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I can’t believe this... I have made the best better! The recipe for cornbread I have comes from a small diner back when they were allowed to share recipes. While it has always served its purpose-- being both bread and made of corn, it never, well, it never just blew my doors off and no one ever said, “THAT! That, my dear, is the best damn cornbread ever!” Until today. Today, they shouted from the rooftops, "The best cornbread is found at Senate Square! The best cornbread is in the Cagles kitchen!" Might I share with you my new and improved recipe for cornbread. Just don’t tell anybody. My grandfather always said, “Don’t tell your friends your secrets, so you won’t fear them when they are enemies....” So, Super Secret Cornbread....  1 cup, sifted, AP flour 2 tsp. baking powder 1 cup self rising cornmeal (I don’t know if this is a common thing, but it was all the store had) 1 cup milk (if doubling, do 1.5 cups) 1/4 cup sugar 2 eggs 1/4 cup Wesson “Best Blend” oil 1/2 cup sour cream Mis al…

It's been a busy few days...

We started early in our jammies...

We got dressed and made our way up to the Library of Congress and were only "shushed" once. She ran around the square, we read books, and made friends.

And then we got tired at the LoC and decided to sit a while. Eileen was looking for the chicken and ran around saying, "BAH BAHHHHH"

And, now she started thinking about rallying... and then the rain set in. Cold walk home.

The next day, we went to the Capitol.

And Eileen wanted a picnic.

But, apparently there had been a shooting at the Pentagon the day before, so the cop behind her suspected terrorist activity.

So, Eileen posed her own personal sit-in.

And won.

Until she got bored and moved on.

The next day... we got our first big-girl car seat. I was totally upsold on the Britax because it would be, "The easiest of all to install." Well, if this one was the easiest, I would hate to see the hardest. Not to be messed with.

But, she looks cute in it, albeit hacked off.


Talky talky talk...

Right now, Eileen is at my feet, holding onto my knee and saying, “OHHHHHH DOO-DLES!” Yep, Mickey Mouse is on.  Her language is developing exponentially. At first, it was just, “Uh-Ohhhhhhh” when she dropped something, whether by accident or purpose. Now... Shoes and juice are the same word, but unless she is pointing at her feet, we know to get a cup. It is something like, Shouice. Hot Dog. That means it is time to find a Mickey Mouse episode. La-La... this is for Elmo. Mamamamamamama. Da-DA?  LEEN! That is what she calls her cousin, Tellis. When Tellis sees Eileen, she [Tellis] says, “I-LEEN! LEEN! LEEN! LEEN! LEEN!” Now, when E wants to see T on my phone or computer, she says, “Leen?” Pup-py. I am not a dog person, but Eileen, goodness! She is such a puppy person. Husband has already assured her that there will be many puppies in her future. Choo-Choo. We live behind Union Station and have become accustomed to the rumble of the trains. When Will gets home, he will take Eileen out to the deck …

One flew over the cuckoos's nest

Eileen and I are jet setters. Well, not really, but we have dominated the ATL and the Charlotte airports. My slip-on shoes somewhat compensate for the fact that it takes 5 bins for all of our travel necessities. Shoes, and yes, they make E take off her shoes as well, computer, bag, diaper bag, and the dastardly stroller. Not to mention the sippy cups and food... "I have liquid" immediately prompts two TSA men in blue to put me through the body scanner, our goods to be swabbed, tested, and approved, and the otherwise chaos level takes on a whole new high when a baby is involved.

All of these things are comical to me, as I hold the knowledge that Eileen is a great traveler. She is cool as the flight takes off and usually falls asleep in my lap, snoring for the duration.

Twice she has flaked. Twice. Out of probably 10 legs of 5 trips, twice she has fallen out with no repair. This last time though, I learned a little something for when I am an old lady flying around.

Allow me to…

My new Indian name is Sitting Duck

Few things now are not a production. However, I can get to the Wachovia in about 15 minutes after strapping on my kicks and pressing the elevator button for down.

Let's talk about my last trip to Safeway. Not "last" as in "I'll be going next week" but "last" as in "no more."

Safeway is a grocery store here that I equate to Bi-Lo. It's nicer than the one at DV, but the clientele is just as shady. They take coupons, bonus cards, and e-pons, so I am a happy camper and bi-weekly make the trek in my Tahoe with reusable grocery bags-- this is me saving $.25 per trip with the $2 per bag bags... it makes since to me on some level if I do not think about it too much. Fortunately though, I have a fabulous friend who mailed me some & hung on to the free ones from Comcast and Savannah River Banking Co.

Safeway... they have chicken for $1.99/pound. Regular price. Who does that? Their Diet Cokes are still $5.49/12 pack and butter is $4.76 a pound…

I wish I knew

This is my great-grandfathers grave. It's in Arlington. How do you get to be the guy who gets a "big" grave in Arlington? Or, how do you get to bury your 71 spinster daughter at the same plot with you and your wife? He's in Section 1 and I was really impressed to find him during the midst of a military funeral 500 yards away.  So many questions. No answers from Google.

The Oil Spill of 2010

Oh, you think that this has something to do with the Gulf? 

Nope, it has to do with the "pink bathroom" ... Eileen's bathroom, to be precise. The room where I went out and actually purchased coordinating rugs, towels, and shower curtains instead of recycling from the old house.
In her bathroom, there are her toys, her bath seat, and her bath soap. It is a precious place where any girl would love to play with her rubber duckies, get a bath, and otherwise wind down her day.
Until the oil spill.
I'm trying to make this place more of a home and less of an apartment. For instance, I painted an accent wall in the dining "area" (note the lack of the word "room") a vivacious blue. Liquid Blue from Sherwin Williams, it's pretty awesome. On it is hanging my portrait painting from Angie, a white fish platter, and some valuable painting the Cagles gave us that I have promised to never sell. It looks good. So, once I stretched my legs and got the brushes out, …