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Super Mom

I had this great blog written.... all about diaper changes. It's ridiculous. I, who threw up at diapers PE (pre-Eileen), now change diapers with such finesse and such ease and such time that the topic deserved its own blog. Alas, maybe it will pop up soon.

There are more things going on this week than diaper changes. I mean... there are diaper changes, plenty of them, but this week was our first week of school! After 8 months of anticipation, LMC was dropped off on Tuesday with her cousins Tellis & Ford at MDO for four hours of playtime with Ms. Donna & Ms. Kay. LMC comes home tired and ready for some QT (Quiet-- and quality-- quiet because Ford is not around) with the M-O-M, that's me!

So we drop her off at school & start going about the new routine. I work, schedule appointments, and otherwise make myself more of a "worker" and less of a "mom" for four quick hours. Other than the occasional mention of said child, if you did not know me-- you wou…

North Carolina

Greetings from Chapel Hill, North Carolina!

College Town Heaven meet Green & Hippie Mountain Girl... you two would make a lovely pair. This town is as cool (if not cooler) than Athens. It is a cool 86 degrees outside in mid-August. This is not a "dog day" of summer, it is more like a puppy day. Apparently, too, this is above the gnat line. Husband and wife toodled around town yesterday when we got here and E just stared at the sorority houses, the college kids, and the very beautiful people. We agreed that we could wear baby blue for three years.

Today has been spent trying to get a better feel for the town, the neighborhoods, and what the people are like. Well, I will be happy to report to Husband when he gets done at 4:30 that the town is fun, the neighborhoods are quaint, and the people are just lovely.

However, the real estate prices have a little something to be desired.

Near downtown, a side street turned up a house with a sign in the front yard. It looked like somethi…

A Bad Georgia Fan...

I really am being a bad Georgia fan. It's not me, though. Really, it is not. It' Husband. Silly Husband. Silly interviews. Silly "rest of our lives." Silly career. Silly baby.

We are not going to be able to make it to any home games this year. SAD. This will be the first year, in a number of years, that I am actually willing to give up our WHOLE season ticket package.

Okay, you Dawg fans... anyone want to buy some tickets? We have two tickets... TWO! Side by side, lower level- section 127, row 3, seats 16 & 17. We are looking to sell them as a whole and not split them up.

Let me know if you are interested by emailing me... rmcagle @ gmail. com

Who does your pest control?

I forgot to mention yesterday that my short legged, little, bouncing friends are gone. They packed up and headed for the hills. But, I got a call today from Advanced Services checking up on my little buddies.

I was glad to report that there are only three people in residence at Casa de Cagle.

Talk about customer service! I cannot say enough good things about my favorite bug people. Thorough, knowledgable, and just all around fun people.

If you leave your bugs in your hands... stop it. What would be spent at Lowe's can be spent with the Bug People & it is one less thing on the chore list. Husband handled ours for longer than I care to tell you with minimal success. When the roach started drinking my beer and changed the channel to ESPN on the coffee table, there was an emergency phone call to AS and they were knocking on my 1920s, roach motel the next day. We had 'em on the run!

A monthly inspection found termites in our traps back in April... the next day... POOF! taken care…

Ugh. Last week.

Last week was ridiculous. So ridiculous I could not rub two minutes together for an update on the Cagles. What started off as a casual, normal Monday quickly turned into chaos. Four little letters. Four terrible, horrible letters I cursed over and over again with my sailor’s mouth.


We do not have animals—secretly, I am not a dog person—but somehow, those little guys got into the house and spread like wildfire. Sweet Petit was like filet mignon to the little jerks. We did not even get to pack up, E & I just left.

Advanced Services came and treated a few hours later & it did not even touch them. They were everywhere. EVERYWHERE. For the whole week, Husband and Wife lived in limbo, crashing at my ‘rents house and then Brad & Martha’s. Four nights later, all we wanted was the following:

(a) Our air conditioner
(b) Our bed
(c) Clean clothes

In that order.

Ange, Woo, Brad, and Martha were all wonderful hosts to the lost Cagles and our 1,433 friends that tagged along and t…