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Exotic Mushroom Bread Pudding

I have received numerous requests for this recipe. Seriously, right now, get your grocery list and add what you do not have. It is inexpensive decadent, and EASY! (of course, I have no idea which mushroom is considered exotic- so I bought a variety. Always leaving my options open.)  So, hijacked and adapted from Emeril, I give you... Heaven Sent. Ingredients 3 tablespoons unsalted butter 3 cups julienne yellow onions 2 teaspoons salt 1/4 plus 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper 12 turns fresh ground black pepper (I'm not a raging cracked pepper fan, so I did about 8) 1/2 pound wild and exotic mushrooms, about 3 cups (I used 1 pkg of baby bellas, 1 pkg shitake, 1 button pkg- all loosely chopped... more like 5-6 cups) 1 tablespoon chopped garlic (I, of course, used way more- like 6 small cloves of garlic) 5 eggs 2 cups heavy cream 1/4 teaspoon Tabasco sauce 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce 8 slices, 1 inch cubed white bread, about 4 cups (I used more like 5 cups to compensate for the overage of 'shroom…

Christmas, take 2

What a great day. It was relaxed. It was quiet. It was ideal. We had a dinner fit for kings (or Cagles). Homemade croissants (yessir, compliments of me), exotic mushroom bread pudding (holy moly), my FIRST beef tenderloin- DOMINATED, red wine with dinner, white wine as a precursor, homemade egg nog ice cream for dessert.

Eileen wanted to help cook, and she did a great job hiding the pans in the microwave.

We had our juice (in our lismore) and Eileen had hers. The picture in the background was a Christmas gift from my dear friend, Petra. It says "When I count my blessings, I count you twice." I love it.

Eileen was not interested in our king's feast, so she had yogurt, with her silver spoon. (the silver server contained the so-good exotic mushroom bread pudding)

Clothes stripped, yogurt consumed, presents opened, and a Christmas tornado having ripped through the apartment- night mom!

The after effects of sitting around the dinner table, sipping good wine, and enjoying each …


I had the cutest bed mate last night...

We slept with the TV on 24 hours of "A Christmas Story" and woke up entirely too early. This Mother of The Year bought an extra hour thanks to Mickey Mouse. 
Snow was falling! This is our first White Christmas!

We finally leapt out of bed around 7 and started making Sausage and Cheese Bread...

Eileen was a fan! (so, was I... but definitely not as important) 
at 7:02am, all the tv's were on A Christmas Story, muted, and the iPod is on a 1950's Christmas Shuffle where it will stay until bedtime.
I am about to start monkeying with the $80 tenderloin and mushroom bread pudding. All I need is a husband.
(please... do you think that this is going to be the only blog today?)

Finished Product...

All we need is the food!

I am such a nut for a well-set table. (and silver, and polishing said silver) The eyelet tablecloth must be packed away, so I went with a red damask cloth instead. Oh, and I cracked... Eileen and I had to get out of the house and headed up to BB&B to "get out amongst 'em." We found some 2 Waterford Lismore goblets 50% off!

Merry Christmas! Eileen, if you touch the tablecloth, I am not responsible for what will happen! :)

Mama had a backer leaf

Today, my husband is on call and I am cleaning our home getting ready for his arrival tomorrow, Christmas afternoon.

Today though, today I miss my china. Yes, it is silly to miss something so frivolous but I do. I have beautiful china, Mottahedeh Tobacco Leaf:

And beautiful crystal:

Fortunately, I carried some of my silver with me. A southern girl has to know how to set a table (dessert fork tines to the right, dessert spoon bowl to the left):

The only thing I do have is a wedding gift from the first Mrs. William Edward Gilbert Cagle- a lovely eyelet tablecloth that her mother made and was a gift from the first to the second. On this first Christmas at our home, I will be using (their) her (my) tablecloth sans china and crystal, plus silver.

The crystal and china are packed away, tucked deep in Brad's attic and mom's closet. Until next time...

The stockings were hung by the chimney...

The stockings were hung by the chimney, er, kitchen hutch with care...

In hopes that St. Nicholas soon to be there (or here, I can't ever remember and refuse to google it for accuracy)

Something about packages wrapped lovely with brown craft paper.

And friends come over so moms and dads can have a glass of wine and we can watch Mickey Mouse (underneath the Christmas rosemary bushes)

Almost dead, but still twinkling well.

