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At Least I didn't get a ticket.

So, I have a Georgia tag. I do, I just can't get past it. While waiting on my car title, SS card, and the rites to my first born, I have to drive to places that have parking garages (please, you'd think therewould be a LOT here?), or someplace that does not involve (a) parallel parking (b) parking on the street or (c) navigation.

I have had, for the past week, $95 in my bank account. I tell you this, because I feel obligated to preface the story with that information. I also have $3500 in checks desperately waiting to be deposited.

All I needed was a Wachovia.

This little wonderment that we call a drive-thru ATM or drive-thru banking down in Georgia is a thing of my past. Friday, me and the GPS had a date with a Wachovia. Up 2nd street NE, left on K St (NE-- that little token is important), left on 2nd St SE (yeah, they are two blocks apart), Right on Capitol Drive NORTH (heaven forbid, you think it is SOUTH) and between 3rd and 4th was supposed to be a Wachovia. Supposed. Up Cap…

Happy Fourth, from the Sixth!

I have four distinct memories of the Fourth of July.
The first was when I was a wee tike and I had my first chalk board. I would fill the whole board up with pictures, words, and doodles, erase and then start over. We were on family vacation with my mom's brood and that included 18 very boisterous cousins, not counting me. Seeing that they were a little louder than me,  my dad pulled out several different colors of chalk and showed me how to draw fireworks. Start with a little dot in the middle and go from there. I filled that chalkboard with more fireworks that filled the sky. In my eyes, it was beautiful.
The second was when I was in college. For some reason, the fourth always made me think of my dad. No idea, but it does. Around 5:30, I realized that this would be the first Fourth of July that I would not see any fireworks and it made me really, really sad. A friend was a member of the Athens Country Club and surprised with a trip up there around 8 to watch the fireworks, so I wo…