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When the president gets sworn in, the media watches his first 100 days like a hawk. They have constant updates on FoxNews & CNN about what he said to whom, who he ate lunch with, and how he is handling the new pressure. "They" claim that the first 100 days in office represent what the next 3 years and 265 days will be like for him as President and we as citizens.

I am on my last 100 days of pregnancy. Today marks 100 days until my very vague, but extremely accurate due date. 100 days left. Sweet. Please do not get me wrong. I love being pregnant because I am looking forward to the end result, but this last week has been really, really hard. I have not slept in three days, been unfun sick, and the scariest of scary things-- I had braxton hicks on Friday for the first time. LMC is not ready to leap into her third trimester en utero as I am.

I think about this sign I bought when I lived in Milledgeville. This store was going out of business & there was a cool picture of v…

Heart & Soul

On the top, that is the foot that used to kick my bladder. Now it kicks my lung.
On the bottom, that is the hand that tugs on the umbilical cord and will hold my pinkie finger in a matter of mere weeks.

That is my child.

Today was not a day of concern, but leading up to today caused me to have a wandering mind. Our last ultrasound raised a question about Eileen's heart. Just a small question, nothing that would take her away from us, BUT- they could not get a clear picture of the outflow tract of an artery (insert a bunch of medical mumbo-jumbo to say exactly the whose-its & whats-its). She just moved around too much and too fast! Eileen is quite the "zoomer" when it comes to ultrasounds.

So... we had an appointment today with the pediatric cardiologist & the ultra-sound-er for a zoom in on her beating heart.

Forty-five minutes of an unimpressive black "thing" flapping in silence and twenty minutes for the doctor to review and another twenty-ish minutes of…

Viable Eileen

It was the weekend of muffins
It was the weekend of soup
It was the weekend Husband felt like POOP.

Husband has the flu. Well, he had the flu… no… he has it… whatever. Either way, he was icky sick all weekend and he got a dose of what it felt like to be pregnant as he actually got up in the middle of the night and was sick. HAH! I know what that’s like. He was so icky sick that he called in back-up call— something he has never-ever-EVER done-- as he was supposed to go to work on Sunday. We are very thankful that the PEDS department is so efficient that they have things like “back-up call” for situations such as these.

Today I am twenty four weeks pregnant. That means two medical words that make me very happy: Viable Fetus, or as I like to say, Viable Eileen. Twenty four weeks means that if I give birth between now & due date, Eileen has a fighting chance at survival… she would be in the NICU a long time if we were to give birth tomorrow, but from today on, she has more than just a wis…

From this moment, you mean everything to me.

But not us, no never, no not us, no never...
We are far too young and clever.

Remember, Eileen, I'll hum this tune forever.

- Dexy's Midnight Runners

When Husband & I would dance to Mel & the Party Hats at the Theatre-- not together, we were on opposite sides of the dance floor, or to Cowboy Mouth late in the night... how the crowd would explode when COME ON EILEEN would start on the fiddle. Never, in a million years, would I have known that I would be married to the curly headed SAE three groups & six spilled beers over... and never would we have known that as we both danced, stomped, twirled, and dipped with our respective dates that we would be dancing to a song that makes us laugh so hard now at the thought of how much she will hate Dexy's Midnight Runners. And how we will have to explain WHO she was named after instead of WHAT. Her friends will love it-- and she will hate it (but secretly love it).

And so, she has a name. She a wonderful name. She has a na…

23 weeks!

Twenty three weeks! Hooray! There is much ado about all kinds of cool things with Poppy this week.

1- We can hear LMC's heartbeat through Husband's stethoscope this week! Forget the Doppler & all that cold gel... the three of us can sit down to a nice meal & have an astounding conversation (one sided).

2- She is about a foot long & weighs in at just over a pound. Over the next four weeks, she will be putting on massive fat deposits and doubling her body weight.

3- Poppy no longer looks like an alien... not that she ever did. Her skin is no longer transparent, though is does sort-of "hang" on her frame awaiting the afore mentioned fat.

4- She thoroughly enjoyed the roasted garlic on toasted saltines appetizer I made for Husband and I last night.

5- I have not been sick in almost a week! DOUBLE HOORAYS FOR THAT!

Mom & I have a hot date this coming Thursday that both Husband & I are very excited about. We have blocked off the afternoon from dad's dateb…

Reid Church

Yesterday, the squawking birds woke me up in my tangerine room out of my tree house window. We were going to church. And not just any church, but the church we were married in almost two years ago.

But today, we were going to church for a special little lady with a white bow in her hair and, what will probably become, a family heirloom of a baptism gown.

We were going to church for her baptism.

The last time we were in the slate floored church, my namesake was being buried. He had passed away days before and as a Presbyterian, God-Fearing Man, he was having his funeral in the church he grew up in. Pierce Merry.

But Sunday was a celebration of life. That cold, cold Wednesday eight months ago was also a celebration- more of a closing ceremonies, conclusion to life. Yesterday though, with the little lady swathed in white linen and eye-lace, she was held before God and the congregation to be welcomed with open hearts and open hands.

Over a fantastic lunch at the PI, we all talked about the dif…