From our 1056 square foot apartment to your home, Merry Christmas! (or, as I like to say, CAGLE CHRISTMAS! but, if you did not know me when I was a Merry, you might not get it.)

Taking just a moment

As I sit and type, Eileen has pulled out all of my loaf pans and is sitting next to her Da-Dee playing them with her spoons with the occasional instruction on how “Fur Elise” should go with said spoons. In the background, the finest Bing Crosby is singing Christmas carols from an iPhone instead of a classic 45. We are both sipping egg nog with brandy and quickly rejected the idea of sushi in lieu of staying in. The tv is off and homemade meatloaf is in the oven. It is the three of us, playing and enjoying each others company for the moment- this very brief moment that we get to be together before work and life takes us our separate ways again. Silent Night just came into the mix from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and I am thinking to myself that this very moment, this second is what Norman Rockwell would capture as a modern family Christmas. This picture. I woke up to snow this morning.

Climbing Cinderella

Eileen is a climber. Not like a 2 year old climber, but like a monkey climber. She can flip herself up to any chair, shelf, or stool. I was looking for her the other day [in our 1056 square foot apartment] and could not find her. I leaned under the table and did not see any 6-12 month feet.... because they were not on the ground. She had climbed up the bookshelf trying to reach God knows what. I, being mother of the year, snuck up behind her, clapped my hands really loud and said, loudly, (okay, screamed) "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO M'AM! NO M'AM! WE DO NOT CLIMB ON THE BOOKSHELF."
She got down, turned around, looked at me and started crying. However, she has not taken a fancy to climbing on it since.
 She still climbs on the oven. The oven that has no knobs for the stove because she can reach them. And the table. She hits her head on the glass above her, but has not gotten the irony of the glass ceiling like I have. She climbs into cabinets. Well, hold on... she pulls everyth…

I'll get back to writing!

I will get back to writing-- but, Eileen is really taking this whole "cuteness" thing to a new level and wanted to share! We saw the trains today at the Botanical Gardens...

I guess some things never change...

I have two videos to share... the first is from March, 2010 of Eileen when she decided to dictate her own schedule:

And the second is from last week when she woke up from her schedule nap:

Some things never change.

Still trying to figure out how to edit

Sous Chef

She's a climber, but at least she is helpful...

Thoughts on Thirty

I've been thinking about this blog for about a week and... well, I feel like there should be important words that should be said to reflect on my twenties and rev up for jumping into my thirties.

But, do you know what I have? A whole lot of nothing.

While I have few thoughts as to where I would be when the big 3-0 greeted me, I am happy with where I am.

Thirty- it's the new twenty four. That's a thought and a good one, too.


With Husband on call tonight, I have to find things to entertain Eileen as it is getting quite chilly. After her nap, we pile in the car and head up to Home Depot. Getting creative with space for Christmas, I decided on three little rosemary trees, pine garland, a fir wreath and lots of twinkle lights.

Eileen and I have had the best day decorating the apartment, coloring on paper to make small chains for the little trees scattered around the house as we turn this place into Santa's workshop.

Well, just in case anyone out there was keeping tabs, I am also allergic to pine needles. My arms are in complete hives and won't stop itching. The balcony looks beautiful, though. Looks like Husband will be the one taking those down after the new year.

Raised Right

Back in the south, as parents, they would say things like, “raised right.”  “Oh, her? That’s Rachel Merry- her parents are Ange & Woody. She was raised right.” This statement basically boils down to “Best to bring home to parents” in high school superlatives. I, piously, like to think that I was “raised right.” I can curtsey without wobbling. I can carry on a conversation and write a well-thought thank you note. These are just a few things that involve being “raised right.” I am, with my very best effort, attempting to raise Eileen “right.” We do nice things for friends, like take them dinner after a baby is born or make cookies, because, really, nothing says friend like a homemade chocolate chip cookie!  Chocolate chip cookies and being “raised right” go hand in hand. Today, Eileen and I made chocolate chip cookies for a friend who is going to her in-laws for Thanksgiving. Promises that these cookies will be excellent, Eileen and I set off to do such- be a good friend and make cookie…

It would be called raised right.

I have this somewhat above average blog about Eileen and cookies... and being raised right. However, I can't get the *%&^#$ blogger to find the %&#^ adorable pictures, and the story is not as funny without the pictures...


hee hee...

