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5 months

It really seems like yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital. Today is Eileen's five month birthday. When she wakes up from her nap, that is going on three hours, she will have her picture made next to the five month card and the date of October 27th, 2009. She will certainly wear her goofy hat that makes her look like a carrot. She hates it-- I love it. She looks so silly in it, but it makes me laugh while it keeps her head warm.

She has started eating cereal- rice cereal to be precise. "They" don't tell you this in the books, but take it from this Super Mom- no matter how the cereal is prepared, they hate it the first go-round. They'll gag, cringe, and otherwise tell you, "HEY! MOM! This is NOT tata milk. What makes you think I am going to like this?" But after two (or twelve) tries, they'll get the hang of it and might actually start to like it. Doctors (AHEM) tell these Super Moms that you should not mix it with tata milk, as it is …

Of a great comfort

My husband is an extraordinary person. He is kind, patient, gentle, loving, and unbelievably good at his work. I do not use the word “job” because that is not what it is to him- or to me.

He works- a lot. Few people really understand or appreciate how much he is at the hospital and how little he is at home. Fewer people know what it is like to have a spouse be in this career and those that do, understand how precious it is to have time together.

These things that I say are not meant to be a flag raised to let the pity party know that we are over here; they are said to lay the groundwork for this statement:

“Of a great comfort.”

Husband cannot bring his work home with him. What happens at the hospital, no matter how close it is to me or our family has to stay At The Hospital. HIPAA is a law and it is one that he takes very seriously. Anything I learn about Husband and his work comes from patients that approach me.

Sometimes they do.

Once, a grandfather from South Carolina approached me at M…

All over again

It has taken me eight years and a month- to the day- to finally sit down and watch the Today Show from Sept. 11, 2001. Will and I sat in front of YouTube last night for over an hour watching, gaping, just in miserable disbelief all over again. But, we held a crystal ball to this footage unlike those college kids in Athens eight years ago. As Katie & Matt talked about "an accident" we knew in just minutes the second tower would be hit. And then the pentagon. And then a plane crash. It was just getting started, Katie.

It all started with a documentary on the JFK assassination and Walter Cronkite stating, "People everywhere will always remember where they were when they heard of the Presidents assassination."

And then Husband told me about his physics test. And I told him about a mountain weekend that was high priority to me at the moment before I heard those life changing words.

We pulled up the coverage and just started watching. How sad. How miserably sad and pain…

I did not forget

I was just busy... too busy to upload a few pictures from our trip to DC...

That back pack? That back pack allowed me to leave Eileen for 4 days. We schlepped it everywhere. But, it was worth it because we had the best time!
And, just in case you thought that Eileen was not growing... This was taken (obviously) on the 27th, right before we left...

And this was taken right after we got back...

WHERE DID THAT SECOND CHIN COME FROM? I'll tell you... she spent four days with PETF and Woo!!

Sunny Days

Big Bird and Elmo were never my fave growing up. I loved going to Grandma's house, she had cable, and I would sit and stare at Nickelodeon. Pinwheel was Number 1. Then there was Bill Cosby's show with the drawing, and the other one about the mannequin that turned into a person... and the buffoon of a security guard that could never catch him. Nickelodeon was my channel.

Eileen... notsomuch. She loves, I kid you not, Sesame Street. And now, I too, love Sesame Street.

It's funny. Not like ironic, funny. More like hilarious, funny. Right now, the gang is learning animal sounds and one is saying, "CEEK" and getting corrected to "QUACK."But the duck does not say, "quack" on the show. He says, "Mooo..." which makes me giggle. And Eileen squeaks.

It's great.

Last week, they were singing nursery rhymes and the two worms (whose names I have learned are Slimy and Glo Worm) were pretending to be Jack and Jill climbing up the hill. Instead of fe…

my dirty habit

I turned this...

Into this...
This lovely little guy just needed a good home. Lucky we found each other...