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I love this time of year

It's not a cliche to say how much I love this time of year. Everyone says that, but why should you not? Everything is "merry" and cheery-- the cold, cold air outside is not quite so gray as it will be in February. The leaves are still on the trees and, well, it is just great to be a wife, a mom, and a resident of Raymond Ave.

In the spirit of other blogs read, I will follow suit...

I love this time of year because I get to pull out my Spode Christmas dishes and put away my Wedgwood Nature plates for a month.
I love this time of year because Husband, Wife, and Child all went this morning to buy our small Charlie Brown Christmas Tree & lights.
I love this time of year because it inspired me to make homemade eggnog instead of buying eggnog! (If I survive the raw eggs, I'll tell you how it is...)
I love this time of year because it gives me hope that my sweet cousin will find a cure for his leukemia.
I love this time of year because I get to buy things like wine glasses th…

Almost Famous

It’s been a tough-go the last two weeks with the blog. Me verse the writers block. The writers block has been winning.

Today though- today I was almost famous. Husband and I were enjoying a very cold and rainy Sunday with Eileen and her cold and I with mine. Leaving Target, I spied a very precious baby boy [Wyatt] sucking down a bottle. The mom, whose name I would learn is Nicole, asked me, “Hey- are you Rachel?”

Ummm… yes.

“I read your blog.”


I love hearing people who read my blog. There are only five followers on the page, but I get so many emails and comments from friends, friends of friends (i.e. Nicole), strangers, friends of Husband when he was in high school, Woody’s friends, Woody’s friends children, the list goes on and on. So, unlike the priest in Sister Act (Oh ye few, but faithful)—I remember that I write to more than just the five.

Back to Nicole. She made me feel like one million smackers right there with my red nose and spit up covered baby in boy jammies (at 2 in t…


I have been trying for three days to write a blog about our baby’s baptism that took place last Saturday. When a day is so perfect and clear- how do you describe it? How do you put into simple words the pride felt dedicating a small baby to a life led by God?

I guess you start at the beginning.

It made my heart feel good when Ford Merry walked into Most Holy Trinity on Saturday morning and amongst the silence of the prayers, he said, “WOW Daddy! WOW! LOOK! Uncle Boo Boo- LOOK! This is colorful!” as he took off down the center aisle holding his tractor with Brad chasing after him.

This was not the church Brad and I grew up in. We grew up in a “modern” church with light dimmers, stucco walls, a wooden altar and concrete statutes. It certainly was not cold, it was surely a church, but it was not this. Most Holy Trinity was the church that Big Dad remembers as St. Patrick’s from his youth. This is where he grew up.

Formal is a small understatement. The stained glass windows dominate the wal…