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Morning jogs help for survival

I like to jog in the morning. I’m a new found fan of this exercise that the joy has always alluded me. In my Nikes, I think about my blog and what I am going to write about-- it passes the time and my accruing miles. So much is going on the Cagle world, that I don’t know where to start, or what to skip. So, Greetings from 2640-A Coventry Road. The new owners have taken over 2635 and are doing lovely things to it, including mostly painting-- my lovely green kitchen is now a yellow (extra virgin olive oil, to be precise), my tangerine bedroom is now a navy, and Eileen’s beautiful pink bedroom is some sort of red color that will be the future husbands  future man room. It looks great but most importantly, it looks like them. Our azaleas, pink dogwoods, and apple trees remain- for now! Husband and I are slowly getting settled into our new abode that is super small. A long time ago, I told Husband that I would run it with him. After residency, if we needed to downsize, we’d do it. If we need…

What's the point?

What's the point in following a blog if there is nothing to... follow? Going from Point A to B to C to D, you anonymous cyber spacers have been following our journey over the last year and a half and I appreciate that.

But, the chaos of this apartment, the move, and getting settled into our new routine within these new walls has taken its toll on this writer and her block.

So, please. Stay tuned. I will return. Imagine what is in store for us in our next chapter! Why would you want to miss the nuts of packing (again) and driving a U-Haul 55 mph towards the Mason-Dixon line? (I said "towards" not "over") This girl will return with a vengeance, but for the moment I just need a breather.

Sit tight. Don't put your trays in their upright position just yet. With spring, I shall spring forward!

We'll talk again soon.