considering she turns two in a few weeks. Husband gave wife his debit card this morning and said, "Go buy our baby some summer clothes, a bathing suit, and some muscles so she can swim. She's a big girl!" So, off we went to Target.


Eileen now has four bathing suits, some summer play clothes, and two bathing suit coverups. She has muscles & a ducky to help her swim. She's ready.

Mom? Oh, mom braved the bathing suit section as well. Mom now has three bathing suits (as my old ones are years old... like purchased before I was pregnant. yeah....) and a cover up. But, I did something that might be perceived as a little foolish.

I bought a bikini.

Who does that? I am 30. I have gray hair. I have a baby. I'm overweight. And I did it. I bought a bikini.

In the last 13 days, I have lost 8 pounds & am all kinds of impressed with myself. …

I'm letting God do the judging.

That day was awful.

A long distance phone call to Augusta after an exhausting day brought more painful news of loss. A different long distance phone call, brought reassurance and a friend. Ten years have passed; ten quick, quick years between what felt like yesterday and today.

Last night, Helen slept on our floor, on the way home from home. After much talking, pizza, and laughing, it was bedtime. In a second, life changes. Husband called from the bedroom, "Osama's dead." I wanted to cry, but had no idea why. The relief was overwhelming and instant, remembering that fear I felt that night in the sorority house at 440 S. Milledge. Miranda slept next to me, for comfort as I mourned the loss of my uncle and of so many others. Our foundation was rocked to its very core.

On FoxNews, drunk college students were outside the White House screaming "USA! USA! USA!" Fireworks were going off in a distance outside of our window and I imagine that this evening was very diffe…

Game Tape

Not too long ago someone, from the outside looking in, told me that I was a “crappy girlfriend.” Not the man I was dating, who would become my husband, but someone on the outside of our relationship, looking in. I took great offense, but kept my trap shut. Days later, this conversation was relayed to my dad. He must not have had any time to think, because the words were barely out of my mouth before he said, “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. If you were such an awful girlfriend, then you would have never become a wife.” It was all I needed for perspective, because Woody was right. If I was that awful, than why did he want to marry me? Because I was not [that awful]. Being awful was not the kind I wanted to be. In thinking back when I was girlfriend, there was a lot of time spent “playing the game tape” as Husband calls it. When the dust settled, what we did wrong- whoever that couple was, what we did right, how we could be better, what worked, what didn’t, what I liked about …