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Open hands

Open your hand. Go on, open it. It won't kill you. Either one, left or right. I opened my left, because that is the hand that I write with.

Did you open it? Now, look at it. Spread your fingers out. Are you ready for this factoid?

That's the size of Poppy.

If we could look at Poppy in the eyes (which we don't want to do right now) "shem" would be resting in the palm of your hand. Poppy is 5 inches long and weighs in at a whopping 3.5 ounces. And Poppy has ears! Loud noises (like me laughing, or listening to Michael Jackson in the new g-ride) startle Poppy. And, if you can believe this, over the next week there will be fingerprints on the teeny, tiny little fingers that will be with Poppy through all of their days. That is, when the little thumb is not in the little mouth.

Please note that I am trying REALLY hard not to use "it" and I have to be creative.

Poppy is 17 weeks en utero tomorrow. I am almost... ALMOST half-way through this business you call pregna…

Bless us, Oh Lord...

Tonight was Brennan Family Christmas. This has been a tradition in my mother's family since before I can remember. Always, ALWAYS the weekend before Christmas- mom, her sisters, and all my crazy cousins get together for a weekend of shopping, eating, drinking (drinking), and being Merry & Bright.

A long time ago, Big Dad told His Girls that he did not care when he saw them during the holidays, he just wanted to see them all together. He understood what it was like to grow up, have a family... and a life outside of the childhood home. When all of the Brennan Girls were married and off in their own part of the state, he asked, just asked, if they could make it back home the weekend before Christmas to be together as a family.

He bribed them with good food (beef tenderloin), good spirits, good presents, but mostly- just good times with the family.

He had an easy time convincing them.

And 8 turned into 16 in the blink of an eye. Those 16 are now 26 with 2 en route with summer arrival…

More to say...

I wish that I had more to say today. Currently, my foot is propped up and I am sipping on hot chocolate wishing Husband was not on call tonight. This week will total 3 nights at the hospital. That is four nights home.

Stupid Call.

But, in much more fun things to talk about-- we went back to Erin today and had our check-up. Poppy is quite the swimmer- every time the Doppler found Poppy, it took off swimming to another part of my ever-growing uterus. The heartbeat was in the 150s (when we could hear it) and very strong.

We go back in exactly 28 days to find out the sex of Poppy. If it's a boy, we will have to come up with a new nickname for "IT" as Poppy does sound a little girly. We even have names picked out-- we are just hoping (trying) to keep it a secret until we actually lay eyes on Poppy and make sure that _______ ______ if it's a boy or ________ ______ if it's a girl are the names we want to saddle them with for the rest of their days. We have had "our n…

A lady always arrives 15 minutes late...

Tellis is here. It took all day and into the night, but she is here.

I clearly think that A-L-L newborns look like Winston Churchill for the first month (at least) & all of the beautiful babies I have seen have been no exception.

Until Wednesday.

Tellis is, by far, the most beautiful sack of sugar I have ever seen. She has the most perfect eyes, nose, and microscopic fingernails. When I hold Ford, I simply forget that he was ever that small. That small & that perfect.

She is going home today to start, what I am sure to be, a very fun journey.

When I held Ford for the first time, I whispered in his ear all the secret things we would do together on his way through life... the zoo, the lake, fishing, going to the park, swimming, playing, football games, Athens, picking peanuts, and driving Wrangler stick shifts to name a few.

When I held Tellis for the first time, I whispered different things in her ear, all the secret things we would do on her way through life... still the zoo, going …


It's not quite 7am & I am still, literally, bleary eyed. My whole family is a-buzz with excitement. We're all up (Will's sleeping, no surprise there) & sitting on our hands so we do not go straight to the hospital this instant. Dad has already left, as a matter of fact-- he was there when they got there at 6am.

Tellis is coming.

The greatest, cutest, most awesome nephew is getting a sister in mere moments...minutes...probably hours. Probably a lot of hours.

Anna Tellis Merry- AKA Ford's little sister.

For the next 20 years she will be known as Ford's Little Sister... how do I know? Because I was the previous Bradford Woodhull Merry's little sister for 26 years.

Oh, nausea subside... we have bigger fish to fry today!

As I type, Martha is getting hooked up to all kind of machines, lines are getting set in to her veins, and I believe it would be safe to use the term "Human Pin Cushion." By the time I get to the hospital (a paltry hour and a half from n…

Something is in the water...

I thought I would be the only one pregnant when we found out about Poppy. Boy, was I wrong!

Check it out:

Catherine: My SIL is pregnant with her third child. They already have two precious children who are the light of my life. I love calling her oldest and asking about her day. See, Catherine home schools her and that child is smart as a whip. Catherine takes such effort to make sure that she is learning all kinds of cool things, so when you call to ask what she learned in school today- you had best be ready- because she learned something!!
Due: Early May

Mary Margaret: Mai and I have been big buddies since we were 15. Mai was a year older, so she could drive long before anyone else and had this very, very swanky 1963 yellow station wagon. One door would not unlock, the other would not lock- the interior was brown pleather & had two bench seats- there was an eight track... good grief, there was an eight track that did not work. When the car turned, the radio dial would roll, thus cau…


I just want to know something.

