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I would like.

I would like to tell cancer to stick it. 

I would like to kick those cells tails and tell them who is boss.

I would like for it to just all go away.

I would like for a miracle.

My cousin is on the cusp of relapsing and they are on their way back to St. Jude's for one last shot at telling cancer who is boss.

Let's hope and let's pray that this time it gets the memo-- Cancer is not a welcome addition to the party, please pack your bags and go somewhere else.

Stick it, Cancer.

An update on my journey

I have walked to the Lincoln Memorial. I have walked to Eastern Market.  I have walked to Maryland. I have walked to the post office, to church, to breakfast at Pete’s Diner, and supper at Sticky Rice.  I have walked everywhere I can think to walk. And I love it. I have blisters and take a lot of Advil, but I love it. My journey of 1,000 miles if steadily clicking down. Since inception about a month ago, my feet have cleared over 150 miles. That's farther than driving from Augusta to Atlanta... or Washington DC to Richmond VA. It's like landing in Miami and deciding to walk to Key West. Some days, you would probably get there faster by foot instead of in your car...
While it averages to about 5 miles a day, I am only walking 5 days a week, sometimes 6. For instance, yesterday when I walked to Maryland from Virginia, it was only 7 miles. But that evening I walked to a friends birthday celebration and was an additional 3 miles round trip. Today, another MOM and I convened our strollers…

What a lucky fool I am

It is almost 11 and I am beyond tired. However, even after a full day of Mom duties and Work duties and Husband being on call duties, I just was not ready to let the day end. So, it is almost 11 and am about to crawl in bed. But first, but first I had to check on my sweet sleeping babe because I promised Husband via a 30 second phone call that she was sleeping. Sneaking into her room, there she was.... in her crib. Sound asleep. Curled up, holding her white open knit blanket. And I stared, knowing just how absolutely blessed and lucky I am to have this perfect life in my care. A smile crossed my lips and a touch to her cheek sent me out the door, quietly closing it behind me. I have a sweet babe that is loved more than words can explain. What a lucky, lucky fool I am to be a mother.

They Say

They say that babies are a blessing. They say a lot of things. It was probably asking too much of Eileen on Saturday, but I wanted to get out of the tiny apartment and made an impulsive decision to swing by the National Archives. Eileen had had a nap, Eileen had eaten, Eileen had even been drinking water pretty steadily and did not have a dirty diaper. There would have been no reason for Eileen to cry, right? Wrong. Let me paint the picture for you... I have pigtails in my hair... don't laugh, it's all I could do with it before I get it chopped. I am wearing exercise clothes and have my big-ass jogging stroller. We roll through the archives at a pretty good clip and E is actually having a great time looking around, having space, and not being in 99 degree weather. At some point, I thought it wise to remove her from the stroller and let her push it. No big deal, right? It'll wear her out faster, right? Totally. So, the clip slows down and we are still pushing forward. The archive…