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Thoughts on Thirty

I've been thinking about this blog for about a week and... well, I feel like there should be important words that should be said to reflect on my twenties and rev up for jumping into my thirties.

But, do you know what I have? A whole lot of nothing.

While I have few thoughts as to where I would be when the big 3-0 greeted me, I am happy with where I am.

Thirty- it's the new twenty four. That's a thought and a good one, too.


With Husband on call tonight, I have to find things to entertain Eileen as it is getting quite chilly. After her nap, we pile in the car and head up to Home Depot. Getting creative with space for Christmas, I decided on three little rosemary trees, pine garland, a fir wreath and lots of twinkle lights.

Eileen and I have had the best day decorating the apartment, coloring on paper to make small chains for the little trees scattered around the house as we turn this place into Santa's workshop.

Well, just in case anyone out there was keeping tabs, I am also allergic to pine needles. My arms are in complete hives and won't stop itching. The balcony looks beautiful, though. Looks like Husband will be the one taking those down after the new year.

Raised Right

Back in the south, as parents, they would say things like, “raised right.”  “Oh, her? That’s Rachel Merry- her parents are Ange & Woody. She was raised right.” This statement basically boils down to “Best to bring home to parents” in high school superlatives. I, piously, like to think that I was “raised right.” I can curtsey without wobbling. I can carry on a conversation and write a well-thought thank you note. These are just a few things that involve being “raised right.” I am, with my very best effort, attempting to raise Eileen “right.” We do nice things for friends, like take them dinner after a baby is born or make cookies, because, really, nothing says friend like a homemade chocolate chip cookie!  Chocolate chip cookies and being “raised right” go hand in hand. Today, Eileen and I made chocolate chip cookies for a friend who is going to her in-laws for Thanksgiving. Promises that these cookies will be excellent, Eileen and I set off to do such- be a good friend and make cookie…

It would be called raised right.

I have this somewhat above average blog about Eileen and cookies... and being raised right. However, I can't get the *%&^#$ blogger to find the %&#^ adorable pictures, and the story is not as funny without the pictures...


hee hee...

I have made a hat and am currently working on a scarf.

Turbo nerd... right here.

Sewing... knitting....

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to learn how to sew. This past Christmas, my parents picked up on it and bought me a sewing machine. I was incredibly excited and promptly signed up for 10 classes. 9 of my classes were cancelled. I have a very lovely pillow case that I made in my first class, and have had to set the dream aside until we relocate to a place that has reasonable childcare, or I get a husband back from his second residence found at Children's National. 
I moved on to bread. 88 tries at a non-cheating sour dough bread where I caught and grew my own yeast  lead to a very gleeful, "HOT DAMN!" when I succeeded.  What sort of other homemade goodies can I create in my kitchen?
And homemade indeed, I did create. 
Next, Eileen's bows at the store are a ha-ha funny $4.50 EACH. A trip to the craft emporium and found enough supplies to make 20 bows for the same $4.50. Super glue, scissors, and a little Elmer's- Eileen can throw her bows out of t…


It has been cold.
It has been rainy.
It has caused a total lack of ability, not lack of motivation, to continue my commitment of 1000 miles.

My goal has been hovering at 701 for most of this week. That one-- that little ONE at the end of the seven hundred has been mocking me, laughing, and otherwise hacking me off.

Last night, Eileen and I walked to Capital City Brew to eat dinner with Husband as he did not leave the hospital until 7:00. So, FINALLY.... I am at 700.

700 miles left to go, 300 dominated.

I am, sadly, anticipating my speed to slow down dramatically as the weather starts to become less and less agreeable with having a baby outside without DFACS getting a phone call....

Alas, we must make due and find other ways to expel our energy... mine as much as hers.

Beth & Co.

On one hand, this should not be a blog that I post to the masses. On the other hand, it is nothing that we are ashamed of, and at the rate “gossip” travels through Augusta, GA- I must acknowledge that my mother’s homepage is my blog. Not by her choice, but mine. She does not know how to change it, so every morning and afternoon when she shakes her mouse to check her email, weather, and foxnews, she has to start here- at Meet The Newest Cagle Dot Com. So, Hi Mom! I hope you are proud of me and your dashing SIL. What started out as a wholesome family day concluded as such with a little interlude here and there. This weekend was Husband’s first day off in over two weeks. He actually got 48 hours that he could rub together as his own. We spent the weekend walking, attending a kids Halloween festival, restoring sanity, attending mass with the Pillbox that was LMC, and watching the GA/FL game. It was the ONLY thing Husband wanted to do all weekend (football), and I, obviously, was happy to ob…