Who breaks their foot when they are pregnant?



I do. That's who.

So, I broke my foot Wednesday night. I broke my sorry-tail-good-for-nothing-right-foot Wednesday night toodling down the stairs after taking a fantastic bubble bath. I rolled my ankle and put all one hundred and something something pounds on one teeny, tiny little bone in my right foot. I hit the ground, threw the plate in my hands and have never hurt so much in my life.

I hurt so much I drooled.

Will asked if I could wiggle my toes once the crying eased up. Ohhhhh, wiggling the toes was the worst, the crying was worse, the hiccuping was worse, the pain was worse, the drool was worse, everything was worse.

Husband was mean to make me wiggle my toes. But, he learned that I did not tear any l…

Thankful for Tangerines

Whoever said that nausea passes at the end of the first trimester... lied. This morning I even threw up my Zofron!

I guess those are the breaks.

Twelve weeks. Poppy has taste buds all over its little mouth and its whole body now responds to even the softest touch. Apparently 40 weeks divided by 3 does NOT equal 13.3 (contrary to math) it equals 12, as all the books say that Trimester Two begins at week 12. Okay by me... 12 times 3 is 36 and that shaves a whole month off this rodeo!

Have the two worst words been mentioned yet? Weight Gain. Fortunately, only a pound and a half have been tacked on to my short frame in the first trimester... however, you'd never know it as all of my weight has shifted to the middle part of my body... both front and back. Nothing pretty and nothing I would recommend to check out in the shower.

Thursday is Thanksgiving and I have much to be thankful for. Husband tops the list and Poppy is right up there with him. Definitely my family, the rain we have had,…

Since when did 40 divided by 3 equal 11 weeks??

Is it terrible that I am already saying, "Yeah... first trimester...DOWN!" and I still have another two weeks?

I talked to Helen today; sweet and perfect Helen. I wish she lived below the Mason-Dixon line. People like Helen, though, cool and awesome people like Helen-- they are not afraid to stretch their sea legs and be a fish out of water.


I am terrified of leaving The South in less than two years; let alone leaving my safe haven of Augusta.

Eleven weeks. Poppy is able to do somersaults (I can tell...), and is growing hair follicles. It's head is as big as the rest of its body & it (hopefully) no longer has webbed hands or toes. Eleven weeks. Pretty cool that at eleven weeks Poppy is just a little over 2 inches long & is already developing into a little person.

Will is on call again tonight, which is good because I desperately need to go to the grocery store... supper tonight was a very healthy can of Campbell's Double Noodle soup with a bunch of Ritz Cra…

Space Mountain

Of my many confessions, this one is probably the oddest...

Space Mountain was always the coolest ride at Disney World. You wait in line, heading down a deceptively long slope through outer space, waiting with people, one step down at a time until you get to the glorious turnstiles telling your party to go to either the Alpha Train (on the left) or the Omega Train (on the right)-- as a kid, you know... you just know (because Billy told you between Math & Science the week before you left) that the Omega Train (on the right) is better.

It's faster, cooler, and the train leaves the tracks longer. Your big brother confirmed it. So, waiting an extra 10 minutes because everyone has heard the same story either at the basketball court, recess, on the way to chapel, or any number of other places rumors third graders spread is a small price to pay. After winding through the myriad of turns, twists, and long expanses of this line,

Strap in, buckle up and raise your hands…

Maternity sections...

I can't figure out how to save the picture and post it on the blog... another technology lesson, I guess. BUT, the bottom line is this: this link is an image of a 10 week old Poppy. Not our Poppy, but a Poppy, just the same.

I would love to be the guinea pig for these websites so they can take pictures of OUR bambino and we get to see the weekly progress in these high-def images.

10 whole weeks, that means he/she has tiny little arm buds and the teeth are starting to form under the gums. If he's a HE- he is already producing testosterone. As for me being the incubator, my pants are getting a little too tight and I have been too sick to exercise. This head cold has been a sonofabitch and have been sick since Halloween. When I had the FLU, I was not as sick as I have been this past week. This morning was the first one that I woke up without a raw throat- so maybe I can start walking again tomorrow.

Will's on …

Meet the Newest Cagle!

I never thought I would be one to "blog"... of course, I never thought I would be one to be pregnant, either... but all these things change, I guess!
Will & I thought that this would be a great way to update our outlying family all over the southeast (and in the Bahamas) about our growing family.
So... if you've been living under a rock, we're pregnant! OH MY GOOD GRIEF, we're pregnant! Sometimes, when I can't sleep at night, I look down at my expanding waistline and think that there is a little person in there, just waiting to come out into this world. The picture above was taken at "6 weeks, 3 days" (their words, not mine)-- can you believe how accurate they can get that from the tiny, little Poppy seed?? Poppy (which is what we're calling IT, until we get some sort of confirmation on the sex) will be 10 weeks on Monday. The lil' guy will grasp anything that touches its hand, which is where we get our hand-creases from. Also, it is the si…