I have made a hat and am currently working on a scarf.

Turbo nerd... right here.

Sewing... knitting....

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to learn how to sew. This past Christmas, my parents picked up on it and bought me a sewing machine. I was incredibly excited and promptly signed up for 10 classes. 9 of my classes were cancelled. I have a very lovely pillow case that I made in my first class, and have had to set the dream aside until we relocate to a place that has reasonable childcare, or I get a husband back from his second residence found at Children's National. 
I moved on to bread. 88 tries at a non-cheating sour dough bread where I caught and grew my own yeast  lead to a very gleeful, "HOT DAMN!" when I succeeded.  What sort of other homemade goodies can I create in my kitchen?
And homemade indeed, I did create. 
Next, Eileen's bows at the store are a ha-ha funny $4.50 EACH. A trip to the craft emporium and found enough supplies to make 20 bows for the same $4.50. Super glue, scissors, and a little Elmer's- Eileen can throw her bows out of t…


It has been cold.
It has been rainy.
It has caused a total lack of ability, not lack of motivation, to continue my commitment of 1000 miles.

My goal has been hovering at 701 for most of this week. That one-- that little ONE at the end of the seven hundred has been mocking me, laughing, and otherwise hacking me off.

Last night, Eileen and I walked to Capital City Brew to eat dinner with Husband as he did not leave the hospital until 7:00. So, FINALLY.... I am at 700.

700 miles left to go, 300 dominated.

I am, sadly, anticipating my speed to slow down dramatically as the weather starts to become less and less agreeable with having a baby outside without DFACS getting a phone call....

Alas, we must make due and find other ways to expel our energy... mine as much as hers.

Beth & Co.

On one hand, this should not be a blog that I post to the masses. On the other hand, it is nothing that we are ashamed of, and at the rate “gossip” travels through Augusta, GA- I must acknowledge that my mother’s homepage is my blog. Not by her choice, but mine. She does not know how to change it, so every morning and afternoon when she shakes her mouse to check her email, weather, and foxnews, she has to start here- at Meet The Newest Cagle Dot Com. So, Hi Mom! I hope you are proud of me and your dashing SIL. What started out as a wholesome family day concluded as such with a little interlude here and there. This weekend was Husband’s first day off in over two weeks. He actually got 48 hours that he could rub together as his own. We spent the weekend walking, attending a kids Halloween festival, restoring sanity, attending mass with the Pillbox that was LMC, and watching the GA/FL game. It was the ONLY thing Husband wanted to do all weekend (football), and I, obviously, was happy to ob…


I can’t believe this... I have made the best better! The recipe for cornbread I have comes from a small diner back when they were allowed to share recipes. While it has always served its purpose-- being both bread and made of corn, it never, well, it never just blew my doors off and no one ever said, “THAT! That, my dear, is the best damn cornbread ever!” Until today. Today, they shouted from the rooftops, "The best cornbread is found at Senate Square! The best cornbread is in the Cagles kitchen!" Might I share with you my new and improved recipe for cornbread. Just don’t tell anybody. My grandfather always said, “Don’t tell your friends your secrets, so you won’t fear them when they are enemies....” So, Super Secret Cornbread....  1 cup, sifted, AP flour 2 tsp. baking powder 1 cup self rising cornmeal (I don’t know if this is a common thing, but it was all the store had) 1 cup milk (if doubling, do 1.5 cups) 1/4 cup sugar 2 eggs 1/4 cup Wesson “Best Blend” oil 1/2 cup sour cream Mis al…

It's been a busy few days...

We started early in our jammies...

We got dressed and made our way up to the Library of Congress and were only "shushed" once. She ran around the square, we read books, and made friends.

And then we got tired at the LoC and decided to sit a while. Eileen was looking for the chicken and ran around saying, "BAH BAHHHHH"

And, now she started thinking about rallying... and then the rain set in. Cold walk home.

The next day, we went to the Capitol.

And Eileen wanted a picnic.

But, apparently there had been a shooting at the Pentagon the day before, so the cop behind her suspected terrorist activity.

So, Eileen posed her own personal sit-in.

And won.

Until she got bored and moved on.

The next day... we got our first big-girl car seat. I was totally upsold on the Britax because it would be, "The easiest of all to install." Well, if this one was the easiest, I would hate to see the hardest. Not to be messed with.

But, she looks cute in it, albeit hacked off.