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Yesterday marked the beginning of a large change in my pregnancy. A scary one. But, one that both Will & I are taking by the horns and dealing with. I have gestational diabetes. It is not news we wanted, however, it is news that we cannot change.

Diabetes is something I am very unfamiliar with, having only read about a fourteen year old girl with it in "The Babysitters Club" series about 20 years ago. Stacy from NYC who relocated to Stoneybrook and met up with Claudia (the artsy one), Kristen (the tomboy), and MaryAnn (the shy one). Anyway, Stacy had diabetes- but she wore emerald green berets & the boys thought she was cute.

My new duties, in addition to being a good home for Eileen, now involve counting every carb that enters my mouth, pricking my finger & testing my blood sugar four times a day, increased exercise and lots and lots of planning as grabbing Cheerios with half & half has gone by the wayside with peanut butter m&ms, tying my own shoes, and …

Ohh... the nursery!

Ohh... the nursery! It's coming together, slowly but surely. Her room is perfect, just perfect. The walls are the palest shade of pink with green window treatments and sassy hot pink fringe- it's too much for words.

Husband set up LMC's crib last night- it's a beautiful white wrought iron crib that will hold tiny Eileen in just weeks. In her nursery are two hot pink chairs, a round table that will soon hold a lamp and books to read to her, a mahogany chest of drawers to serve as her changing table and an antique French baby bathtub. The bathtub will hold oodles of toys and stuffed animals. All we need is a rug and a baby!

Today is Monday and I am 29 weeks pregnant. Currently, I am sitting at MCG in the walkway over the Emergency Room entrance. There is no cause for alarm, but if it has been said once... it has been said 1,000 times: pregnancy is not for sissies. Last week I failed my glucose test. I hate failing tests, any kind of test, especially the type that they mak…

All About Eileen

This week has been all about Eileen! Husband & I went to the greenhouse this weekend and purchased oodles of veggies for "Eileen's Garden." Husband spent most of Saturday playing in the misty cold weather planting veggies and herbs. He is looking forward to playing in the dirt with her. I think this summer it will mostly be Husband playing in the dirt and LMC watching or sleeping, but next year and the year after, she will have her own set of tools and will be ready to rock and roll hand-in-hand with her dad.

We also started our "baby birthing" classes this week. There are five classes in total and they involve a lot of "TMI" and what promises to be an eye-opening experience for this Cagle. Doctor Husband knew pretty much all of what RN Pat had to say, but he paid attention and laughed at all the bad jokes, which made me happy. Husband looked just like any other expectant father sitting at the table.

The week also brought us St. Patricks Day. I took…


Growing up at St. Mary's Lent was a "big deal." So was Advent. As children, we took great pride in cutting out our yellow tear drops from construction paper and then the smaller, but more important orange teardrops. Taking our Elmer's glue, we would glue them together. Then, on Friday mornings after prayers and our "Pledge of Allegiance" we would take turns "lighting" our candles, or taping our flame to our Advent candle.

During Lent, we were given Rosary decades. For you non-Catholics, this was a little circle of 10 beads with a cross on the end. For those 40 days, every morning we would pull out the Rosary decade from our pencil box and in unison with Sr. Ruth or Sr. Kathleen, we would say the Apostles' Creed, the Our Father, three Hail Marys, and then the "Glory be the Father." Some very cool eighth grader in their blue and white uniform would recite one of the five mysteries of our faith and then we would say our decade of Hail …